Alyx Weiss, also known as ayydubs on youtube, is a famous bearer of this name.
I actually really like this for some reason? I think it’s kind of cute.
In some countries like FRANCE and QUÉBEC, this name can also be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX.
6 BOYS and 2 GIRLS in Québec were named ALYX in 2018.
I personally like this name because it's still pronounced Alex but it looks cool with the spelling.
Alex is so much more natural and melodious.
I like a lot of names that replace the vowels with a Y. While I like Alex, Alyx is just downright sweet and delicate and with the Y in the name, I prefer it as a girl’s name!
I usually don't like the replace a vowel with a y trend, but this is actually really cute!
My girlfriend's name is Alyx. It's so beautiful and lovely name!
I actually agree with the comment above. Although I love the name Alex or Alexandra no matter how it's spelled, I have a friend who was born Alexandra, but changed her name when she went to university so it is spelt Alyx-Zandra. It's a much more unusual spelling yes, but somehow it just looks wrong. I suppose this kind of 'modernised' spelling is quite cool looking at a young age, but it's not the kind of spelling of a classical name that can age with a person.
Come on now, why do young people today think the letter 'y' has some type of feminizing power? The pronunciation doesn't change, certainly not noticeably. The name just looks like immature parents came up with it. I don't find the spelling cute and feminine at all. Alex sounds like a better nickname for a guy, quite frankly. So, a name like this isn't a great full name for a daughter. Name her Alexandra instead, with a proper spelling and everything.
Alyx is my daughter's name. It is short for Alyxandria. I've never seen it anywhere! I was shocked to see it here! I think it is beautiful when written, however often misspelled by friends and family on greeting cards.
In most cases I don't go for "modern" spellings (I'm a traditionalist, sue me), but I'm stealing your name! ;-)

Alyxandria. That's beautiful.
Alyx Vance is a character in the computer game Half-Life 2.

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