Prefer Annabel, though this is nice too.
The name is cute.
I think this name is stunning and it literally means Grace and beauty! I haven’t even heard of the horror film but I don’t watch horror films nor do most people I associate with. I definitely wouldn’t let something as silly as that keep me from using such a gorgeous name! After all there are Jason’s, Freddys, Carries, Michaels, Emily’s and Regans running around all over the place lol.
I love the name Annabelle, I think it’s such a lovely and vintage name. It’s such a shame about the horror film which is why I would never use it because it would cause bullying.
This name always freaks me out. Love the spelling but such a scary one. Monster name.
Beautiful. This is my favorite spelling of the name because it's frillier and more feminine. I don't think of the movie when I hear it, and to be honest, I couldn't care less about the association anyway. Belle would be a sweet nickname.
I think Annabelle is a very beautiful name, honestly. The association with the horror movie is quite unfortunate and rather depressing, however I don't think that has to ruin the beauty of the name Annabelle. It sounds so classy. It has a cute southern charm to it. It's sweet yet strong at the same time.
Overall, I think Annabelle is a gorgeous name.
My name is Annabelle and I really think it is a beautiful yet scary name. The year the horror movie Annabelle came out I was bullied and I scared other kids because of my name. My name has also led to many misfortunes which I wish I could take back.
Annabelle Higgins is a ghost who haunts the doll. It currently resides in a museum in Connecticut, contained in a locked glass box.
This is my favorite variant because it seems the most balanced however they are all cute and I love the nickname Annie for all the Annabelle/bell/bel’s.
Prettier than any other of its variants, but I don't really like the combo of Anna and Belle. I would prefer Isabelle over this, but not bad.
Annabelle has been a favorite of mine since I was a girl, so I named my (now teenaged) daughter this lovely name. Grace and beauty is a sweet meaning. I loved the Anne of Green Gables stories, and Belle has that princess flair to it, so together it makes a lovely combination name. Annabelle is also Joe Fox’s little sister in “You’ve Got Mail,” which I never realized until I was watching it recently! Annabelle is a name you can sign with a bit of flourish, and it’s a standout!
Much prettier than Annabell or any other variants.
Absolutely gorgeous, also has a bunch of very lovely nicknames to choose from. The doll doesn't come to my mind at all.
My name is Annabelle, I personally hate it and always have. I’m 13 and moved to a new school when I was 7. At the time I didn't want a nickname so everyone called me Annabelle. I now wish I had been known as Annie. I’m not a fan if Anna or Belle so would never have wanted that either. At my last school I had always been teased about the baby Annabelle doll. The creepy doll hadn’t come out at that point so it was always baby Annabelle. I still get that now but I just laugh it off. I think it’s nice but I hate it for myself.
It's pretty, but I prefer Annabel.
Annabelle is such a lovely name, it's like a princess name, when people make fun of my friend for having this name, I always tell them why. They say that she is in a scary movie, I said no she is not, her name is in the title.
Wow, it's so beautiful! I love it, this name is the best.
I really like the name Annabelle but I don’t know if I would use it because of Annabelle from that creepy movie. Belle is a cute nickname.
I know an adorable little girl with this name. It is a pretty and cute name! She goes by Annie, which I think is so cute and it fits her well.
Annabelle Higgins is the name of a ghost girl who haunts the doll in the movie "Annabelle".
I wouldn't mind this as a middle name but not as a first name because it would be nicknamed and I don't overly like Anne or Belle.
My sister's name is Annabelle and she hates it because of the movie but I love it. It was used 2056 times in 2009 and she was 1 out of the 2056 people that were named Annabelle in the United States.
I think the name Annabelle is beautiful, although I do hate the name Anna... yuck! Not crazy about Belle either, due to the expression "Southern Belle", and the tradition of naming cows Belle. Actually there are a lot of cows in Illinois named Annabelle too. A variation on Annabelle is Annabeth. Back in the very old days, Lillian Gish and her sister Annabeth starred in silent movies.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Annabelle who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 269th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Annabelle is a gorgeous name.
Hi, my name is Annabelle actually and I think all spellings sound fine for this name. I know some people think my name is freaky, creepy, reminiscent of a cow, or too old fashioned. I personally don't share your view but the negative words make me laugh lol, seriously, I am not a cow.
Annabelle is a beautiful name. I personally wouldn't use it because it's become so popular, but it's overall a very pretty name.
It is true that the name has quite a feminine side to it... but from my experience, the beauty and grace it bears don't have to show on the outside of the girl who wears it. My name is Annabelle, I was definitely what people call a tomboy (although I've never really liked that expression) and no one ever pointed out the clash between my personality and my name, nor did I ever want to change it for that reason. I also liked that I was always the only one wearing that name! Although that's probably because the name used to be more popular a few decades ago (in France at least and that's where I'm from), I was proud to wear it growing up and still am now that I'm 17! If you're considering naming your daughter that way, I think it's a great idea: Annabelle is full of love, creativity and independence. To me those are beautiful qualities to have in order to grow as a strong woman.
