With 3 642 848 bearers, Antonio is the 4th most common masculine given name in Brazil (2014 Data). With 1 132 272 bearers, Antonio is the 5th most common masculine given name in Italy (2014 Data). With 775 237 bearers, Antonio is the 5th most common masculine given name in Spain (2014 Data). With 426 223 bearers, Antonio is the 9th most common masculine given name in the Philippines (2014 Data).

Oh, Oh, Antonio!

"Oh, Oh, Antonio" is a song sung by Florrie Forde. -
In the song, Antonio is a bad ice cream vendor who left his Italian sweetheart, making her grief-stricken.
A gangster name.
A strong and sexy name! I've never been that crazy about Anthony, but I like Antonio. There are plenty of nickname options too like Tonio, Tono, Tony, Nino, Anton etc.
My boyfriend's middle name is Antonio. He is half Spaniard.
By the way, this is a very beautiful name!
A classy and cool name for a boy.
This is my favorite Italian name for men. It sounds very nice when spoken.
Cool Name.
Antonio is a great name for great people.
Antonio Gramsci was an Italian Marxist philosopher and one of the founders of the Italian Communist Party.
It’s common but really nice!
Not bad.
Hey my name is Antonio- I can't believe people would call my name bad...

_ _
'_' is it bad though?...
In 2018, 13 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Antonio who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 264th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I don’t like this name, it gives me the impression of a mean, selfish Seventy-five year old man.
Better than Anthony.
My father's name is Antonio and goes by Tony. Ironically he was born in San Antonio, TX. It wasn't until we moved to Italy that I found out it was so popular. If you want a very Italian sounding name, this is definitely a good one.
Antonio is a character in The Merchant of Venice. He is a merchant, and is very racist towards Shylock.
My younger brother is named Antonio and I absolutely love it, my family is Italian American and many of us have Italian names but 'Antonio' is one of my favorites.
My boyfriend's name is Antonio and it's the sexiest name for a guy to have- just the way it sounds and how it's pronounced is so sexy.
Antonio Alfonseca is a retired relief pitcher. He last pitched in Major League Baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2007. Alfonseca also played for the Florida Marlins, the Chicago Cubs, the Atlanta Braves, and the Texas Rangers.
Antonio Cromartie is an American football cornerback who is a free agent. He played college football at Florida State and was drafted in the first round by the San Diego Chargers in the 2006 NFL Draft. He has been invited to four Pro Bowls, and he was a first-team All-Pro in 2007 after leading the league in interceptions. Cromartie is credited with the longest play in NFL history, returning a missed field goal 109 yards for a touchdown in 2007. He has also played for the Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts.
Antonio de la Rúa is the eldest son of former Argentine president, Fernando de la Rúa and Inés Pertiné. He was an advisor to his father during his father's presidency and one of the heads of his father’s presidential campaign.
Antonio Esparragoza is a former boxer in the featherweight division from Venezuela.
Antonio Sánchez is a Puerto Rican radio and television personality, show host and producer. Known for his crass humor, he is also known for his nickname, El Gangster. As of 2008, his television show, No te Duermas, has been on the air for 19 years.
Antonio Aguilar Barraza was a Mexican singer, songwriter, film actor, film producer, and screenwriter. During his career, he recorded over 150 albums, which sold 25 million copies, and participated in more than 120 films. He was given the honorific nickname "El Charro de México" because he is credited with popularizing la charrería, considered to have originated in Mexico, to international audiences. To this day, he has been the only Hispanic artist to sell out the Madison Square Garden of New York City for six consecutive nights in 1997.
Antonio Raillo is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for SD Ponferradina on loan from RCD Espanyol as a central defender.
I like it a bit better than Anthony, which I love, but like Anthony it suffers from being so common it has gotten boring. Still a nice name, though.
I can only think of Italian food, so rock on, all Antonio's in the world. And please do, I repeat, do nickname yourself Antoine, which is even better than Antonio.
A sexy, gorgeous name.
Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, the personification of Spain in the manga/anime Axis Powers Hetalia.
Antonio (1695-1757) was the son of King Pedro II of Portugal and his second wife Marie Sophie.
Antonio Foscarelli is one of the characters of Agatha Christie's famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express".
Antonio Ghislieri was the birthname of Pope Pius V (Pontificate between 1566-1572).
Antonio Pignatelli was the birthname of Pope Innocent XII (Pontificate between 1691-1700).
Antonio Marziale Carracci (1583 – 8 April 1618) was an Italian painter.
Antonio Canova (1757-1822) was an Italian sculptor, mainly in marble.
Antonio Bibiena (1700-74) was a member of the dynasty Bibiena (or Galli-Bibiena) which was a family of Italian architects, quadraturisti and stage designers.
Antonio Balestra (12 August 1666 – 21 April 1740) was an Italian painter of the Rococo period.
Antonio Badile (c. 1518 – 1560) was an Italian painter from Verona.
Antonio de Oliveira Salazar (1989-1970) was Prime Minister of Portugal and led an authoritarian, far-right government.

Children's author J.K. Rowling used his surname for the name of the evil Salazar Slytherin, the founder of Slytherin House at Hogwarts.

It was a quite deliberate choice for Rowling, who had lived and worked as a language teacher in Portugal.
This is also a boys name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
I love this name, it sounds so classy and sophisticated, the impression I get when I hear this name is that of a handsome, well educated gentleman who comes from either Spain or Italy, it's got a mysterious flare to it.
Antonio is a classy name, very masculine and refined. I love it!
Gahhhhhh, such a hot, sexy name. :D
Antonio de Oliveira Salazar was the prime minister/dictator of Portugal from 1932-1968.
This is one sexy name!
Antonio was the name of one of the main characters in "Captain Corelli's Mandolin".
Antonio Gaudi from Barcelona was another famous bearer of this name.
Famous bearer is Antonio Vivaldi, an Italian baroque music composer.
A famous bearer is Antonio Banderas from movies such as 'Spy Kids' and 'The 13th Warrior'.
Antonio Banderas is also the actor for Zorro and does the voice of Puss in Boots from Dreamwork's Shrek 2.

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