Happens to be my name haha. I'm of mostly Italian origin but live in the US, and it is getting quite common, but I don't really mind. I'd rather that than have a name that no one knew, to be honest, but I've only had another Arianna in class once, so it's not *that* common like Maddie or Kate. Maybe I'm biased because it is how I spell my name, but I prefer it over Ariana with one n, it just doesn't look right to me. I don't really stick with one pronunciation because I've had so many different ones, my mom uses Air-E-Ah-Nna, but some people use R-E-Ah-Nna and I like that just as much, so I don't really correct it. I often use Ari as a nickname for simplicity (especially over text), but teachers and most people who don't know me well call me Arianna. My middle name is Marie, I don't particularly like it because so many people have that middle name. My middle name was supposed to be Maria, but my mom used Marie instead, because of my father's (who is part German) last name, Arianna Maria would be too much of a contrast to my German last name. Other than that, it is becoming more common, but it is still a nice name.
Arianna "Ari" Ayesha Afsar is a singer, songwriter, actress, and activist. Afsar was a contestant on American Idol in 2009, during season 8. She also won the title of Miss California in 2010. Afsar originated the role of Eliza in Hamilton in the Chicago production. She is the songwriter and composer of the pop musical "Jeannette" about the first ever congresswoman, Jeannette Rankin.
My name is Arianna. My middle name is Lau. Lau is my mom's last name before she married my dad. My last name is P___ which is a Russian last name. So my full name is Arianna Lau P____ which really goes well together. A lot of people think of an Arianna they think of Ariana Grande which I hate. A lot of people teased me and call me Ariana Grande. So, I mostly go by Ari. My great-grandpa died 4 days before I was born and he was Jewish so the Ari part is about him. My family and I are not Jewish but my grandpa is Jewish. A lot of people think of a white girl when they hear Arianna but I am 1/4 Russian, 1/4 English, and 1/2 Chinese. Some people think I am from Spain which is pretty funny. I love my name even though the Ariana Grande stuff is hard to deal with.
My name is Arianna Lynnae but I prefer Ari to be honest. I hate my name when I write my name at school I spell it with one n because there are multiple girls with the name Arianna.
Also used in Hungarian:
Arianna Sinn, a very beautiful BBW aka Busty Arianna.
This is my niece’s name and I’ve always thought it is too finicky to say or write out. I struggled saying it so much in the first year of her life. Nowadays I just call her Ari. Easier on the mouth. Also the association to Ariana Grande is too strong for my liking.
Quite a strong name.
Heavily prefer Ariana.
Such a beautiful and refined name! I imagine a beautiful and elegant Italian girl with long brown hair who plays piano and lives in a villa on the hills.
My name is Arianna my middle name is Lynn. My mom said that the way most people say my name around where we live it is sounded out like airyanna but that is not how you say my name. I am from Utah but like it a lot where I live now.
My name is Arianna, RE-ahn-na. My nickname growing up was Ari - RE. I was born before this name even showed up on the popularity listing in the United States. My parents thought they made it up. My grandparents stated it was a fairly old Russian name (my paternal-grandparents are Russian). Growing up no one had ever heard of it and other than Arianna Huffington, I've not met anyone over 30 with the name. I have no middle name and no longer go by Ari - Jewish boy's name and I am not a boy. Lol I go by Arianna and I love it. For those that cannot pronounce it I tell them to call me Anna. By the time my daughter was born in 2003 Arianna was in the top 100 girls names in US. (my daughter is named Vanessa) I did hate always spelling and correcting pronunciation on my name - like I said, NO ONE had heard the name when I was young. Now, I'm happy to politely correct people.
My name is spelled Aryanna.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Arianna who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 791st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is Arianna, spelled with two n's. My mom named me because she loved the meaning.
Queen Arianna is Rapunzel's mom in Tangled.
My name is Arianna. Middle name being Renee, and I love it, I think it fits. I live in the south in the US, and I hate how often people mispronounce my name. It's pronounced Ah-ree-ah-nah, and my nickname is Ari. More times than not, no matter how many people you meet, most of them will pronounce it differently. From Airy-ah-nah, Airy-anne-nah, to Ah-ree-anne-nah. It really depends on the person. I used to hate my name, but now that I'm older, I love it. Also, I've only met two other people with this name, pronouncing it the same, but they both spelled it differently, but I like it this way the best.
