I used to have a good friend named April. I find the name to be very sweet, fresh and simple. Great name especially for an April baby. It just reminds me of serene rainy days, flowers, and warmth coming back again. I think it would go very well with something floral, and pretty.
One of my favorite secular names, for some reason. It's cute, but not childish, so it's a name you can take seriously, despite it being a month. I prefer May, though, for being softer and more feminine.
I have immediate positive associations with the name April. It's natural, wholesome, fresh and outdoorsy but also a bit cute.

I think of comforting thunderstorms, splashing in puddles, rousing animals, sprouting seedlings, blossom and such. April is an invigorating, revivifying, sweet and simple little name but as it's on the sweet side I would pair it with a more refined and mature middle name for balance.
OH MY GOODNESS! How could I forget about this wonderful name! It is soooo pretty and fresh and lovely and sweet and refreshing and gorgeous and happy. It makes me think of meadows and daffodils and gentle spring rain and leaping lambs! For those who say this is a month yes it is but most names are derived from words. Mary means bitter sea, Louise means war battle, April means 'to open,' referring to the opening of flowers. I'm so pleased I rediscovered this delightful little name.

Admittedly Ape is not a great nickname but Loose never put anyone off Lucy or Dick put anyone off Richard and nor should it!

April is a month not a name.
I love this name! It is one of my favourite month/season names. It makes me think of tulips,rainbows and yellow rain boots! It is not too common but not a name no one has heard of before. It sounds very nice for a girl but it could work on a boy. It would be super cute for twins or triplets to use April and June or April, May and June. Overall this is a beautiful name!
I like it. It makes me think of rainy days which is weirdly comforting.

I also don't find it dated at all even though it was popular in the 70s.
Multiple sources define the given name April as (possibly?) gender-neutral.

The only nice name that's a month in my opinion.
Obviously has a feminine meaning. Why is there "unisex" category?
April, August, September, October, November, December, February, March and January are all stupid names. May, June and July are ok.
April O' Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
At first I wasn’t sure about this name but then I found a middle name I really love with it, April Eliza. Besides, it’s my favorite month.
Love this along with June!
I don't like it much. Feels a little bit immature and dry. April is a beautiful month, but the name itself doesn't feel the same way. It's not bad, but also nothing great about it. Pretty annoying.
I am an April Rain. I was named in the 1970s, born in late Oct. I'm very much the bubbly, cheerful, "open" expression of the name. It took me 20 years to meet my first other April. In 40 years now I live within 1 mile of two other Aprils, and I am friends with both. Having a unique name definitely shaped me, as people treat you unconsciously by their impressions. I was always set apart, I stood out. I was able to embrace that and rise to it. If you are not a parent prepared to support and encourage strong individuality in a child, don't name them something that stands out. It is still my opinion April is uncommon and a bit poetic: odd but pretty. It is ideal for parents looking to give a girl a strong sense of self without sacrificing femininity. Having this name built character. I love the letters together and the look of it. I never had the nickname problem, but the lame questions, yes. To avoid that, I would consider Avril. It's softer, even more feminine, and I suspect the main question outside of French speaking countries will be "Is that French?" and no one will bother making month comments. People would say "Hey, it's your month!" And I would demand tribute for allowing them to use my name all month, silly reversals like that made having a different name fun instead of annoying.
April seems to me an original, simple, candid and beautiful name. It's like a breath of fresh air among crowds of Jennifers, Charlottes and Emilys. They will definitely remember you by this name. If you prefer, you have the Spanish version, which is Abril and it's also pretty.
Very dated!
Personally, I think April is a pretty name, but I wouldn't name my child that. Besides the jokes people tell, and the birth month question (no, I was not born in April and most of the Aprils I have ever met weren't either), foreign nationals think it's a seriously weird name to have (something I've experienced living in several different countries) because it's a month and they tend to adhere to more regulated naming conventions than in the U.S. where almost anything goes. Maybe I just don't appreciate the negative attention it draws, or don't feel like I fit the type of person the name stereotypically represents (whatever that is). It has also been a bit awkward for me because my brother married an April when I was 9, so they had to come up with ways to distinguish whom they were speaking about. Suddenly, I was little April or April E. (for Erika, which is a much more international name), and I was like, but I was the original April in the family! But that happens in any family with people bearing the same name, I'm sure. :) What I do like are the nicknames my family gave me. One brother chose the fairly common "Ape" but another brother has always called me "Apri" (pronounced "Ay-pree") which I thought was creative and cute, and one of my sisters calls me "Pril" which is a little odd but I think unique and a fun connection to have with her. So here I am an April, for better or for worse. This April is a linguist, writer, singer, world traveler, weightlifter, outdoor enthusiast, and movie junkie. Who are you as an April?

