This is a lovely name with a lovely meaning. Nobody outside of the US associates it with any kind of medication.
This name is all beauty and elegance. There are two opera singers with this name, Allegra Giagu and Allegra De Vita. It reminds me of music.
Princess Diana wanted to name her daughter Allegra if she had a girl.
Ugly, ugly name. I don’t understand why people think this is a beautiful name. Allegra is a medicine. Ah-LEG-Ra.
So my best friend's name is Allegra, and I love her but the name is not it. Allegra reminds me of the medicine and it doesn't sound so great. She gets teased for it all the time and I feel bad for her. There aren't many nicknames for Allegra but, leggy, Ally and that's it. Her mom calls her alleg - it's pronounced as ally g. Anyway, stop coming after Allegras- it's not their fault they have the same name as a medicine.
I love the energy and optimism of this name! Allegra Kent was a famous American prima ballerina, born in 1937.
Would I pick this name? No...,but all of the medication comments are annoying. Compared to the newer/modern names,this is fine! It's spunky and I think leggs/leggy are such cute nicknames!
This name make me feel cheerful! I love it!
Usages: HungarianPronunciation: ahl-LEHG-rah(Information from name #346748 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
Makes me think of the dreaded Algebra in maths and makes me think of Allegro in music which means to play fast, quickly and bright on an instrument.
Hate it.
Allegra is the best friend of the main character in the children's fantasy book series Stardust Spirits by Linda Chapman.
Even if it wasn’t the name of an allergy medicine, I still wouldn’t like it.
The allergy medicine association drew me completely away, I also don't like this name.
I would like it a lot if it weren't the name of the allergy medicine brand.
I can't stand this name. Not just the association with the allergy medicine, but it just sounds so unappealing to me. Ugh.
Pretty. I like the musical association.
Reminds me too much of the allergy medicine. If I met someone with this name, I would have thought they were named after it.
I first heard this name in the 2005 movie, Hitch. The lead female character was a celebrity named Allegra Cole, played by Amber Valleta, and Kevin James and Will Smith's character work together to win her over. I thought it was a really pretty name back then. However, today while writing this memo, I googled "Allegra Cole" and learned that is the name of some pornstar, too!
I was christened Allegra in the early 1950s and my mum found the name in Longfellow's poem The Children -"grave Edith, laughing Allegra and Alice with golden hair". I grew up in a small Yorkshire town and was not the only Allegra, but as the other girl was named after me by her mum, a dear friend of my mum's, I didn't think anything of it.. When I first encountered the name as someone else's unconnected with me, I was 16, and was both shocked and outraged - for a short time! - that anyone else should have MY name.
I note that people assume that Ally is the obvious shortening; oh no it isn't, at least not in the UK. Throughout my life I've been know as Legs or Leggie! I think this is because the emphasis is on the second, not the first syllable, unlike, say, Alison.
I think it's a lovely name. I didn't always, but for decades now I've been very happy with it. The music association is strong, as all of the women in my family are musicians, myself included. As regards Fexofenidine (retailed as Allegra in the US) I actually am prescribed it, but my GP had never heard of its US name!
I'm far more likely to be mocked for being named for the Austin Allegro, a notoriously unreliable car made in the 1970s.
In 2018, 22 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Allegra who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3943rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name is so beautiful, and I like the fact that it has a connection to music. The meaning makes me smile.
I've called my 18 month old Allegra Juliette. We are from the UK and never even knew about the drug, but who cares? Everyone says it's a beautiful name and love the fact we nicknamed her leggy. I don't like a lot of names but don't go and try and spoil things for people voicing it on social media.
My name is Allegra and I have had this name longer than any drug company who stole it! I will admit as a child it was no fun being set apart because I was always the only one with this name. Once I was in school for awhile and saw all the girls with names like Kathy and Mary and Susan and Ann, etc. I began to appreciate that I was as special as my name was.
For all those who spew negative comments on here that would prefer to be named in the more common of choices, more power to you. Allegra isn’t an easy name to have but this is most demonstrative when ignorant, uneducated people can neither pronounce it or appreciate the beauty of a name with a story behind it. Perhaps you would prefer to have the same name as 15 others within your close proximity? For me, I would gladly be the unique one with a name that came from those who loved the name, and so on and so on.
