A sweet fantastic girly name. But too much much much much associated with Ariana Grande. I mean tooo muchhh.
Gender: Feminine

Usages: Dutch, Dutch (Antillean)

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Also Modern Russian.
Ariana is an elegant, classy name! Too bad everyone associates it with Ariana Grande.
This name is so pretty, and it's actually my name, but it's such a common name. When I was younger and I watched Ariana Grande on tv, I thought it was so cool to see another person with my name, but that's all people associate it with now. It's a little annoying, but a really pretty name regardless.
I would LOVE this name, but it is too associated with Ariana Grande.
Ariana DeBose is a famous actress and singer. She is known for portraying "The Bullet" in Hamilton, Jane in A Bronx Tale: The Musical, Disco Donna in Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, Alyssa Greene in The Prom, and soon Anita in West Side Story.
Also Gascon and Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
I associate this name with Ariana Grande and Ariana Greenblatt.
This name is just alright! It looks quite elegant, sounds not bad, really feminine. Who cares about some singers and whatever? Ariana is alright!
The singer is boring and pathetic. Can't say much for the name itself but I will say that, used on anyone else, it is a real step up.
My name is Ariana and I used to hate it because I thought my name was different from others, like I felt different and a total weirdo about my name until I saw Ariana Grande. I felt different like unique and that I fit in. Even though I have not heard any other famous people with the name Ariana. Even though I don't actually think it's weird. I think it is unique. (Ariana means very Holly) I got my name because my dad listened to an Ariana Grande song and called my mother to tell her I found the perfect name "Ariana". That is how I got my name and I feel proud of it.
Wonderful, elegant name.
My name is Ariana, and I've experienced hatred with it. People just assume you want a nickname, along with mispronunciation. People have called me Air-iana, as if my name has "air" in it. My given nickname was instantly "Ari", and even then people call me "Airi", again with the air. Don't even get me started on the Ariana Grande association. If I had a Jamaican penny every time I've been compared to her, I could probably buy the Earth. Some people say it's too princess-y, or too vowel-y, but it doesn't bother me. I do think it's a nice name, and I love it now that I'm a bit older (teen, to be precise).
It would be even better if people could pronounce it softly and correctly, as well as quitting the Ariana Grande thing, but you can't have everything.
Dislike Ariana. I do, however, love the name Aliana!
So I was scrolling through the comments and I found someone who just said that there was a celebrity named Ariana (Ariana Grande) and then I looked at the like and dislike voting thing on that comment and it was at -2, like why? She didn't even say she was a fan of her. Like I hate hate hate JoJo Siwa cause I think she is a spoiled brat (no offense to people who like her this is just my opinion), but I would still acknowledge that she EXISTS! Like if someone just acknowledged that she existed by saying she had that name, I wouldn't give that person hate. So think about this before you give someone hate. Even I don't go to JoJo Siwa videos and put hate comments. Actually this is the first time I have ever actually posted anything publicly about how I hate her. Hang on I got a little off topic...umm...what was I saying? Uhhh ummm oh yeah uh just don't give people hate and have a GREAT DAY!
I think Aliana is pretty. Not a fan of Ariana at all.
Apparently also occasionally used in Hungarian:
I don't think of Ariana Grande when I hear this name. A famous bearer that I think of every time I hear this name is Ariana DeBose, who is known for playing the Bullet in Hamilton and Nautica in the Bring It On musical (two of my favourite musicals!) and who is also going to be in the film adaptions of The Prom and West Side Story.
Pretty, but I dislike the celebrity association. It's also getting common where I live.
I think Ariana is a very pretty name. It’s just too associated with Grande.
It can be pronounced either "Air-ee-ah-nuh" or "Are-ee-ah-nuh". I like both.
Also Corsican:
You'll find bearers on social media.
Am I the only one who thinks of Ariana Dumbledore when I hear this name? I used to not like it until I read Harry Potter. I used to feel like it was too urban and modern, but now I think it sounds sweet and innocent.
This name is cute and unique and Ariana Grande is a very successful, beautiful, caring, and talented woman that I personally look up to. You have to be an absolute weirdo and do nothing with your life to think she isn't talented. Ariana grande holds the name wonderfully and if you have the name be proud! It's adorable and sophisticated all at the same time!
The name of the most uninspiring singer... ever.
I dislike it because of the obnoxious brat singer.
Ariana, the name of a most inspiring, beautiful and extremely talented actress, singer/dancer who is now successful (Stream Thank U, Next). An icon and a queen with a powerful voice and has such a big heart, Ariana Grande. She's a strong woman and I really really love her so MUCH! And her whistle notes, mannn.
My favorite name for girls, along with Aurora.
I personally LOVE this name, because its so pretty and it's after a famous singer called Ariana Grande who is amazing, and a really strong girl, I love her!
My first name is Ariana. I liked the name before Ariana Grande. I'm a lot older than her and never heard of her till recently. My Ariana name came from a fairy. I collected favorites since I was 13. I had the name Ariana Skye picked when I was 17, that was back in 1998. I didn't have her till I was 27. Her name is too popular. It means holy silver winged.
Much better than Arianna.
Ariana Greenblatt is a young actress known for appearing on Dancing With The Stars Junior and playing young Gamora in "Avengers: Infinity War."
Sounds very petty and off. I don't like this name that much.
Areana Evani Lopez is a dancer known for starring on season six of “Dance Moms”.
Ariana Grande Butera is a singer and actress.
Ariana is a wonderful name it is the best name ever I love it and everyone should have it, it's the best of all names

