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I LOVE NAMES!!! I've been to this site for the last 15 years or so and I love it. I'm not married or anything; I just love looking at different names & their meanings. I'm just a regular name nerd. ;) I also like to try figuring out what I would name my future kids someday. It is definately not easy! Appearently I'm rather picky new name list - April 21, 2009:
Cameron Cian
Daegan Merrick
Dominic Keegan
Kieran Merrick
Rhoderick Keegan
Rogan Cian
William LewellynAderyn Caoimhe
Alea Callista
Gabrielle Caoimhe
Gwenevere Niamh
Henrietta Innessa
Isabelle Davinia or Isabelle Eabhe
Mercedes Elaine
Rhiannon Selene
Sienna Skye
Winter Callista or Winter Eirlys

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