Such a pretty name and I love the medieval history of it. You could shorten it to Anna, Annie, Belle, Nell.
I honestly think Annabel is a really pretty name. This is my favorite spelling of the name, although I like the “Annabelle” spelling too. The association with the horror movie is quite sad and rather unfortunate, however I don't think it has to ruin the beauty of the name Annabel.
Overall, I think Annabel is a gorgeous name.
A famous bearer of this name is Annabel Beam (born 2003) “Miracles from Heaven”.
Quite pretty!
This name is cute. I think I like Annabelle better because it looks more balanced. But if you have a longer last name I would understand this version. Annie could be a cute nickname for Annabel.
Pretty name!
Apparently also Hungarian:
Oh yeah it's my name. People always spell it wrong, usually 'Annabelle' and they tease me about the movie lol.
Gender: FeminineUsages: HungarianPronunciation: ahn-nah-BHELMeaning: Variant of ANNABELLA, from the names ANNA and BELLA, meaning "beautiful favor" or "beautiful grace".(Information from name #347432 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
I love this name.
I think the name is beautiful and scary in a good way.
I think that Amber and Annabel are names that someone has that are about to get haunted or possessed.
And it’s a really pretty name, I think it means scary helpful kind brave quiet.
Such a pretty name! I like this spelling best.
Guys, we gotta admit, the war is over, Annabelle is the best spelling, it's just facts, and we do deserve the fame because OTHER PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF US BECAUSE OUR NAME IS SPELLED THE SAME WAY AS THE MOVIE NAME "Annabelle". So maybe give us some love and let us have the best spelling title. And to all the people who get bullied about it like me, just remember, you're beautiful on the inside and outside, your name means nothing, back in the stone age we did not have names and we did perfectly fine! So if I were you I would think more about natural beauty than your dumb name, ALTHOUGH YOUR NAME IS PRETTY! NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN LOL!
I really like the name Annabel and it’s the top of my list.
Anna was my favourite teacher at school and Belle is my favourite Disney princess. We also have an accidental theme in my family with my mum, my two sisters and I all have double letters in our first names, I’d like to continue this.
I’ve also worked with children for the last 12 years so picking names can be hard. I’ve taught a few Annabel’s and all of them have been lovely children to teach.
I’m not keen on Annabelle as this has too many double letters.
I’m deciding between Annabel and Anabelle
I like the first as it doesn’t look like I’m trying to mess around the the name, but I like the name Belle which is why I may consider the second spelling.
Annabel is the best spelling.
Though I'm usually partial to spellings with an E at the end, I actually prefer Annabel to Annabelle in this case (even though in real life, I've only met ones who spelled their name Annabelle). For some reason, I find Annabel far less "princess-y" and frilly, more suitable for everyday. I've started to feel this way about Isabel / Isobel vs. Isabelle, too.
Oh yeah, that's my name broskis. Love the name but people keep accidentally calling me the wrong name, like Amanda, Abigail, Amelia, Isabelle, etc. That's the only downside to be honest, but it's quite a big downside.
Annabel Beam, Miracles from Heaven.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Annabel who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2483rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It looks weird spelled this way.
I think the name Annabel is beautiful. One of my bestest friends has been GIFTED with this name. I'm totes jelly! She is gorgeous and very graceful.
The name Annabel was given to 406 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Annabel are female.
Annabel is beautiful. I can see the appeal of the spelling Annabelle, but Annabel still has the edge for me. I also adore Amabel.
Annabel Langbein is a New Zealand celebrity cook, food writer and publisher. She is also a regular radio guest and TV presenter, and has fronted her own TV series, Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook, which launched on the TV One network in New Zealand and now screens in over eighty countries. She is known for promoting organic food, primarily using seasonal ingredients and is a member of the Sustainability Council of New Zealand. The program is also distributed to PBS stations in the U.S.
Annabel is a very pretty name, with many different ways of spelling it from Anabel to Annabelle. I personally picture it on a pretty girl, with brunette hair.
I used to really like this name, but it's become so common that I've grown bored of it. It's pretty, regal and elegant sounding, but I don't like the nicknames "Anna/ie/e" or "Belle/a." Shame that I'm hearing it on so many people nowadays, as I used to associate it solely with Edgar Allen Poe's beautiful poem Annabel Lee. Currently, I prefer Amabel or Annabeth.
I'm an Annabel, and people get so confused with the spelling, 2 n's? 2 l's? E on the end? Etc... And Annabel's in popular culture are always the snobby ones or the bullies in films (especially school films, see St Trinians and Wild Child) and you get the baby Annabelle jingle sung at you occasionally. But it's a nice name and few people have it.
Reminds me of ringing bells and the countryside and a graceful, free-spirited girl.
Annabel is my name I prefer this to Annabelle. Annabelle is to girly. Even though it took a while to grow on me.