Another thing I've decided in recent years is that if people are going to make such a big deal about my name, I'm going to too. So whenever someone says something about it, I tell them it just means that I can do whatever I want in the month of April because it's my month. I make a conscious effort to plan more activities in April that I enjoy (e.g. service, movies, trips, random pampering, etc.). It's a great opportunity for a month of renewal and fun.
My name is April. My mom calls me Apey when she is being endearing and it means a lot because she never calls me that so when she does I know she is telling me she loves me. My friends from home call me Ape, my college friends couldn’t stand to offend me even though I would of loved to be called that. It’s fun to have a nickname. Anyone who doesn’t like it probably shouldn’t be named April in the first place. To me my name represents who I am, mainly easy going, free and earthy. I could never get offended and think too much into something when a nickname is always a cute and fun thing to have between people who care about you.

Reflecting on my name I think it gave me a lot of uniqueness and personality simply by being easily remembered. You don’t meet a lot of April’s. I personally have never met one. People hear my name, think it’s interesting and take a second to think about it which means then remember you. ‘That’s a pretty name I love your name’ It has gotten me much farther in life I think, with having a positive mindset and upbeat personality, the name is the cherry on top. Seriously, people remember you. I saw one of my substitute teachers from hs (5 years ago) and I instantly remembered her name was June. We had a great convo after not seeing each other for so long and it was nice to connect over something so little. In general, my entire life I say my name once and people remember. My friends used to get jealous because ‘everyone remembers you, what am I a slab of meat?’ Hahaha one of my friends said that to me once. It really is beautiful to get to be given a name (out of your control) and have that name be something that defines who you are!
APRIL LUDGATE! She is a badass character from Parks and Rec.
This is one of the rather pretty month names along with May. I don't think I'd use it, however.
A celeb with this name: April Hunter, fighter & muscle woman.
It's not a bad name, but I honestly just like Avril better. It's the French version of April, so they're pretty much the same, but it just sounds way nicer. You also won't get Ape as a nickname, as people are more likely to call you Av, which sounds more pleasant than Ape... but other than that it's an okay name. It reminds me of rain and those rainbow umbrellas, especially those yellow raincoats.
I prefer Avril.
Fresh and youthful name.
Love this name so much! I'd definitely consider using it, as a few people both in my family and friend circle were born in the month and it's my favorite month name, with June as a close second. A great name indeed, both as a first and a middle!
I liked this name enough to use it for myself! It reminds me of the old saying, you know the one (and if you don't, it's my username). I quite like rain, it's calming, so it makes me think of that.
I rate April 8/10.
It is fresh, ageless, evergreen. It is simple but dignified. I love these kinds of names because they are immediate and bright. A lovely thing: it doesn't need any nickname. I also like Avril.
Such a beautiful name!
My first child was born 18 of April, 2019, the name April has always been in my head, ever since she was conceived. I also love the meanings of April, I hope she likes the name when she knows the meanings behind it.
April May is the main character in Hank Green's book An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.
Also sounds like apron, the same way that Avril sounds like overall. Literally fits well!
In 2018, 30 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) April who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 236th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I really like the 'pril' sound. It's quite unique and rare if you think about it :)