I don’t have to be compared to many as there aren’t Allegra’s everywhere you look and the ones I have met have all been marvelous women as it takes a strong, beautiful being to be an Allegra.
To all the other Allegra’s on this list here... much love to each of you!
I used to dislike it but I've changed my mind. Like others have mentioned, it also reminds me of the musical notation "Allegro".
Allegra was the Longfellow's daughter. He mentions her in the poem the Children's Hour :) I named my twins Allegra Joye and Edith Collette from the poem.
I think this name is really beautiful. It's a shame you don't hear it more often.
I love this name! It sounds very bright and happy, and I've rarely heard of the allergy medicine before this. A good nickname would be Ally.
I like it. I think it looks better like Ellegra but I wouldn't butcher a name like that.
The name Allegra was given to 78 girls born in the US in 2015.
Allegra is from Italian origin, but its diminutive is "Rina" (or Rinah in Hebrew) which means joy or jubilee in the Hebrew morning prayer. This is my birth name although I have always used Rinah. It has absolutely no relation whatsoever with the anti-allergic medication which was named by the laboratory "Allegra".
This is my best friend's middle name, and I've loved it since the moment I heard it. It sounds so lovely and cheerful; shame that it's more well-known as the name of an allergy medicine.
Given to 68 girls in America in 2014.
I was born Allegra and love my name so much. I barely ever get teased about the medicine but when I do I simply let them know I was born before that medicine was even thought about and I love the fact that when the commercials play and people hear my name they always think of me, so it's still a win win!
My little sister is named Allegra, very cute (and SUPER unique- anyone who tells you it's common are seriously lying). I remember going to Poland and seeing corner shops called Allegra though, very weird.
I take it that this allergy medication so many of you are talking about is an American (and by that I mean the U.S.) thing? You do realize that you are not the only people in the world, right? No one else has ever heard of it, i.e. the rest of/majority of the world.
My name is Allegra and I've never been teased for the allergy company! I'm proud to say this is my name.
This is my second choice for a daughter! I think all the negative associations are cancelled out by its elegant italian sound and its association with music (Allegro meaning lively)! If you play an instrument/sing this is a great way to honor that by naming your daughter Allegra. Although I've seen Allie mentioned as a nickname, which I hate! Don't give your daughter a beautiful and unique name and then call her Allie! If you like this name don't let anyone change your mind, it's lovely!
As a person with the name Allegra I can assure you all that as a child growing up I hated the name as it was different. I was named after my grandmother who passed away just before I was born. As an adult I really like my name, it's different and yes I have an allergy drug name, but I think of it this way I had my name before they came up with the allergy name, so they copied not the other way around. Our names are given to us by the people who love us the most, and a lot of time goes into it. I am very proud of my name and to all those who think it's ugly or stupid well you are entitled to your opinion as we do live in a free speech county.
Allegra is the name of a character on Hannibal.
This is an allergy medication...
It's pretty! I hated it for a long time because of the allergy medication, but now I've changed my opinion completely.
It sounds really silly. I am sorry, but it sounds like food. If I met someone named Allegra I would think that her parents were too young to have kids, and thought it was a cool name because they were children themselves. WORST NAME EVER.
I think Allegra is my top choice for a girl. I love the way it rolls of your tongue. Just say it! ALLEGRA. It sounds so pretty. I also think that I would pair it with Adrienne for twins. I think that it's a beautiful name.
Allegra Huston is an American writer and editor.
Pretty sound, feminine. Allegro means fast in music terminology and Allegra is the name of Lucy's friend in the Stardust books by Linda Chapman.
Allegra Spender heads the Australian fashion design business started by her famous mother, Carla Zampatti. Carla Zampatti named her other daughter Bianca.
I like all three names - Allegra, Bianca, Carla!
It's such a pseudo-upper class name, along with Harmony, or Aria. It's just awful. Most Allegra's I know are proper evil cows.
I think it's a beautiful name, though it could never be used due to its association with the allergy medication.
I'm glad this name is underused. I don't care what it means, it sounds awful. Not to mention, there's the allergy medicine. It reminds me of algebra! It also sounds like a growl on the end. This name should be kept under lock and key! Personally, I would change my name and never speak to my parents again if they had given me this name!
Those who said the girl will be made fun of for the commercial/drug- Allegra isn't even on the market anymore! And if it is, I sure haven't seen or heard of it. Besides, in 10 years it won't even be there anymore. (;
Walmart sells Allegra.
