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All I think of is Talking Angela, a fictional cat character.
Beautiful, I know it may sound outdated to some people but, it’s a very luxurious name.
RIP Angela Lansbury.
The name Angela reminds me of an angel. You may be wondering why. Well, let me tell you: Angela has the word “angel” in it! It truly is an angelic name that is intended for only the most angelic of people. Therefore, if you do not believe that your child will be the least bit angelic, I advise you to name your child something else. Angela is a name meant for the elite and the elite only. While there are other elite names, such as Nancy, Angela is truly one of the best.
Mariah Carey’s real name is actually Mariah Angela Carey.
Waaaaay outdated!
Angela is a perfect name for a mid-aged woman!
This name was big in the 70s. Typical 45-50 year old.. I know sooooo many of them!
It's a pretty name because it's so beautiful and heavenly but it reminds me of a blonde-haired, angelic and beautiful girl ❤❤.
Pronounced as /ɑnˈʒɛ.lɑ/ (Armenian)
Angelic name. I love the name Angie too.
It's such a gorgeous name!
So dated.
I think Angela is a pretty name. It sounds very heavenly and melodic. I love the meaning: “Messenger of God”. Also, I feel like people who have “angel” in their names tend to have strong personalities, such as Angela Merkel, Angelica Houston and Angelina Jolie. So, it would be a beautiful name for your strong princess ♥️.
I like the name Angela and all of the ones I have met have been lovely. I have never met a nasty one.
I don't like this name because of Talking Angela. I do like Angelica, though.
Really common name, maybe not so much anymore in these days, but some years ago it was used a lot, but however, I do like the name Angela, it's strong, mature and sweet at the same time. Angela is a good name!
Very dated!
Frumpy and outdated.
Classy and elegant.
Angela is also Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and Estonian. The name day for Angela in Greece is November 8. The name day for Angela in Sweden is December 7. The name day for Angela in Estonia is September 6.
Older name, never hear it now..
Angela is a pretty name.
So pretty!
Absolutely despise. Every Angela I know is in their 30s-40s, multiple kids with multiple dads and living off welfare!
I think it's a little strange, however, it's not too bad.
Angela sounds more grown up than Angel. It actually sounds better and less childish. Angel is an ugly sounding name though, it reminds me of floating people with wings and dead people. But I do like the name Angie for a nickname.
Hey everyone, I just named my daughter Angela Jasmine B., and I love her name so much. Angela is so pretty and uncommon right now. I totally suggest it.
The most beautiful name there is.
Also Estonian:
The name Angela is so nice and elegant, and very unused. I've seen maybe 2 young girls with the name and many more middle aged women. It's so uncommon but sweet and in the middle. Angelica or Angelina is a little much. Angel seems so blatant, making Angela kinda the middle ground! Personally don't favor Angie as a nickname tho...
Pretty, soft, and feminine. I dislike the nickname Angie though.
I really like angelic names. I prefer Angelica or Angelina to Angela, but Angela is also really great. I would not use it on a real child though because in Polish language it feels rather snobbish to me, while in the English-speaking world I guess it's getting dated. I also can't really imagine it on a very small child. I like it's meaning, and that it feels very feminine. It's quite strong but at the same time has something soft to it. I know some Angelikas who go by Angela, either occasionally or on a regular basis, all of them are around 20, I also know an older lady whose name is Angela pronounced with a G, not j, and I know two Angelas from the US, one in her early thirties and the other in her mid-forties I guess.