My name is Arianna, pronounced airy, I want it to be pronounced Ari though. Ironically, I have the same birthday as Arianna Huffington (July 15th). My middle name is Lynn, I think it fits.
This is my niece's name and she's Canadian. She was born in 2013. It's pronounced [Air-ee-anna] but her parents go by Ari.
Yay this is my name! My family as well as myself pronounce it like it is spelled Ari-anna. I hate when people call me Ari or Anna, a great nickname is Annie (this is the one I use). But be prepared for lots of corrections when being addressed by others because this name is pronounced many different ways. And obviously I prefer Narcisa as a middle name because it is mine and it is a rare name. You can find the proper pronunciation on YouTube... but make sure you spell it right or you will get lots of Harry Potter references.
Also a Greek combination of Ariadne and Anna.
I chose Arriana as a middle name for my daughter Hailey who died at birth. I chose then to name my next daughter Arianna. I have always loved that name. I call her Yanna, and her siblings call her Nana or Arianna. She dislikes being called "air e anna" and corrects anyone who does. She's a beautiful, smart and intelligent young lady. The name also has meaning similar in the Islamic culture.
I gave birth to my daughter in 2004 & I chose the spelling Ariannah then her middle name was made Skye to represent a close friend who died when we were 13. I love the name.
You should use the middle name of winter-rose. Trust me, it works.
Cute name because it has so many nice nicknames Ari, Ria, Anna, Ann, Annie, Aria, Nina and basically all middle names and last names sound nice with Arianna.
When I first heard of this name, I was in middle school reading the final Harry Potter book for the first time. It was spelled Ariana, but I still thought this name of either spelling was beautiful. Now, I know so many Ariannas and Arianas that the name has completely lost all the charm I originally found in it. I still think it's a pretty name, but I'm not nearly as blown away by it as I was when I first read it in Harry Potter all those years ago. I much prefer the root name Ariadne, as it's still got the same beauty but has so much more originality to it. Arianna is one of those names that popularity has ruined for me.
Arianna is the Italian name derived from the Greek name Ariadne. In Italy it is widely used. My daughter is named Arianna and the pronunciation in Italian is totally different to how the English say it. It was not common then, but it is now, with every nationality using foreign names as the norm.
I love this name. I'm thinking about naming my future daughter (if I have one) this. The only problem is there are 3-4 ways that you can pronounce this name.
We have an Arianna who is 15 years old. We pronounce it ARE-ee-ah-nah, not AIR-ee-ah-nah... Most everyone says it 'Air'. Sometimes I think if I would have spelled it with one N, this may not have happened as much.

Anyway, she mostly goes by Ari. Full name is Arianna Elizabeth.

She has always liked her name a lot. It's not super common in our area or schools. This is her first year of high school, and there is one other Arianna (senior) in the school. Previously, she has been the only one.
We named our daughter Arianna pronounced "Are-ee-ona" we use Ari for her nickname "Ar-ee"
Beautiful name! Always receive compliments. The only downfall is the association with Ariana Grande and the North American pronunciation of the name "Air-ee-anna".
Arianna is also Greek it means lion of the gods.
Arianna is Greek, meaning most pure and holy.
I really love this name as it is my 21 month old daughter's name. We pronounce it ARI-AH-NAH and her short form for her name is Anna pronounced AH-NAH. I also used Gwendolyn as her middle name as it is my grandmother's name but I love the sound of it with the name Arianna. I also prefer the two "n's" opposed to one, I feel like it looks empty with only one "N".
My Daughter's name is Mia Arianna! I love both names. My Daughter is now 15 and when we chose her name, I had only known one other person with the name Arianna! I love it!
My daughters name is Arianna Alicia. I think of a princess when I say her name. It's not too common but also not unheard of. I love it!
Arianna Rossi, Duchessa of Bellezza, from Mary Hoffman's Stravangza series.
Arianna Huffington is an American author and columnist. She runs the famous news website
Beautiful, elegant, and regal. I think it sounds better when pronounced Ari-AH-NA. When the end part is said like "anna", it sounds sloppy.
I think Arianna is easier to pronounce than Ariadne. I also think it sounds better than Ariadne. It looks like a conjunction of "Ari" and "Anna", that I favor in regard.
This is my name:) It's true though, more and more parents are naming their kids this BUT it is very pretty. Also, I personally have only met one other girl with this name, and she spelt it differently. She spelt it with only one 'N'. And I pronounce it ari-AH-nah.