(girl names).
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ariana who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 703rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It is too princessy and vowel-y for my taste, I guess. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but much like Ella, I feel like Ariana is just a few syllables that mean 'girl born after 2000'. I don't like most names that barely require you to move your mouth to say them. They feel insubstantial to me.
Too much associated with a certain artist.
I love this name, think it sounds so pretty. The nickname Ari is so cute too.
I love this name, especially since it’s associated with the immensely TALENTED and alluring Ariana Grande. I would probably give this either as a first or middle name for my future daughter!
There are four different ways you can pronounce this. Air-ee-ah-Nah, Air-ee-an-Nah, Are-ee-ah-nah and, Are-ee-an-Nah.
I prefer Arianna.
Actually, this name isn't that modern. On Find a Grave, I found at least four bearers (all female) from the 18th and 19th centuries, the earliest being born in 1755. The name seems to have dropped out of use sometime during the mid-19th century, and then revived well over a century later. Obviously it was nowhere near as common back then as it has been in the past few decades.
This name is also used in Portugal. It's currently in the Top 40. [noted -ed]
Ariana Mamiko Miyamoto is a Japanese model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2015. She represented Japan at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, but after her victory she encountered some people disapproving of her win, mostly in the form of online social media, for not being of typical Japanese appearance; she is the first hāfu woman to be Miss Japan.
I really like this name, especially since I'm a big fan of Ariana Grande and her music. I think it sounds really pretty and graceful.
Ariana is a very beautiful name, but everybody always shames it because of Ariana Grande. I like her voice and all, but she is a total diva...
This name is beautiful, but the only problem is that there's various ways it can be pronounced. I like it to pronounced Are-ee-ah-na.
My name is Ariana but I spell it way differently. How you spell it is Areonia. A lot of people say it wrong, and at school when it's a new teacher or a sub, everyone laughs when they say it wrong. I get really embarrassed. But I guess I'm used to it now. I like my name and a lot of people like it too. They say my name is unique by the spelling which I also agree, I guess.
Sounds like the name of a snobby Italian-American girl. Ariana Grande exactly fits the bill.
This is my cousin's name, and I love it. It's just such a beautiful name. I like long names with too many vowels, especially I's and A's, so it's not surprising that this is one of my favorite names.
I love this name. I think it's a very pretty name. It has a very nice sound to it. When I get older I am going to name my other girl this name.
I agree with Buneary... Ariana Grande COMPLETELY ruined the name for me. All I can think of when I hear this name is the rude, dumb, no-talent diva that I can't escape. Just choose Arianne.
A beautiful strong name. Some of the most talented and successful women in the world are named named Ariana or a variation of it eg "Ariana Grande" and "Arianna Huffington". Love it!
Ariana Grande has really ruined this name. I sure wouldn't like a name associated with a no-talent diva who's rude towards her fans.
Okay. I love this name because it's my name. And it's not common but u do find other names made off it. I don't pronounce my name like others. I pronounce it AIR-RE-ANA, I spell it ARIANA tho. And I hate for people to say it wrong. I have actually fought someone about my name. But travel it many ways to pronounce it and spell it.
Ariana Grande is a famous bearer of this beautiful name.
ARIANA is an Persian/Iranian name. It came from Iranian origin "ARIAEE" and even they have similar male name called "ARIA\". And they pronounce it AAR - IA- NA.
Ariana is the old name of Afghanistan! That's the oldest name on earth, 50,000 yrs. It is not italian or Greek or Persian!... Everything is a LIE in a christian world.. Everything comes from Afghanistan, also the holy mother Maria (Mother of the Arians=Maa'Aria), she was kidnapped in Ariana/afghanistan by the greeks in the ancient.