When I imagine an Angela, I see a woman in her early twenties with dark brown or black, curly hair, hazel or green eyes and medium light skin with some freckles. She is tall and has an oblong face, and her figure is rather curvy. She is calm, perhaps even a bit phlegmatic, but sometimes can nevertheless act impulsively and take risks without consideration. She is an altruist, a daydreamer, an idealist, likes to help people, be out in nature. Deep down in her heart she's still a child in a way, amazed with the world around her, optimistic, happy with every little pleasure that life gives her, playful and naive, but at the same time she is capable of acting very maturely, is very responsible, caring, can be down to earth and collected when need be. She likes to be needed and useful, she has a strong maternal instinct and the need to protect those who are vulnerable. She has a strong intuition and knows how to use it, but her mind is also very rational and logical, and it is the best when she can use them both equally. She loves to indulge in things that make her happy and sometimes is generally a bit too indulgent with herself and others, and doesn't have a very strong will. She is also easily forgiving, which some people might want to make use of and the more she loves them, the worse it'll end up for her. She is like an open book, her feelings are always clear and obvious whether she wants it or not, she's not good at lying but usually doesn't even think about doing it, she's always true to who she really is and expects the same honesty and integrity from others. She is very romantic and passionate, and loyal in a relationship, but she might have trouble finding a steady partner who is equally loyal and reliable. She is very sociable and likes spending time with other people, usually has a lot of friends for whom she is very supportive and who all like her very much, she likes to party and go out with them frequently, but she also needs some quiet time at times, just for relaxing and doing nothing. She can easily become emotionally dependent on someone she's closely attached to and who has a stronger personality than herself and is more domineering. She is very sensitive to beauty, likes to surround herself with beautiful objects, aesthetically pleasing things in general and has an instinctively good taste in art, even if she's not overly sophisticated in general, she may be talented artistically herself too. She loves animals and often develops strong bonds with them. Sometimes she may appear a bit shy, but usually this disappears as soon as she gets to know her company better, she really enjoys mixing with all sorts of people, even if she's not that very outspoken herself and often prefers the position of an observer at least at the beginning. She likes order in everything, she may be a little pedantic and too stiff with her routine. She can be a very spiritual person, whatever spirituality/religion she chooses as her own she will probably be very dedicated to it.
This is just how I imagine a person named Angela, not how I think all Angelas should be or are like. The Angelas I know are somewhat similar to this description but.
Angela Moyra is a Dutch singer-songwriter living in the US.
There is a problem with Angel- names in Polish language, because they have been imported from English (or alternatively Italian) where the g in them is pronounced as in gel, while in Polish g is always pronounced as in giggle. So language experts and purists don't really like these names, and because they are pronounced not in line with Polish phonetics they often are considered pretentious or even "trashy" by some people, while others find them very unique and international-sounding for that same reason.
It is considered better in terms of the language to spell this name as well as her other angelic cousins that are originally spelled with a G, using Polish phonetics so that it would respect its pronunciation, that is Andżela, though Angela is a more common spelling anyway, probably because it looks more natural even though the pronunciation isn't obvious from this spelling.
Basing from the phonetics solely, the name Angela should be pronounced like ahn-GE-lah in Polish (with the g as in giggles as I said, and as in Angela Merkel), and I actually know one older person using this name with this spelling, there is also a Polish blessed nun called Maria Angela Truszkowska, pronounced with the g sound rather than j. But the vast majority of Angelas, Angelikas and Angelinas pronounce their name with a J over here.
The traditional Polish form of this name is Aniela, but Angela has had some usage in the recent years, along with Angelika and Angelina. Angela can be a name in its own right just like in English, but it can also be used as a nickname of Angelika/Angelina, and since there are more Angelikas in Poland than Angelas, I would assume that most women referred to as Angela here would actually be named Angelika. I know quite a few Angelikas and they are all sometimes called Angela, while I know only one (Polish) woman whose actual, legal name is Angela.
Last year (2019) 6 baby girls in Poland were given the name Angela and the name was #416 in the girls' first names' ranking, behind Aniela, Angelika and Angelina. Two girls were given the name Andżela, so it was #803 in the ranking and less popular than Andżelika. Angela was given to 7 girls as a middle name, with the name landing at #290 in the girls' middle names' ranking, also behind Aniela, Angelika and Angelina, but higher than Angel, and Andżela was not listed as a middle name at all. In July 2017, there were 1756 women in Poland bearing the name Angela, so again less than Anielas, Angelikas and Angelinas, only Angelicas and Angels were less common among Angel- names for women, and there were 141 Andżelas, less than Andżelikas, Andrzelikas and Andżelinas, and also there were 291 Anzhelas. There are no official data as far back as the 70-80's, but apparently that's when those Angel- names from abroad have started to be used in Poland more widely, and Angelika achieved quite some popularity, but now they're all going down and are used less and less, meanwhile Aniela which feels like an old-lady name to many, is coming back into fashion and I've heard about quite a few little Anielas lately though haven't met any baby with this name yet.