My husband and I first heard this name while watching the movie Hitch and instantly fell in LOVE with it. In July of 2010 our first daughter was born. We named her Allegra Nicole. We think this name is both different (but not in a crazy way) and beautiful. It means happiness, joy, cheerful and lively and that's the way we felt when our little girl arrived and she couldn't be a happier and more cheerful baby. It fits her perfectly!
The first time I hear this name years ago, my first thought was 'Ew! What an ugly forced feminine version of allegro!" but now, after reading an Agatha Christie short story with a character named Allegra and watching the character Allegra "Allie" Kingston on City Homicide, I've changed my mind. Now I think Allegra is a lovely name, with a beautiful meaning.
I really like this. It reminds me of the Italian music term "Allegro" which refers to a song's fast and lively speed. It's like an alternate name to Melody, Harmony, Lyric, etc. Being a music lover, it's a great name to me!
I heard this name in the movie "Hitch." Allegra Cole.
I love it, maybe as a middle name.
The allergy medicine is not universal. I'd never heard of it until now. Like most people in the world, I'll probably never come across it.
Allegra is a cheerful name full of life.
Reminds me of the men's erectile disfuntion prescription to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse. Viagra.
I've never heard of the allergy medication, but I still think this is a silly name. "Allegra" is one of the few Romansh words I know, and it means "hello"! "Goodbye" is "a revair". Even though that wouldn't be an issue, or even be mentioned, in an English speaking country, I'll always think of this name as the Romansh word for "hello". And I don't even like this name. In my opinion, it sounds pretentious and fake.
My name happens to be Allegra, and I definitely like this name; it sounds very elegant, in my opinion. But, if anyone is planning on naming a daughter Allegra, I would keep in mind that it is also the name of an allergy medicine and she might be teased.
Allegra is a traditional Jewish Italian and Spanish name.
This used to be one of my favorite names. I always think of the word Allegro when I see it, which is a tempo in music. But now that people mention it, I also picture the Allegra commercial. Still a nice name, but not as elegant as I used to think it was.
Clara Allegra Byron (January 12, 1817 – April 20, 1822), initially named Alba, meaning "dawn," or "white," by her mother, was the illegitimate daughter of George Gordon, Lord Byron and Claire Clairmont, the stepsister of Mary Shelley.Born in Bath, England, she initially lived with her mother and Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley, but was turned over to Byron when she was fifteen months old. She lived most of her short life with boarders chosen by Byron or in a Roman Catholic convent, where she died at age five of typhus or malaria. She was visited only intermittently by her father, who displayed inconsistent paternal interest in her.
Allegra Sarah Bazzett McEvedy MBE is a British chef and the cofounder of Leon restaurants. She is the daughter of the famous psychiatrist, demographer and historian, Colin McEvedy.During a spell in the USA, facilitated by being awarded a special visa as 'an alien with extraordinary ability in the culinary arts', McEvedy worked at Rubicon in San Francisco, and ran the kitchen at Robert De Niro's famous New York restaurant Tribeca Grill.
Allegra Kent (August 11, 1937), an American ballet dancer.Born in Santa Monica, Kent studied with Bronislava Nijinska and Carmelita Maracci before joining SAB. After graduating, she joined NYCB in 1953 at the age of 17, and was promoted to principal in 1957. Many roles in Balanchine's ballets were created for her, including Seven Deadly Sins, Ivesiana, and Bugaku.Successfully making the transition into maturity, she performed in such ballets as Serenade, Agon, and Dances at a Gathering. She retired in 1981, becoming a freelance teacher; in 1997 she published an autobiography called "Once a Dancer".
Allegra Goodman (born 1967) is an American author based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her most recent novel, Intuition, was published in 2006. Goodman wrote and illustrated her first novel at the age of seven.
Allegra Coleman was a fictional celebrity invented by writer Martha Sherrill for the purposes of a hoax magazine article. Model Ali Larter portrayed the imaginary model in Sherrill's feature which appeared in Esquire (November 1996).A parody of celebrity profiles, the article described an upcoming movie with Woody Allen, her tempestuous relationship with David Schwimmer (including a scandal involving nude photographs supposedly taken by paparazzi) and her friendship with Deepak Chopra. The hoax was revealed by Esquire editor Edward Kosner in a press release to the news wire services.Sherrill later wrote a satirical novel on Hollywood life which featured Allegra Coleman as a prominent character. The novel, My Last Movie Star, was published by Random House in 2003.