Best regards from europe.
I think it is a beautiful name, but I like to pronouce it
Er-EE-ah-nuh, that's just me :)
Ariana is one of the Team Rocket executives in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
I'd be careful with this name, since Ariana also happens to mean "(female) Aryan" (as in the Aryan race) in several languages, including Italian and Portuguese.
Ariana Delawari is an American singer and musician. Her debut album, Lion of Panjshir, was produced in part by David Lynch, the acclaimed film director. She is of Afghan descent and her parents named her Ariana because it is an ancient name for Afghanistan.
Ariana Grande (b. 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida) is an American actress and singer.
It sounds like the name of a Disney princess, or a character out of a book. Four syllables is bit over the top for me.
This is my name! I love this name it is very cute and sweet. I am proud of my name. My nickname is Ari but I've never been called Ana.
A famous bearer, Ariana Grande, actress and singer. She is famous for Broadway musical "13" and playing Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon's hit TV Show "Victorious".
Used in Croatia too, Arijana is a bit more popular though.
Evidently this name is becoming more "trendy", but I have yet to meet an actual person with the name Ariana.

However, I grew up around TONS of Adriana's. I always thought Adriana was pretty, but I found the 'd' somewhat harsh. Take the 'd' out, and you have Ariana--I like it.
Ariana means 'silver' in Welsh, from the Welsh word arian which means silver.
Ariana came from the name Aryana (Ashavaka) present day Afghanistan.
This is a beautiful name, no wonder it's gradually getting more recognition. I'm writing a book and my main character is definitely going to be called Ariana.
I like the triple A combination of this name. It's a beautiful name and I don't understand the whole comment about it being "off-balance". Either way; it's also cute and you can use the nickname of Ari.
No offense to all Arianas out there, but here's why I wouldn't use this name: it just doesn't look balanced - it has too many 'A's, and the 'I' in the middle just makes the effect too much to handle. And names ending in '-ana' just give me the impression that the parents are either being too lazy or trying too hard to choose the name. Phonetically, it flows, but I can't say the same for the spelling, sorry.
Aside from being a bit too trendy for my tastes, this one makes me think of a "soap opera princess".
Greek actor Telly Savalas and Julie Hovland have a daughter Ariana.
I love the name Ariana. It sounds very exotic, but isn't quite so unique anymore.
I heard the name for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I love it, it's gonna be my daughter's middle name! It sounds so pretty.
This is my name, but I spell it AURIANA. I've met lots of Ariana's and Arianna's, but never someone who spelled it with a U, like me. I like my spelling better because it's more unique.
Ariana is Spanish, pronounced Ah-ryah-nah.
Okay, neither of these are SO famous, but;
Ariana Dumbledore, younger sister of Albus from the HP series
Ariana Osgood, from the Private series by Kate Brian
Both of these character were rather deranged, but I still love the name Ariana.
My name is Ariana. I pronounce it Ah-Ree-Ah-na. My friends call me Ari (Ah-Ree) for short. I have always loved my name. =)
Pronounced as "A-ree-an-a".
The name of Albus Dumbledore's sister in the Harry Potter series.
Also an unusual feminine name in Slovenia.
I've always heard my friend pronounce it are-ee-AH-nuh.
Ariana is the name of one of my best friends. She pronounces it er-ee-AH-na. And I find it really pretty.
My daughter has the name Ariana. We say it as ARE-ee-ah-nuh and we call her ARE-ee for short. The first time I saw this name I was reading a Danielle Steele novel and it was a character in her book titled "The Ring". I've loved the name ever since.
There are so many new mommies naming their babies Ariana. It is a beautiful name but not so unqie now.
So trendy.
It's Greek for 'holy one' or 'most pure'.
My daugher is named Ariana. We pronounce it Are-ee-ah-na. I am picky about pronouncing it and will probably be correcting a lot of people when they call her er-ee-an-a or er-ee-ah-na. It still love the name though. We nicknamed our Ariana, ARE-ee.
"Ariana" reminds me of "Rihanna".
ARIANA is a Persian name, probably the most Persian name there is. It actually means someone from the 'Arian' Tribe. (Arian sounds similar to Iran, doesn't it? That's where we got the name!) Arian actually means 'noble' and Ariana/Arianna is the feminine form.
"Ariana" is the name of Bulgarian beer ("Ariana Sofia") and of an artificial lake situated in a park in the centre of Sofia.
I love this name. Not sure if I would use one "n" or two though.
I've never pronounced this as er-EE-an-uh. It's always been ARE-ee-ah-nuh to me.
I'm someone who loves to write, and I once used this name for a character in a story. Everywhere else I've seen it, it was spelled "Arianna". I'm glad I'm not the only one who spells it with just one "n".
Famous bearer is actress Ariana Richards (born Ariana Clarice Richards).
I love this name. It is my name and I am glad. It is a unique name. Although I used to hate it now I love it.

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