Never gives up
Never tells lies
Light-shone upon
Excelling in grades.
Oh how GORGEOUS, WONDERFUL, STUNNING this name is! One of the very few combo names I absolutely LOVE! This has made its way up to my top 3 favorite names: Annalise, Evangelina, Alexandra. Please consider naming your daughter this! She will be so proud and happy of her name!
I think this is such a cute name!
I really love this name and I will consider using it! Melodious.
Annalise is the real first name of Anne Frank.
One of the few 'combination names' that I think I could actually use/bear. First thing that comes to mind is the Animal Crossing villager, which isn't really that bad of an association.
Beautiful name. Means graced with God's bounty.
My daughter's middle name is Annalise.
Annalise Keating is the main character of ABC legal drama mystery show How To Get Away With Murder.
This is probably one of my least favorite spellings. It looks like anal, and modern. Annelies or Anneliese appear more traditional and classic, so they are the spellings I would use. It is not a bad name, though the spelling is very bad.
I have a friend who named her daughter "Analiece", which I didn't care for in the beginning, but it's grown on me and I now find that spelling more appealing than "Annalise"... I agree with another poster that that version seems more modern and almost harsh, although the name itself I think sounds very proper and feminine, exactly like a pretty young girl in a somewhat old fashioned children's story :)
Alternatively, I also grew up with a girl who was just "Alyse" without the "Anna" in front; I thought that was unique, I've still never met anyone else with that name!
This name is nice and all the nicknames are nice like Ann, Anna, Lisa, Ally, Anne, Liz.
I personally prefer Annelise or Annelies because they look classier and more elegant while this seems too modern.
I love this name and all of its spellings (Annalise, Annaliese, Anneliese, Annelise...). It is a wonderful name and I don't find it too girly. I find it elegant and royal. When I hear the name I imagine a princess or a well educated smart girl. It is one of my favorite names and the good side is that it isn't too popular. The name could also work fine as a middle name.
This name is very pretty! It's a bit girly, but every tomboy has a girly side!
I love the sound of this name, but I have a hard time deciding which spelling I like best: Annalise, Anneliese, or Annelise.

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