April Dawn Lacy, know as "Brush Girl" while unidentified, was an American homicide victim who was discovered in 1996 in Texas and identified 2 years later in 1998.
Simple but sweet.
This name is nice, because it's unique, pretty and Springlike. It seems a little sickly when you think of all those chocolate eggs at Easter, though.
April Ryan basically ruined this name for me.
April is my second favorite month name, along with June. The only thing though is there is no way to shorten it, but since it's only two syllables it shouldn't really be a problem. Ria might be cute.
My name is April, and I was born on the first of April so I had it all. I am an April fool apparently but I like that my name is unusual and Jane is my middle name so April Jane. And I like that April means open, so I've heard. And yes I am open to new things and open to seeing things differently but open could mean anything- open heart, open mind, no one ever forgets me and everyone knows who I am, no other April's in my local area or my school as a child although my French teacher used to call me Avril which I hated, I'M APRIL! I'd yell at her, lol.
April Hong was born on April 11, 1978 in Los Angeles, California, USA as April Kristina Hong. She is known for her work on General Hospital, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3.
My daughter is named April. I don't think I've ever known anyone who had a name that fit them so well. She is the essence of spring, new beginnings, flowers blooming, freshness and beauty, She was not born in April, she was born in March. I don't think that makes any difference. Her full name is April Laurel which I think is beautiful and goes well together. She was unhappy in preschool because the children kept calling her "April Showers." It could have been worse! I explained to her, as I had done to many children as a teacher that kids can find a way to make fun of any name. There isn't a name out there that someone bent on teasing won't be able to make into something unpleasant. I talked to the children all the time about the fact that a person's name is a special part of them and that making fun of someone's name can really hurt them as it is a personal assault. It doesn't stop it from ever happening, but many children - even when they are very young - are able to understand this and to be more sensitive than they might have been without the explanation.
April Jeanette Mendez Brooks is an American author and retired professional wrestler. She is best known for her time in WWE under the ring name AJ Lee. Mendez began her professional wrestling career on the New Jersey independent circuit in 2007, where she performed as Miss April, notably in Women Superstars Uncensored. She signed with WWE in 2009 and spent two years in its developmental system, Florida Championship Wrestling, before she was called up to the main roster. Meanwhile, she took part in season three of NXT in 2010 and placed third in the competition.
April Ann McIntosh is an American actress and model known professionally as April Scott. She has appeared on television programs such as Deal or No Deal, The Shield, CSI: Miami, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as well as films such as The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, I Do... I Did, The Penthouse, Living Will, and Angel Investors. She is currently the host of the TV show, Model Turned Superstar on the 4K Universe Channel.
April Flowers was a prominent exotic dancer at the Tropicana Club. Her real name is Juanita Jean Hodges. She played a prominent role in the frameup of George Ratterman, when he was a candidate for sheriff of Campbell County, Kentucky, in 1961.
I love names that are also months/days/seasons e.g. April, May, June, Tuesday, Autumn, and Summer.
April is an exceedingly lovely name. However, I don't love it enough to actually use it for a child of mine. Plus, April was the month I was conceived. I'd feel very awkward using the name, knowing that information. I obtained that information from basic math. Despite all that, April is still a solidly nice name.

