Quite pretty!
Honestly, this name is really pretty.
Apollonia is a character in the movie "The Godfather".
Saint Apollonia (Coptic: Ϯⲁⲅⲓⲁ Ⲁⲡⲟⲗⲗⲟⲛⲓⲁ) was one of a group of virgin martyrs who suffered in Alexandria during a local uprising against the Christians prior to the persecution of Decius. According to church tradition, her torture included having all of her teeth violently pulled out or shattered. For this reason, she is popularly regarded as the patroness of dentistry and those suffering from toothache or other dental problems. French court painter Jehan Fouquet painted the scene of St. Apollonia's torture in The Martyrdom of St. Apollonia.
Apollonia Corleone (née Vitelli) is a fictional character in Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather. She is portrayed by Simonetta Stefanelli in the film adaptation of the same name. She also appears in flashbacks in The Godfather Part III.
This is my daughter's name. We pronounce it "a-puh-lo-nee-uh".
Apollonia has a weird but very positive and aristocratic vibe. I can see it on a Duchess or maybe on a Good Witch (like in Oz).
Apollonia is very rare nowadays. There are just 4, 000 of them living in Italy and less than five born every year.
This name is also Spanish.
Apollonia Kotero is an American actress, singer, former model and talent manager. She is best known for co-starring in Prince's 1984 film Purple Rain and for having been the lead singer in the girl group Apollonia 6.
My middle name is Apollonian-Cadueces.
I went to school with a girl of this name. She pronounced it A-pull-oh-nee-ah, and we mostly called her Apple. But it was never a teasing thing, just a nickname, and I'm pretty sure she chose that nickname herself. I think it's just gorgeous, and people complemented her on it a lot. And she looked the part, with fairy-ish hair.
Apollonia Kotero is an American actress and singer.
I have researched birth certificates-- and one baby girl born 1812, Italy bore the first name, "Apollonia." I believe that it is safe to say it has been in Italian usage for a number of years... perhaps even longer than what I reported.
Sounds a little too fairytalish to me.
Apollonia is the name of Kino's fat sister in law in John Steinbeck's The Pearl.
I knew a girl with this name and yes, her nickname was Apples.
I adore Apollonia with the nickname Polly.
I always think of two people when I hear this name:
1. Apollonia, ill-fated wife of Michael Corleone, in "the Godfather".
2. Apollonia the singer, and love interest of Prince, in "Purple Rain".
I absolutely love this name, it has to be one of the most beautiful ancient Greek names ever and anyone who has this name should be proud.

Apollonia Corleone was the characters name of the lovely Italian girl that Al Pacino (Michael Corleone) married in the Godfather Part 1.
This is a beautiful name. But please don't call her Apple for short!
Slovak version is Apoliena.
I think this is a very rare name. It's more of a second name or something. No offense but it reminds me either of a big, round lady or of a rebellious, ill-tempered girl. I don't know why but I think it's a bit silly to name a child this. Personally, it's not one of my favorites.
The middle-name of my legal name. I don't like it. Sounds too weird, if not masculine or just plain open to all kinds of bland insults.

I always thought "Polly" was a nickname for Apollonia or at least I thought it could work as one. Kinda like the nickname "Polly" except for the parrot association, that sure would be a burden.
Pronounced appa-LONE-ya.
Pronounced ah-poh-LOHN-ee-yah.
"Apollonia" is the old name of "Sozopol" (the stress is on the 2nd "o"), which is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns. 2600 years ago Greek settlers from Asia Minor saw a peninsula with several isles at the southwest Black Sea coast and decided to make it their hometown. The Greeks called it "Apollonia" in the name of god Apollon - patron of arts. That is why a festival of arts called "Apollonia" is hold in Sozopol each year, from the 1st September to the 10th September.
Apollonia is the name of Prince's love interest in the movie Purple Rain. There was a girl group named Apollonia Six that came out of this movie.

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