I know someone with this name, and I think it has an interesting sound.
The name Anke is derived from the Hebrew name Hannah (also Channah) meaning "Grace", "Graceful". It is a German name which is also widely used in the Dutch, Swedish, and now more recently, Afrikaans (born from Dutch) languages.
Anke Katrin Eissmann is a German illustrator, mainly known for her beautiful Tolkien-related drawings. She has a lot of nice pictures of the characters, especially of Faramir.
This was my babysitter's name when I was younger, but she was Swedish and pronounced it more as "AHN-kee".
Apart from Anna, it can also be short for Anne or any other name starting with An- since it´s basically that combined with the Dutch diminutive suffix -ke. My aunt´s name is Anke and in her case it´s short for Annigje which is a diminutive of Anne itself. [noted -ed]
Anke Langenbach is a famous bearer. She is a veterinarian and is included in the new book : In Their Shoes, written by Deborah Reber.
German pronunciation equals Dutch pronunciation here. [noted -ed]
Dutch pronunciation is AHNG-kuh. [noted -ed]

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