This name is classic, dazzling, gorgeous and goldenly beautiful. I prefer this spelling to the longer one because the other one has too many letters and feels rather artificial while this feels more natural and down to earth, if that makes sense. It is quite girly, but it's classic girly, not trendy girly like all the Jennifers and Kayleys of the world. It's just a timeless, classy, gem of a name.
Named my daughter Annabel. Most people just call her Annabel, no nicknames, but I've heard her friends call her Bel/Bella. Never Anna though.
Annie should be listed as a diminutive for Annabel as well, alongside the diminutives that are mentioned already.
Shouldn't it be listed as Scottish as well if the origin of the name is Scottish?
Annabel is a beautiful name that sounds so soft and elegant.
Baby Annabell is a famous doll product made by the toy company Zapf Creation.
I like Annabel, spelt just like that. It's sweet and sophisticated.
I prefer this to Annabelle because that seems to be very trendy at the moment, and the spelling is nice but it looks a little too over the top. I feel the same about Isabelle and Isabel. But it's a very beautiful name :)
Annabel lee is my all time favorite poem. And one of my favorite names, It's sweet, warm, gentle and has that sweet romantic southern feel to it. And I just love it I hope it goes well with my other favorites like Alice and Persephone.
I heard of a girl with this name whose last name was Lector. Other than that, it's a good name.
I can't say it's not a pretty name because it is and it also depends on how you pronounce it. I would prefer pronouncing it AHNNUH-BEL rather than ANN-AHBEL because then it would rhyme with cannibal, haha! I love the meaning though. It's a sweet name.
A beautiful name, one of few that are near perfect. It makes me think of a pretty, kind, graceful young lady. Plus, I like all the nicknames you can get out of it; Ann, Anna, Annie, Nelly, Nell, Bell, Bells, and Bella are my favorites.
I think Annabel is a very beautiful name that always sounds sophisticated, if not cutesy and romantic. For me, Annabel is a total Sweet Lolita name. I picture pink-and-white gingham, blonde ringlets, white lace gloves, cute bows, tea parties, strawberries and cream, and Alice in Wonderland. Annabel is feminine, endearing and charming without sounding too childlike.
I love the fact this pretty name has a Scottish origin.I also don't see how it can have been influenced by the name Anna when Anna was not used in Scotland in the Middle Ages.
My daughter's name is Annabel. She is almost 2 years old. Everybody comments on her name. It's unusual, but not weird. Everybody thinks it's a beautiful name. I thought for months and months about naming her Annabel or Annabella. I'm glad we chose Annabel, although many people have trouble spelling it, most of the people think it's spelled Annabelle. I have to correct everybody.
I fell in love with this name. I love how classic it is, but that may just be because I'm living in the wrong century. Classic names like Annabel, Elizabeth, etc. seem so much prettier, and more elegant than the modern names that are so common in the 21st century.
I love this spelling, much cuter and sophisticated over Annabelle. Interesting side note, I read a study, and in it, it showed that women prefer the spelling Annabel, while men preferred the spelling Annabelle more.
One of my favorite names ever! If I have a daughter, this will be her name. It's uncommon, and not trashy at all. Love it.
I love this name, it's so pretty and sweet. I like it spelled Annabel better than Annabelle because the latter seems a bit overdone. They're both gorgeous names though.
Annabel is derived from the Latin AMABEL which means loveable; although, some people prefer to think of it as Anna (grace) + Belle (beauty). It is Annabel in England and the UK primarily, and Annabelle in France. It is my daughter's name.
I love the poem "Annabel Lee", but, eh, the name "Annabel" is to me like some symbol for all decorative, (already too) romantic and princess-like. Well, thanks to "Annabel Lee", I just can't hate the name!
I'm writing a story where the main character's step sister's name is Annabelle (two 'l's and an 'e'). I like my spelling, because Anna means 'Favour' and Belle means 'Beauty', so together it means (I'm hoping) 'Favoured beauty', like she is the most beautiful kind of beauty, which she is.
In Sarah Dessen's newest book, Just Listen, the main character's name is Annabel.
Annabel Leigh (named for the Poe poem but spelled differently) is Humbert Humbert's childhood sweetheart (whe he was actually a child, I mean) in the novel Lolita. She dies; Humbert tries to recreate Annabel in his relationship with Lolita.
Annabel is Scottish, Annabelle is French and English.
I am called Annabel, and I think it's pretty but my name is shortened to Bella, Bell or Bellzie. It's a pretty name, and I know that it is sort of a royal name. I HATE the shortened version Annie.
I have a friend named Annabel and I like the name Anna, but I find 'bel' annoying as it seems to make the name too long. It also sounds too posh.
Very pretty name. I prefer the spelling Annabelle though.
This is part of the name used in Poe's poem "Annabel Lee" when talking of his lost love.
Yep, "Anabel Lee" was the poem Edgar Allan Poe wrote for his beloved child bride (and cousin) following her death.
I think it is classy without being affected. It's also very pretty, unusual but not weird. The perfect name? I may name my bump Annabel.

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