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I actually know a woman named Allah, she's originally from Denmark. For some reason muslims refer to her as Alexa, though she despises that name. She's said that if they don't want to use her first name then they should use her middle name, Louise.
Would you guys rather refer to her as Allah or Louise? Just stop calling her Alexa because her name on her birth certificate is not Alexa, it's Allah Louise. (not giving her last name). Allah is pronounced like the first two syllables of Alabama.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2017
Allah is the greatest name of all names. The one who recites this name "Allah" for 1000 times at least, will find all their suspicions vanish away.
Alizaali  8/23/2017
This should not be used as a name in Muslim countries. Or anywhere else. Your child might face torture and have self esteem issues.
ERK  11/27/2016
Allah was given to 5 boys in America in 2014.
cutenose  2/22/2016
I don't recommend using this name AS a name. It is God's name. If anyone wants the name Allah to be a part of their name somehow, use "Abdullah" which means servant of Allah. You could also Google the translation of "Creation of Allah" to Arabic and use that as a name.
― Anonymous User  6/20/2015
Arab Christians (such as myself) and Maltese use this term for God also.
Hussien  6/5/2014
This term is not exclusively Islamic. Arab Christians, and other groups, also refer to God as Allah.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2013
Please don't name your kid this. It would sound offensive and, as a Muslim, I think Allah would be pretty furious. Instead, why not use a name that is evocative of one of His titles, such as Malik, Aziz, or Rahim? (Just add an A at the end for most of them to feminise them.) You could also use Abdullah, which means "servant of Allah".
zaki95  9/11/2012
Just like Yahweh would smite those who give his name to their children, Allah would probably do likewise.
gaelruadh19  1/12/2012
I'm curious to know the exact pronunciation and where the stress falls in this name. Here, everyone says al-luh (like the first two syllables of Alabama). Or, in a few better cases, it's said as ah-luh. But something tells me that those pronunciations are very, very Americanized.

Somewhere, I've heard it pronounced as "ahl-LAH", with the "ahl" being very brief. That's how I'd like to think it's pronounced, but I know very little about the Arabic languages, unfortunately.
Denmarquee  5/8/2009
Anyone naming their son this will invoke the wrath of God.
bananarama  10/9/2008
By 'God' do you mean Jehovah, Allah or Brahman? I say this to illustrate how many people one might offend if they quite literally name their kid 'God.'

Of course no one would name their son Allah any more than they would name their kid Jehovah or Brahman, or Amaterasu or whatever. That is why this name is listed under theology.
ListenToAsuka  10/15/2011
No one would name their son Allah, or daughter. This site just tells you what it means. Allah is respected, and you would not name your child God.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2007
Do people actually name their children Allah? I'm just saying why would anyone name their kids Yahweh, God, or Allah, I find it odd to do so.
FyreHydenGirth  12/13/2006
No, people don't use Allah as a name - that would be blasphemous. This site is about the history and meaning of names, not about proper names for children. The "name" Allah is, though, a part of many names, like Abdallah.
Caprice  1/10/2007
Allah is the personal name of the creator of this universe. The word Allah means the one who is the source of and centre of every good and free from any evil. I love Allah and pray to him that he also do so.
naveed  1/23/2006

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