I love the name Amira! Such a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning 😍.
In 2019 the name Amira was given to 52 girls in Ontario and 15 girls in British Columbia, Canada.
It's pronounced ah-MEE-ra.I love it.
Pronounced A-My-ruh.
No, it is pronounced Ah-meer-uh, as in Amira (2), didn't you see the pronunciation?
I wanna name my daughter Amira Inshallah.
Gender: FeminineUsages: HungarianPronunciation: ah-MI-rahMeaning: Arabic origins, feminine form of Amir, meaning "princess".(Information from name #347356 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
Amira Yahyaoui (born August 6, 1984) is a Tunisian entrepreneur, blogger and human rights activist. She was previously the Founder and President of Al Bawsala, a multi-awarded transparency and accountability NGO.
It’s nice.
Uh-MIE-ruh is always how I used to pronounce this name until I found out most people pronounce it uh-mir-uh. Even though I like my pronunciation more, both versions of the name are pretty.
Amira Willighagen is the amazing angelic girl from Holland who sings opera sacred arias.
Amira Casar is an actress who grew up in England, Ireland, and France. She has appeared in more than 50 films since 1989.Amira is the daughter of a Kurdish father and a Russian opera singer. She was born in England and subsequently raised in England, Ireland and France. She studied drama at the Conservatoire National d'Art Dramatique de Paris. She is fluent in both English and French and has worked in German, Italian and Spanish.
Amira Griselda GΓ³mez is a Mexican politician affiliated with the PRI. She currently serves as Deputy of the LXII Legislature of the Mexican Congress representing Monterrey. She also served as Senator during the LX and LXI Legislatures.
Also a Hungarian name. Pronounced: AW-mi-raw.
My name is Amira, and I say it ah-mir-uh.
This is such a lovely name :)
I think Amira is a gorgeous name. I pronounce it Uh-Mir-a.
In Hungary Amira is 47 on the list of the most popular girl names.
I have a friend named Amira, and she pronounces it AHM-ruh.
Not uh-MEE-ruh, not uh-MIE-ruh, not ah-MIH-ruh.
Actor Erdogan Atalay and Ann Pollmann have a daughter Amira Atalay, born 22th November 2002.
I pronounce it UM-MEERA. It's my friend's name too. Very pretty!
The name in the Arabic language means princess.

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