Yeah, I don't think I could get over the allergy medicine connotation.
I love the way this name rolls of the tongue. I admit, the name does resemble allergy, but the sound is so rich and soothing that comparison is the last thing in my mind.
In my opinion, this name is very sweet and cute. :) I love it!
Does anyone really believe that the pharmaceutical reference connected to this name is going to follow it into the decades to come? Let's be sensible: Allegra the name will outlast Allegra the medicine. I'd spell it Alegra instead if I wanted this name but worried about the (contemporary and probably temporary) commercial usage.
This name reminds me of anorexic teen daughters of fashion designers (coughVersacecough) and allergies.
I really like this name. I think if you say it softly it sounds beautiful. I would definitely name a future child this.
Forget the allergy medicine! Allie would be a really cute nickname for Allegra rather than the boring old Allison.
I used to hate it because of the allergy medicine but then I met a girl named Allegra. She is really cool and reminds me of me when I was younger. I love this name and would definitely use it for my daughter.
Nice name, ruined by a drug company. I suppose if I wanted to name my child this, I'd spell it Aligra and pronounce it the Italian way, 'Ah-LEE-grah' rather than 'A-LEG-ra'.
To the poster who wanted to spell it Aligra and pronounce it "Aleegra" "the Italian way", sorry to rain on your parade but Allegra is pronounced just as it's written in Italian, with an 'eh' sound. Aligra would spell "aleegra", but there is no such word.Personally, I do not care for this name at all. I find it ugly and pretentious.
This is going to be harsh; I hear this name and think of an anorexic girl with bad allergies. Mainly because Allegra Versace is anorexic, and the medication and all.Nothing against anorexics, because I know it's a difficult disease, but that's just what comes to mind when I hear this name.
Allergy medication or not, I adore the name Allegra and would not hesitate to use it.
This name is so beautiful! If I have a daughter in the future, I would name her this.
I adore the name Allegra! Even though it is a name of an allergy medication, it was a name long before that!
This name reminds me of algebra.
Even before the allergy medicine came out, I thought Allegra was an ugly name, and thought it sounded like it ought to be a disease. When I ran across the disease name pellagra (a vitamin deficiency that causes bad skin, chronic diarrhea and mental problems) I knew why. Pellagra, Allegra. Just a bit too close for comfort.
I think the Romansch language in Switzerland has Allegra for their hello!
If I was going to name my kid after a medication, I would at least name her after one that works. Besides the drug reference, I like it, and I like the meaning.
This is a horrible name, in my opinion. It makes a most hideous sound when said, and, as an added plus, is the name of a high-profile medication. It is also very close to "allergy". "Allegra" is definitely on my Least Favorite Names list.
Unlike a previous poster, I think it would be cruel to name a girl Allegra because she would always be teased for being an allergy medicine.
What a lovely name! I would use it, even with the allergy medicine company being called what it is.
Allegra is SUCH a beautiful name. Why oh why did it have to be ruined by an allergy company! Although, if you named a little girl Allegra, everyone who met her would then make the association with a sweet little girl rather than a medicine.
In response to a comment a little farther back, who wouldn't want a name that meant 'happy'? Well, perhaps a person who was sad or mournful. It is a pretty name, but the beauty and nobility of it was destroyed by the allergy medicine.
Allegra is also the name of one of George Balanchine's most well-known & beloved ballerinas. Allegra Kent danced with the New York City Ballet from the 1950s through the 1980s.
Allegra was also the title character of a 1990s children's show in the United States called "Allegra's Window."
'Allergra' is also the name of an allergy medication.
ALLergy and ALLegra both start with 'ALL' making it easy to remember the brand name. Also, by taking Allegra the allergy sufferer becomes cheerful and lively and not allergy symptom ridden. Excellent name choice for allergy meds!
Yes, Allegra has been chosen by a drug company for the name of their allergy medicine. However, it is such an elegant and beautiful name that it really doesn't matter. If I were going to have a daughter I would consider Allegra for her name. Afterall, who wouldn't want a name that means "happy".
This is the name of Donatella Versace's daughter Allegra Beck Versace.

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