I typically enjoy the month but absolutely hate April Fools day (April 1st) & potday (420) both unbelievably idiotic "celebrations" in my very honest opinion.
April Jeanette "AJ" Mendez Brooks, better known by her ring name AJ Lee, is an American retired professional wrestler. She is best known for her time in WWE. Mendez began her professional wrestling career on the New Jersey independent circuit in 2007, where she performed as Miss April, notably in Women Superstars Uncensored. She signed with WWE in 2009 and spent two years in its developmental system, Florida Championship Wrestling, before she was called up to the main roster. Meanwhile, she took part in season three of NXT in 2010 and placed third in the competition. In 2012, Mendez rose to prominence through several storylines, such as relationships with wrestlers who feuded over WWE's world championships, along with a three-month stint as the General Manager of Raw. In subsequent years, she won the Divas Championship a record-tying three times and held the title for an overall record of 406 days.[6] She also won the Diva of the Year Slammy Award twice (2012 and 2014), and was voted Woman of the Year by readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated for an unprecedented three consecutive years (2012–2014). She retired from in-ring competition in 2015.
When I was younger, I hated my name. Now I don't. Lots of jokes if I was born in April. No, I was not. Never heard the April fools day thing... Only met one other April in my 41 years. You should see their faces when they hear my middle name is Mae... HA!
Not suited for a self-respecting woman with a higher education. The only things more awful are the purposeful misspellings of this name in order to make it sound more "interesting": Apryll, Eypril, Aperille, etc...
Wow! I am fascinated looking through this and seeing people with the same first and middle name! April Dawn! I am so happy everyone likes this name. Matter of factly, I was born in April and at Dawn. Some people ask if my middle name is May and I just play along! Thank you mom and dad for an incredible name!
My name is April Dawn and I have always loved my name. Like others with the name April, I have had to endure the April Fools Day jokes and the ever popular "Were you born in April?". Many people, though, have exclaimed on what a beautiful name it is. I liked reading all the posts and finding out that there are many others with the name April Dawn. God Bless all the Aprils in the world.
My name is April and no I wasn't born in April. My mom was, and I was due in April but came in May. My nickname is "Ape" which I don't mind. When I was younger I thought my name was weird but not nowadays. It's not so bad and yes, I've heard a million times where's May, June, and July and I used to get teased about the turtles when I was a kid.
I am a male crossdresser and I had no hesitation in choosing April as my feminine name. Not only is April my birth month but, to me, it denotes delicate, vulnerable femininity, all the characteristics I strive for. Also, as a teenager, I was always fascinated and hugely influenced by the experiences of April Ashley, the gorgeous model who started life as a merchant seaman.
There is absolutely NO rule that you have to be born in April to be called April. The name April is more than just a month, it's a beautiful sounding name and nobody should be subjected to ridicule just because one is called April but born in another month! It's a small minded way to view the name.
I think it's a beautiful, fresh name and I have decided that if I have a daughter, she will be called April :)
I love the name April! I can get over the "ape" sound. This name is hella awesome. :p.
My name is April and honestly, I LOVE MY NAME!
Two questions every April gets asked:
1) "Were you born in April?" I was.
2) "Where is May and June?" Haha, like I haven't heard that one 85, 000 times.