This is my name, and I use the obvious nickname- Anna. As a teen, I always wanted something less traditional like Marina or Aderyn.
This is my name and I like it. Although it is a film and that film is really scary and gives you nightmares it is a really lovely, nice name so don't say mean things about mine or anyone else's name because it is HORRIBLE so say it's a really nice name!
This is my name, and for all those saying that it is very uncommon, if you live in Australia, it is number 36 on the list for baby names. It doesn't change my opinion, but if you were planning on calling your daughter Annabelle, don't do it just because you think it's an uncommon name. (Not hating anyone who has this name, but I'm just stating the truth- and this is only if you live in Australia, I am not sure about other countries.
My little 6 year old niece is named Annabelle and I think it's a gorgeous name. She is a stunning and petite girl so I feel it suits her perfectly! I like that it's not overused and common.
I think the name Annabelle is a very beautiful name after all that is my name but I spell it "Anabel" that's just the Hebrew version. I think most of these comments are very ignorant. Annabelle is a very elegant and sweet name very unusual and out of the ordinary and there's nothing wrong with that and in no way does it sound anything like a cow's name. You can also say Annabella my teacher called me that for the longest time and I never bothered to correct him because I liked it. That to me sounded more sweet so I think Annabelle is a great name.
This is without a doubt, the best spelling of this name. Annabel & Annabell look incomplete.Annabelle looks and sounds great!
This is my name, and I think it is nice. The only time I didn't like it as much was when The Conjuring/ Annabelle came out, as I was teased quite a bit, but I found it funny and played along with it. I even put a picture of the doll up in my room, which caused an amusing reaction from people when they saw it. Can't wait for the second Annabelle movie to come out now, I can have even more fun with my name!
Annabelle is a beautiful name. Just because it's a name of a scary movie, doesn't mean the name is freaky. If you want a beautiful, stunning, gracious name, Annabelle is one.
I like this name and it's various spellings (Annabelle, Anabelle, Annabella, Anabella...). And I love that it has many nickname options too. If I had a daughter with this name I would call her either Anna/Anne or Bella/Belle. I love nickname Annie too. I find the name elegant, royal and high-class. And not too girly at all. I prefer Annabelle to the first name Bella.
Belle is a pretty nickname for Annabelle.
I personally don't like it. It's my name actually, and I've hated it for years. It might be elegant and classy but a lot of people these days aren't. Also, it might be the name of famous characters and things, but it is also the name of a cow. This is the main reason I hate it. Please save your children from this horrible name.
If I could change my name, I would change it to Annabelle. (though my name being Genevieve would be perfectly fine) It's got like an old timey and creepy feel to it which I like and would fit perfectly with my personality. Who knows, maybe when I have a kid someday, I'll name her Annabelle.
I personally like this name as a last name.
My granddaughter is named Anabelle, and I love this name. She's six years old, and this name suits her. She's an extraordinarily beautiful child, gracious and bright. My daughter chose to spell the name differently, and if I'd had my way, would have gone with the traditional spelling. But only because unusual spellings are a challenge to those of us who bear them. I've always liked this elegant name, and think of a lovely young maiden in the blush of youth, gathering flowers in a meadow upon hearing this name.
Really pretty name. I love this name. Would definitely use.
The 2014 horror movie "Annabelle" about the cursed doll named Annabelle.
UMMMMMM... excuse me to all the people that think the name "anabelle" sounds like a cow... you all are very dull in the brain and may need to rethink your own names and get better ones because "anabelle" just happens to be mine and it's awesome and EVERYONE LOVES MEEEEEE! And no one likes you because your names are weird and they sound like cow poo (which is worse than a cow, btw) you guys probs didn't even know what btw means and you wanna know why you don't know what that means because you all have horrible names!
Way too trendy and over the top. I prefer Annabel.
Sounds kind of prissy as a name for a real person, but very pretty in theory.
"Annabelle" is a song by A Rocket to the Moon.
Very pretty, but somewhat long name. Could go by Anna or Belle as a nickname.
This is my great-niece's name. I don't like it at all. It sounds too old fashioned, or it reminds me of a clown name. She spells it "Anabelle" so I just try to call her Ana, which again I think is way too old for a 6 year old.
A somewhat famous bearer: Nick Groff from the tv show Ghost Adventures has a baby daughter named Annabelle.
I hate the spelling Annabel-- it just looks incomplete to me. I love the name Annabelle. It so pretty, and I've always wanted to name my daughter Annabelle since I was five.