An Angela could celebrate her name day in Poland either on January 27, or with Aniela (January 4, March 28, May 30, May 31, November 18), or perhaps on the feast day of Guardian Angels (October 2).
Nicknames may include Angelka, Angie/Endżi, Andzia, Ania, Ela...
I don't care for this strikes me as banal and the phonetics are unpleasant. It brings to mind an older, overweight woman.
Also Silesian: --- sourced
No offence to anyone with this name but I think it sounds like a ugly old woman’s name. The name angel however is beautiful.
Angela is really pretty and ages well.
Who wouldn’t want to be named after celestial beings?
Add Usage: Swedish, Danish, NorwegianPronounced: ANG-geh-la (Swedish)Feminine form of Angelus (see ANGEL) used in several languages.
I absolutely love the name Angela since it can bridge linguistic challenges one might have with a family that may come from a Spanish speaking side and the other being English.
This is a beautiful name. I can think of a businesswoman named Angela but also a little girl.
Angela Bofill (American R&B Singer [famous beautiful song, "I Try"])
Angela Lansbury (actress)
Angela Bassett (actress)
Angela Davis (activist, educator, author)
Angela Simmons (entreprenuer)
Angela Winbush (singer, songwriter)So many more...
Short lived animated television series “Angela Anaconda” with the title character of the same name.
Makes me think of a sweet and innocent child with rosy cheeks but at the same time an elderly grandmother who is kind and wise. It also make me think of a no nonsense woman in her thirties and forties. I am enamored with this name and think it will be perfect and sweet on a child.
In 2018, 39 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Angela who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 72nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I love this as a given name not as nickname for Angelica.
My sister's name is Angela. She's lucky to have such a nice name!
This is my mum's name, she usually goes by Ella. It's a lovely and sweet name for a girl. And the nicknames Angie and Ella are really cute!
Wendy Moira Angela Darling, from J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, anyone?
Angela Perez Baraquio was Miss America 2001.
Angela to me is a very nice sounding name. Doesn’t sound as tacky for a girl as Angel does (Angel is a guy’s name, I know tons of men named Angel) and isn’t a common name for girls anymore (Though I do know 1 Angela younger than 20). It’s a pretty name for girls and the nickname Angie makes it sound cute to me. I probably won’t use it though, I hate Angela Merkel but it still has a nice ring to it.
Angela Gossow! Former lead of Arch Enemy!
It's a very good name... until you hear the name Angelica. Angela is very good, but I prefer Angelica. I would suggest both names. Angelica more than Angela.
Angela Yvonne Davis (b. 1944) is an American political activist, academic and author. She was the leader of the Communist Party USA in the 60s and was involved with the Civil Rights movement.
Sounds kind of spongy to me.
This name sounds really ugly. All I hear is Mangela.
Angela Renée White, professionally known as Blac Chyna, is an American model and entrepreneur. She is often referred to as a "video vixen" due to her frequent appearances in hip hop music videos. In 2014, she launched her own make-up brand Lashed by Blac Chyna, with a beauty salon in Encino, Los Angeles.
Angela Margaret Cartwright is an English-born American actress primarily known for her roles in movies and television. Cartwright is best known as a child actress for her role as Brigitta Von Trapp in the Academy Award winning film The Sound of Music. On television, she played Linda Williams, the stepdaughter of Danny Williams in the 1950s TV series The Danny Thomas Show, and Penny Robinson, in the 1960s television series Lost in Space. Her older sister is actress Veronica Cartwright.
I prefer the name Angelica.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Angela are female.