But I do love my name. My sisters call me "Ape" which doesn't bother me.
I have a necklace of an umbrella for April showers and a tattoo of an umbrella as well.
Once my son was born, in May, I planned on getting a tattoo on my other ankle of flowers and putting his initials in them since he is my "may flower".
Lovely name that ages well, is full of beauty and grace. Such a lovely meaning and time of the year.
Lovely name that ages well, is full of beauty and grace. Such a lovely meaning and time of the year.
Sorry to the April's, but I absolutely hate this name. It sounds bad, (I mean it has the sound ape in it!)
My name is also April Dawn. I was born in April and I was born at dawn. No, that's not why I have my name. April was the only name my parents could agree on, and when I was born they hadn't picked a middle name. Once I was born, while my parents & some family were in the hospital, my aunt looked out the window and said "what a beautiful dawn." and that's how the story goes. (:
I think April is a unique name, and it's simple and pretty. When I was younger, I didn't like it very much because of the nicknames it comes with. But as I get older, I am learning to like it.
My name is April Monique. Yes I get those comments and jokes a lot about my name. If you are someone who does this, please, it gets really old. I am in my late teens and still the kids at my school act surprised whenever they hear what month I was born (in April).
But I really enjoy having this name, my older sister's name is Kay so my mom did a good job naming us both, I don't even think she knew what April meant at the time.
I really have never met another April yet, so seeing all of these comments about different April's is splendid, from an April in Florida.
My name is also April Dawn! I was born in january but if I counted correctly I was conceived in the month of April lol!
April Ludgate is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, portrayed by Aubrey Plaza.
I think April is such a cute name. It's beautiful and slightly mysterious.
This is a beautiful name, I love it!
April is the main character in "Dustbin Baby" by Jacqueline Wilson. She's played by Dakota Blue Richards in the movie version.
Gets called April Showers because she cries a lot.
My name is April Nicole, and I love having the name. It's unique, for the most part. I purely by coincidence have the exact same name as another April Nicole I know, because I married someone with the same last name. But Nicole seems to be the most common middle name I've come across for it, with 4 out of 5 April's I have met having it.
Another cool thing I've noticed is that most of the other April's seem to be around my age (born in late 70's/early 80's) and it comes up a lot in television credits these days. There seem to be a lot of April's behind the scenes in TV, and I have worked in TV as well, maybe there's something in the name :)
BUT I saw a comment saying you can "easily ignore" the obnoxious comments, and I gotta say that's just not true. Perhaps it's character-building and instills patience, but having to put up with the DUMBEST jokes and inferences ("IS YOUR NAME APRIL MAY JUNE?" "WERE YOU BORN ON APRIL FOOL'S DAY?" and the jokes that come on April Fool's Day...) half the time you meet new people, ESPECIALLY in professional settings where you HAVE TO pretend it's oh so clever and original and funny can get really really old. On the plus side, it's a crash course in learning who has a terrible sense of humor so you can steer clear of them!
April's a great name to have, I feel like it's shaped the person I am (patient, funny, observant), and I feel like I would have been a very different person if my mom had gone with one of her other choices: Crystal or Penelope.
April Kepner is a doctor in Grey's Anatomy.
My name is also April. For those of you who are named April, I would be interested in knowing yall's middle names. Seems like every April I meet (which has been quite a few with my job) their middle name is either Dawn, Lynn, or Ann(e). Mine is Ann. There have been a few different ones, like Chevelle, but her name was also spelled Apryll. I also get the comment a lot "Were you born in April?" I was born in May but supposed to be born in April. That's not why my parents gave me that name though, they just liked it. I think its an OK name, I have a whole month to hear it as well!
My mom named me April because most of my family is born in April my grandpa (my moms dad) also my grandma (my dads mom) numerous uncles, aunts, cousins. Also my niece, although she wasn't born until 2007. There are birthdays almost everyday. I never liked my name when I was little because I was teased with the nickname ape. Not because it was short for April but like the monkey, haha. But now that I am older I love my name. Also when I was younger, meeting new people was tough because I was so shy. And during my teen years I started drinkning pretty heavily. I know one of aprils meanings is "to open" I am 23, married and have a beautiful 8 month baby girl. I no longer drink and am more outgoing. I have grown up. I have blossomed and "opened" like a flower in April. I believe my name fits me well. Also @ohxitsxapril my middle name is Leona named after my great grandmother.
I agree with Trayc53. You don't have to be born in April to have the name. Also, I like Avril.
April June is the name of a catty movie star in P.G. Wodehouse's novel Laughing Gas.
I love the meaning, since I also love flower names! You can easily ignore the 'omg, like, were you born in, like, AYPE-RILLE?!' (Imagine exaggerated cheerleader drawl) If anyone commented, I would say 'it's a pretty name!' Simple, but not boring.
April Bowlby (born 1980 in Vallejo, California) is an American actress.
April is a lovely month, and a pretty nice name too. It's a little bit dated, but not severely like, say, Cheryl or Linda or Diane.
I have never been a fan for this name-- not will I ever. April! April..! April... April..? No matter the amount of times that it comes from my tongue, the result remains the same: an abomination. Nature names (which include 'month' titles) must be some of the cheapest, tackiest, childish, most pompous, unprofessional, pretentious, uneducated decisions out where-- and not only are they all those things: they're ugly. "April" is ugly-- one of the worst. Bluntly brutal? Perhaps so. Truthfully blunt? Indeed.
As a child I knew a single April... needless to say, she was a bonified snot. Does that affect my opinion? Negative, not necessarily.

