I've played Ōkami, and that's how I found this name, as well as Tsukuyomi. Basically, Tsukuyomi was born when the god Izanagi washed his right eye. He is the brother of Amaterasu and Susano-o who were born at the same time. He was once married to Amaterasu.
The "u" at the end is actually silent or at least very close to silent, the pronunciation is incorrect. "A-MA-TE-RAS" would be more accurate, if still not perfect. A̠ma̠te̞ɾa̠sɨᵝ in IPA.
Honestly, it's beautiful!
If you're going to have a Japanese goddess character then it's alright, but I'm not very fond of it as a legal name.
The name of an antagonist in the hit Japanese manga and anime series Fire Force.
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This is not a name you give to a person, this is the name of a Japanese goddess. If there was a woman with this name, it would be too ostentatious and very strange.
Wow, this name sounds and looks very pretty. And the legend is super cool.
I was wondering if there's a possible way to make the name Amaterasu have a boy variation in the event that my husband and I end up having nothing but boys and I rrreeeeaaallly would like to use the name regardless.
It is very boy-like and interesting. Sorry, but haters can hate.
The meaning is so perfect.
Pronounced ah-mah-te-ṙah-suu.
A gorgeous name with an interesting history to it. I absolutely adore the meaning and the association with mythology.
It's important to realize that Japanese is spoken in many different dialects, and so, the exact pronunciation of a word or name in the language can sound different depending upon dialect or even context. Therefore, "Amaterasu" has a couple of different pronunciations. However, the most accurate pronunciation (Tokyo-dialect) would be "ah-MAH-teh-RAH-soo." The "rah" could also be said "lah" (southern dialects), and the "soo" could be dropped so that the final syllable is "rahs" or "lahs."
Until after WW2 ended, people STILL thought the Emperors descended from her. SRSLY. (Sorry for netspeak, but that was the exact phrase).
The "u" at the end of Amaterasu is actually silent.
I absolutely adore this name. I would use it in a heartbeat if it weren't so out of the ordinary... and I don't want any children. Still, I love this name to bits.
A lot of Japanese names have great, interesting meanings and this name is one of those names. I really do like the meaning and yes, the sound of this name. It even makes a good vampire name, let's say for a nice vampire, as it partly looks kind of like "Nosferatu".
In Naruto Shippuden one of Itachi's jutsu is called Amaterasu and is supposed to be black inextinguishable flames.
Riminds me of tiramisu. Sorry.
Japan does not have a royal family. It has an IMPERIAL family.
I love this name! It's wonderful!
It's pronounced AH-mah-te-rah-soo.
Pronounced Ah-mah-teh-lah-soo, or a-ma-te-ra-tsoo. (possibly ah-mah-tehr-AH-soo).

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