Also Czech, Danish, Finnish, Flemish, Norwegian and Swedish.
Angela Sun is an American journalist, television presenter, sportscaster, and documentary filmmaker. Born and raised in Northern California, Sun is an alumna of UCLA, where she earned degrees in Sociology and Communications. In high school and college, Sun competed in pro-am surf events and was a team rider for Loaded Boards. She was sponsored by Roxy, Reef, Oakley, Billabong, Rip Curl, and Vans.
Angela Isadora Duncan was an American dancer who performed to acclaim throughout Europe. Born in California, she lived in Western Europe and the Soviet Union from the age of 22 until her death at age 49 or 50, when her scarf became entangled in the wheels and axle of the car in which she was riding.
This name drives me crazy. It's overused and I think the ending is annoying and ugly. I prefer Angel. I also hate the nickname Angie!
Angela Carter (1940-1992), British writer known for her lush prose, magical realism, and feminist re-telling of fairytales.
Angela Martini is an Albanian model and beauty pageant titleholder. She won Miss Universe Albania in 2010.
Angela "Angie" is a character who Ash and friends meet at prof Rowan's Training camp in Pokemon (Sinnoh Reigon).
This is the name of the talking cat who loves singing, Talking Angela.
The main character from the Sleepaway Camp movies is Angela Baker.
The name Angela is so beautiful, pretty and sweet! I ♥ this name & I love how it's meaning derives from angel. This is such an amazing name. :)
Angela Gossow, (Born November 5, 1974, in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) former singer Swedish metal band Arch enemy. She was the singer of Arch Enemy from November, 2000 to March 17, 2014, followed by Alissa White-Gluz.
There is a princess called Princess Angela of Liechtenstein.
Angela MerkelAngela Dorothea Merkel (pronounced [aŋˈɡeːla doʁoˈteːa ˈmɛʁkl̩] ( listen);[1] née Kasner; born 17 July 1954) is a German politician who has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005, and the Leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since 2000. She is the first woman to hold either office.[2]
Angela Brazil (pronounced "brazzle") was born in in Preston, Lancashire in 1868. She was an author who published nearly 60 children's novels, most of them girls' school stories, such as "The Princess of the School.".
Also used in Croatia, though much less than Anđela.
I like this name, but it's pretty dated.
My name is Angela and I like that I can use different variations. I have been called Ange, Angie, Angela and Angelina. Growing up I wasn't very fond of my name, I am not sure why, but as I am getting older I like it more and more.
The Romanian pronunciation for this name is "an-JEL-a". You could replicate this spelling in English as Angella.
Lovely sounding name. I like this name for both sound and image I get when hearing it, I imagine an angel. And I LOVE angels.
Adolf Hitler had a sister named Angela!
One of the two middle names of Stefani Joanne Angela Germanotta AKA Lady GaGa.
A famous bearer is American actress Angela Kinsey (born June 25, 1971). She's well-known for her role as accountant Angela Martin on the American version of "The Office" and the web spinoff "The Office: Accountants".
How could you people forget about Angela Bowie! She's a great woman!
There's an error in the Italian pronunciation of the name. The correct way to pronounce is "AN-jel-ah", with the stress on the first syllable (unlike the most common Italian terms that have the stress on the penultimate syllable). [noted -ed]
The German pronunciation is AHNG-ge-lah. [noted -ed]
My little sister's name is Angela. She was named after the actress Angela Lansbury who, ironically enough, played Mrs. Potts in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, released the year my sister was born. This name always makes me think of a girl who is strong-willed and rebellious with a punk-rock attitude, but that's because that's the way my little sister is. A very pretty name, in my opinion.
Angela Dupree in the book Found by Margaret Haddix bears this name.
Angela Montenegro is one of the main characters on the T.V. series "Bones" and is the half Chinese daughter of ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, in said series.
Angela Weber is a character in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
Angela is also the Bulgarian and Dutch form. Bulgarian´s variant is also Anela and Aneliya.