The name never ceases to fail the image of "Ape-Roll" to me. Charming? I think not.
April usually isn't a nice time of year where I live, and the name also sounds like "ape."
A fictional famous bearer is the busty, seemingly-demure April May, a minor character in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
For some reason, April sounds to me like a spoiled, immature youngest child.
Interesting being named after a month. I like this name because it sounds as nice as it is pronouncing it. I don't think it can be made fun of because it's a cool name, and not overly used, and that's one good thing about it.
I do like this name, but I prefer the Spanish spelling, Abril.
To the poster who has a daughter named April Rose: That's my name! I love it! I'm happy I have a name with meaning. An opening rose. So far, I have lived up to my name, I was very shy when I was younger but now (in my 20s) I'm losing that part of my personality. Like a blooming Rose. By the way I wasn't born in April.
Conventional yet aesthetic, and will fit many girls and women alike.
I am named April. Although I have met a few other Aprils none of them were born the same year as I was. The best thing I have found about being named April is that it's very international. My friends from India have no trouble with my name, while it took me weeks to say theirs correctly. Anyone who's studied a little English is likely to know the names of the months and can probably say and remember the name April easily.
My name is also April. And I was born in April, the last day in fact. Although that isn't how I got the name, people do like to joke that I was almost a May. Unlike some of the other people who have left comments about this name I have found that there are several people who have this name in my immediate geographical area. I found one previous comment about this name being traced back to the Roman/Greek goddess of love and beauty to be very interesting. Especially since my sign is Taurus and therefore my planet is Venus, it's an interesting coincidence. All in all I've been satisfied with my name, I've never wanted to change it, even as a child.
According to The Cambridge Fact Finder (1993), the month of April name origin comes from Apru the Etruscan goddess of love.
My name is April. I like it because a lot of people don't usually have it. I wasn't born in April either. People don't really ask me if I was born in April too much anymore.
My mom's name is April. She always get the annoying question, where you born in April? No, she was born in February. I kind of don't like it, just because for nicknames? Do you want to be called "Ape". Didn't think so.
My name is April. No I was not born in the month at all. June. I love my name and find it refreshing. I do know a few other Aprils so I know it isn't completely unusual but there aren't that many out there, especially nowadays. I would recommend anyone to use it for their kid. It's a beautiful name.
This has to be one of my favourite girl's names. (I have a thing for names that start with an A). It sounds youthful but not immature. Beautiful.
Aaa, I used to love this name. Then, I read The Egypt Game, which I hate with a burning passion, and now I hate it. Which sucks, because it really is a nice, pretty name. But Zilpha Keatley Sneider Ruined it for me!
A famous fictional bearer of this name is April Wheeler, the protagonist of Richard Yates's novel "Revolutionary Road", played by Kate Winslet in the film adaptation by Sam Mendes.
I named my daughter April Rose and I love it! She was born in November, but I always say she was my April Rose in the fall. It's a beautiful name.
April O'Neal of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fame, in her little yellow jumpsuit with her dated, gigantic camera recorder. She was featured in the cartoon, the Archie published comic books, the live action films, I've heard she's in the new CGI animated film, and she was even in one of the fighting games.

I only ever knew one April in my life. And yes. We did tease her about the turtles.
Wow now I think I enjoy my name a little more that I know what it means! It's very interesting that more people are also named April Dawn too! When I asked my parents why they named me that they said they didn't know so now I can tell them why and also tell those people who always ask if I was also born in April the real reason behind my name!
I am also an April. I was born in 1962 so I feel it's fitting. I'm a flower child :)
My name is Abril, it's the same as April but it's in Spanish. My dad who is Mexican gave me the name because I was born prematurely in April but also because it means April in both Spanish and Icelandic where my mom is from. I of course get the occasional "Oh you're named April because you were born in April!" and April fools jokes (in October oddly) from a new acquaintance and it sort of does get annoying but now it's a bit different. I love my name. I have only met 3 others who have it each spelled different than mine and it really isn't as common as say "Crystal". It's cute and simple.
I've never known what my name meant until this site. It's fitting being I am another April Dawn. Fitting meaning April means to open and dawn is the opening of every morning. :-) I was born in April and have been asked that all my life and they keep asking me where May is and I say probably hanging with June! Ive always liked my name and it has 5 letters which I like (5-letter names). I've been known to be called Ape and Aprilla for fun. And have seen it spelled Aapril
I think it's a unique name. Thanks Mom. :-)
I doubt I'd ever consider this name for my daughter, but I do like it spelled 'Aprille'.
My sister's name is April, and her first daughter's middle name is April. My niece was born in December. When I was telling my friend that my sister had had her baby, my friend asked what name my sister had picked. I told her her name, and my friend said, "I hate it when parents do that!"

