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Amata means beloved in Italian. The word comes from the verb AMARE which means love.
Amy Lucy Pendragon  1/25/2016
Queen Amata was married to King Latinus and was the last Queen of the Latins. Her daughter Lavinia was promised in marriage to the Trojan Aeneas, therefore not ascending the Latin throne, weakening the strength of their family and allowing the Trojans to settle an Latin land. She decided it necessary to wed her daughter to Turnus of Rutulia instead, sparking a war between Troy and Rutulia. After killing Turnus in battle, Trojans began to settle in Italy, bonding with the Latins in order to form what would become Rome. Despite her rigid manner, Queen Amata was the last obstacle for the bitter Trojan rednecks.
Kali  3/24/2010
I just love the name Amata, even though historically, she's not the most heartwarming individual, the name carries such regalness and weight.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2010
When I heard this name, in the game Fallout 3, I thought it was a lovely, strong-sounding beauty. I like it even more now that it see it is an established name and not an invention of the game's developers.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2010
Amata Almodovar from the video game Fallout 3.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2009
Amata is also used in modern Italian and Polish. It's their equivalent of the name Amy.
bananarama  9/16/2009

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