This is my name and it has grown on me. Because I was so used to it - being my name and all - I was sort of indifferent to it. But I have always liked that it began with the first letter of the alphabet. As a kid I would doodle "A" all over the place. While it began with "A" it wasn't quite as popular for my generation as Amy, but I recently found out Angela was almost as popular for my generation based on rankings. It was the 4th or 5th most popular name for baby girls the year I was born-1974 in the US. When I, despite my better judgement, shared that stat with my Mom, she was shocked. She didn't think it was that popular. But the stats have to be kept in perspective. I knew a TON of girls with the top 3 names born the same year (Jennifer, Amy, and Michelle), but I have only known 1 or 2 other people in the various schools I attended (I moved a lot) with my same name. Not to say I ever considered my name unique, but I didn't think it was nearly as ubiquitous as Jennifer. With that said, the Beyond Jason and Jennifer authors say my name is "terminally dated." I only agree with half of that statement. I won't deny the name is dated at the moment, but terminally so? Isn't that sort of a narrow minded -and also cocky- statment? How can anyone predict the future? I question the terminal assesment and bet by 2050 the name will be in style again for new babies.
I should clarify something in my last post about Angela. It was late when I was writing, and I realized I had asked "How can anyone predict the future?" Then went on to predict the name will come back in style. This might come across as contradictory. What I really should have stated, is "terminal" indicates permance to me. How can anyone be so certain that a name will remain dated permanently?
Angela is also the Slovak form. [noted -ed]
All in all, I like this name a lot. Angel is a nice nickname, but Angela can go on its own also. :D
Angela is my name, and I've always liked it and the meaning. It's a shame you don't hear too many babies with the name anymore!
1940s child actress Margaret O'Brien was born Angela Maxine O'Brien in 1937.
I love the name Angela. Especially with the nickname Angie!
Angela Gheorghiu (born September 7, 1965) is a Romanian opera singer and one of the most famous and internationally acclaimed contemporary sopranos. She has a particular affinity for the operas of Verdi and Puccini, as well as the verismo school. She is also considered a great interpreter of French roles. She also performs and records the music of her native Romania, encompassing operatic, lieder, popular and Orthodox church music.
My name is Angela and I have always loved it. I went by Angie growing up. Many people have commented on how much they like my name and/or the meaning. I'm an RN in the ICU and have had numerous encounters where my name (the meaning) seems to have brought my patients and/or their families comfort.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Angela here:
http://www. Nordicnames. De/Aussprache. Html.
Angela is one of the (several) middle names of the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.
Angela Watson is a american actress and country singer.
A famous bearer is Angela Cartwright who played Brigitta on The Sound of Music and was also in the television show "Make Room for Daddy".
The first female German chancellor Angela Merkel. But the meaning of the name doesn't fit. Did you ever see her?
Folk singer Ani DiFranco's birth name is Angela.
There is nothing wrong with the name Angela. I think this name could easily grow on me. It has withstood the test of time and not faded out like most fad names.
Very pretty name; I hope fervently that it does not become overused.
ANGELA sounds very pretty and makes me think of pleasant things.
I don't know if Angela is pronounced like ahn-HAY-la in another country, but in the Russian language it is not pronounced like that. It is pronounced with a rough 'guh' sound (as in the English word 'get'). So you would pronounce it as ahn-GEL-ah.
In Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance Trilogy", Angela is a witch who can tell a person's future by reading the knuckle bones of a dragon. Angela reads Eragon's future, which doesn't exactly have pleasing results. So far, everything she predicted has come true, but the story's not through yet! Angela was named for Paolini's younger sister.
Angela is a name that combines beauty and the hope of good news.
Heavenly creature bearing a message.
Angela Bassett is an African-American film actress.
Angela was the name of the main character on the TV show "My so-called life" starring Claire Danes as Angela.
Actress Angela Lansbury is a famous bearer.
An ancient Greek name, a form of "Angelos", same for both feminine and masculine. In Greek mythology, Angelos was one of the epithets of god Hermes. Also Angelos was a daughter of Zeus and Hera.

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