"Do what?" I asked.

"Name their kids for the month they were conceived in! It's so weird!"

So, although this was not true in my sister's case, be aware of what people might think when you give a child a month name nine months after that month. :)
I know an April (she was born on the 1st of April). I like the name April but I would only use month names as middle names and would only give it to a child born in that month.
Interesting I thought I was the only April Dawn around (not really). I like my name but the jokes get old and no I wasn't born in April (December).
Such a pretty, clear and fresh name April is. I love the combo April Rose.
My name is April, and no, I wasn't born in that month. I like having this name because no one I know has it. I think it's pretty and it fits me well. It can be a little annoying when every person who meets me for the first time asks me if I was born in that month, or when they start reciting the months when they want to get my attention.
My name is April. At first it was a little weird being named after a month, kids would ask - "did your mother run out of other names?" and the famous "oh, so were you born in April?" and "is your birthday April 1st?" Yeah well it never gets old. To this day I still hear it. As I got older I've learned to appreciate its uniqueness, coming to realize its hidden beauty. My nickname is Ape, but only to my two best friends. Anyone else, no way. It's great to see that there are more "April's" out there.
I've also seen this spelled Aprile.
Both my sister and best friend are named April. One was born in the month of and the other not. Both born in the 70's at a time when anything earthly and fresh was a new trend. It is more common of a name than the people who have it realize. They all think they are the only one. Maybe all April's are just cocky.
A lot of people would name their daughter April because they like it. My friend April was born in October. Just because your name is April doesn't mean you have to be born then. That's like saying your name can't be Ruby if that's not your birth stone.
My stepsister's name is April and she was born in March. I don't know what's wrong with her mom, I mean she was born in MARCH. Other then being born in APRIL what reason is there to name your kid APRIL?
April Ericson was Roger's ex-girlfriend in "Rent".
The name is neat. My cousin's name is April Spring and she is born in April, but I also have a friend named April, but she is born in February.
I think that it is a nice name, it would be nice with a name of a flower for a middle name because of the meaning.
April Ryan from the PC game The Longest Journey has this name.
My name is April, and I'm not as impressed as most of the other commenters seem to be. That could possibly be because I was born in April, and I am tired of people asking if that's why I was name April. Other than that, and the aformentioned April Fool's Day problem, it's not a bad name. It goes well with Denise, my middle name, and it is kind of unique.
Bam Margera's mother's name is April, her nickname is Ape.
My name is April and I like having that name because it is not very common. I've only met maybe five other people who have this name and I think it is very pretty. Of course there are always some people who always have some joke about your name on April Fool's Day but other than that I like my name.
My name is actually April. I have found the name unique from others and I have only met a few other people with the same name. Sometimes you get a chuckle when someone asks you if your born in April. My parents have also given me the middle name Dawn. With no surprise these two names go well together. I also am fond of the other months used for names such as May.
This name also means "New Beginning". That is why it is the first month of Spring, which is the beginning of the year. It also has been traced back from Aphrodite as a shortened name.
To whoever said that April is the first month of Spring it's not. The first month of Spring is March. Just saying.
I think it's very pretty, "to open" most people think of flowers in bloom and that's just beautiful.
This name is great. It is different from other names and is not as commonly used as it was in past years.

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