Gender Feminine
Scripts Εβελίνα(Greek) Эвелина(Russian) Евелина(Bulgarian)
Pronounced Pron. ehv-ə-LEE-nə(English)
eh-veh-LEE-na(Italian, Swedish)

Meaning & History

Latinate form of Aveline. It was revived by the author Fanny Burney for the heroine of her first novel Evelina (1778). It is often regarded as a variant of the related name Evelyn or an elaboration of Eve.

Related Names

VariantsAvaline, Aveline(English)
DiminutivesLina(English) Lina(Italian) Evy(Swedish)
Other Languages & CulturesAva, Avelina, Aveza, Avila(Ancient Germanic) Evelína(Czech) Evelien, Eveline(Dutch) Evelin(Estonian) Eveliina(Finnish) Évelyne, Eveline(French) Ava, Evelin(German) Evelin(Hungarian) Aileen, Eibhlín, Eileen(Irish) Evelīna, Ina, Līna(Latvian) Ewelina(Polish) Aileen(Scottish) Èibhlin(Scottish Gaelic) Evelína(Slovak)
Same SpellingEvelína, Evelīna


People think this name is

youthful   formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   delicate   refined   strange   serious   nerdy  

Name Days

Sweden: February 12


Entry updated April 5, 2022