So frilly it makes me want to BARF. Yucky yuck. Annabel is better but not by a long shot. Well, at least it's clearly VERY feminine, which you can't say about Madison, Addison, and McKenzie.
I love this name! Beautiful, well-rounded (albeit a bit long), fun, flirty, UNIQUE.
It's a bit girly but it's classic girly, not trendy girly as in the sense of the Kayleighs and Haleys and Jennifers of the world.
My friend is planning to name her girl Annabelle Leigh, a spelling twist on Poe's poem.
Pretty and sweet. Sounds a little old-fashioned.
When I was very young I had a pretty but simple rag doll with the name "Annabelle" stitched into her apron. She had brown hair made out of yarn. I guess because of the apron and yarn hair of my doll's, "Annabelle" sounds like a country name to me. I have always liked the name because of my memory of this doll. It's wholesome and cheerful. However, a lot of people I have asked do not like this name! I think there is one problem with this name and it would hold me back from using it on a daughter: there are too many spelling variations from which to choose.
Beautiful name in every way! I love it! It makes me think of a beautiful blonde haired girl.
Annabelle Lee is a song by Marissa Nadler using some of Poe's poem.
Dame Annabelle Rankin (1908-86), Australian politician.
I think this name is a good combination of Anna and Belle, two very pretty and meaningful names.
Annabelle may remind some of a cow because of the Walt Disney character Claribel Cow.I love this name and gave it to my daughter (albeit with the spelling Annabel). I find people have mostly favourable reactions to it and I can live with the occasional cow reference.
The name is used in France, almost always with this spelling (because Annabel would seem a bit strange and not quite feminine in French). [noted -ed]
It's a very pretty name, but I much prefer it pronounced ''anna-BEL''. I prefer stressing the second syllable in all names that end in -elle, such as Isabelle. This one isn't quite as overused as Isabelle, which is nice. The trouble is that the name is very feminine, pretty much the height of femininity, and if your daughter turns out a tomboy, she won't be too thrilled about her frilly-sounding name. Also, it's not the sort of name that gives you a lot of credibility in the corporate world, and sexism is to blame. The name doesn't make me think of cows. Actually, it makes me think of Annabelle the Sheep. Well, I like that sheep, ha ha.
Annabelle Lanyon is an actress, most famous for playing the fairy Oona in the film "Legend". I like this name, it is so much prettier spelled Annabelle than Annabel. It just doesn't look right spelled Annabel. However, Annabelle is a beautiful name. You could call her Anne, Anna, Annie, or Belle, or just Annabelle. Lovely!
The name Annabelle always sounds like the name of a cow to me. The names Anna and Belle are really nice, when they're separate. But when they're together my mind just conjures up this image of a cow.
In my opinion, Annabelle sounds like a cow.
I'm actually not sure how I feel about this name. It seems very wholesome and complete, yet doesn't seem to be a great name at all. I'll give it points for its wholeness, but I think it's way too long to be a name. It would look better spelled `Annabel`. That way it's shorter and not so overwhelming.
In my opinion Annabelle is a very sophisticated but cute name for a girl. I love that the meaning is Gracious & Gorgeous. When I get older I plan on naming my daughter Annabelle Nouvel. Where I live the names Vanessa, Melissa, Jessica, & Stephanie are very common so I want something very unique.
GORGEOUS! Annabel is also great! It's not trendy and it is so pretty! If I used this though, I would not shorten it. I would call her Annabelle.
There is a movie called Annabelle's Wish. It is one of my favorite movies! We watched it in the fifth grade and I cried!
I love this name. If you think about it, it means Beautiful Anna, since belle means beautiful in French.
Yes, and Anna means Gracious, so your daughter will be beautiful and gracious. What more could you ask for?
Annabelle is the name of my daughter. She's named after her great grandmother. This was a name I never considered until I heard it at 8 months pregnant while at dinner with my mother and I immediately knew it was her name. It's so wholesome and sweet. Not trendy at all. I don't worry about it going out of style and her name will age with grace.
My friend likes this name very much, but I don't because it isn't modern enough for me. It sounds like an older person's name, but a baby or a child named Annabelle is freaky and creepy.
Older people start off as children, don't they? Annabelle is not my favorite name, but I see nothing wrong with a child bearing this name; it's not "freaky and creepy", not nearly so much as these trendy, modern horrors that end with "-ee", "-yn", "-ayden/-aden" and so forth; those names have no dignity and don't look like they will age with grace.
I really like this name, it is pretty and elegant. It is nice to see it coming back into usage.
This is the name of the main character in Edgar Allan Poe's poem 'Annabelle Lee.'
That poem by Edgar Allan Poe is actually called "Annabel Lee".

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