My mom was about to name me this! I think it's totally beautiful, much better than the totally dated name she chose for me now. ):
I love this name! It's so cute for a little girl and can also fit for a girl when she grows up! I like the nickname "Ari".
The actress who plays Cat on the t.v. show Victorious (on Nick=) real name is Ariana ~it might be spelled different but I think that's right.
Arianna is also a 3-year old princess of the Netherlands.
I love the name and not only because this is my name! In general, it sounds very beautiful, delicate, graceful and it has a great historical background and meaning of course.
Another boring Italian princess name.
When I hear this name, I automatically assume her parents are racists, because of the Aryan sound to it. Good name if you want your little girl to grow up to dance around a pole.
Dammit, I LOVE this name but it's so popular. I know at least 4 or 5 women who've named their kid Arianna. It's a great name, something I would've wanted to name my kid if it wasn't so common.
L'Arianna is one of the first operas, written by Claudio Monteverdi. It is based on the Greek myth of Ariadne and Theseus and is mostly lost except for one piece, Lamento d'Arianna, or Arianna's Lament, a very touching aria. This is personally one of my favorite names and has been for as long as I can remember. It looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, and has a nice meaning.
Absolutely stunning! Beautiful!
In Italy Arianna was hardly ever used till the 1970s. Today it is common, without being overused (21th most popular name in Italy in 2004, 20th in 2006).
The Italian pronunciation is ah-RRYAHNN-nah. If it was written Ariana, it would be pronounced quite different (ah-RRYAH-nah), but the name Ariana doesn't exist in Italian.
I named my youngest daughter this and I love it. We pronounce it like are-re-anna.
I know a ton of Arianna's. This name is almost as popular as the name Isabella which I don't like for that very reason--because it's totally played out. Arianna's a very trendy girls name right now. Now don't take me wrong, I do like it, think it's very pretty, but wouldn't name my daughter this because there are just way too many. I also prefer the double 'n' spelling.
I like this name. However, it does sound a little like "Aryan", much to the delight of white supremacists.
I'm going to have to disagree. I pronounce the name ari-AH-NAH. I think it's nicer.
This is my name, I love it to death. I've never met anyone with it. And I pronounce it AIR-E-ANNA.
I like this name, but I hate when everyone pronounces it AR-ee-anna. Seems like you can't escape from Anna.
I like this version better than `Ariana`. `Ariana` seems so uncomplete with only one N, while `Arianna` looks as wholesome and pretty a name can be with two of the letter N.
I love the name Arianna! I very much prefer it with two "n"s, spelled this way, Arianna, than with one "n", Ariana. It is so much prettier that way! I think the nicknames Ari or Aria are really beautiful.
Arianna is also of Icelandic origins meaning "song of the siren".
"Aryan" is much too present in this name for my taste. I just can't get over that.
Yes, I like this spelling better than Ariana. With an extra n, it makes it look royal. This would be a perfect name for a princess or queen or anyone royal. Her nickname would be Ari or Anna, but I like Ari better. A nice middle name would be Rose. Arianna Rose. I think that sounds beautiful!
I love this name and think it's worlds prettier than Ariadne.
Arianna is a beautiful name! One of my friends is named Arianna and whenever I picture someone with that name I see her.
Arianna is beautiful and I just love it. :)
I think that Arianna is a beautiful name. To me it represents gracefulness and beauty. Anyone who wants a beautiful name should pick Arianna!
One of my best friend's name is Arianna, and her middle name is Norelle. I think it sounds very lyrical!
What a beautiful name Arianna is. It's very elegant sounding.
One famous bearer of Arianna (the only one I know of, actually) is Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington. She's a writer, I believe she wrote a biography of Picasso, and now she's some sort of political pundit. I see her on TV every now and again. Her full name is quite a jawbreaker.
A very beautiful name. I love the meaning of it too. The one person I know with this name pronounces it airy-anna.
"Arianna" reminds me of "Rihanna".
This is a great name for a girl. I kind of prefer the spelling Arianna than Ariana. I don't personally know anyone with this name.
This name is perfect for a little princess and I like the middle name of Renee behind it. It seems to flow.
Arianna was the name of the female half of the Spartan Cheerleaders on Saturday Night Live, played by Cheri Oteri.
Origin: Wales, England.
Love this one - but having a rough time choosing a middle name to fit with it.
Yea, middle names are kinda hard to fit with this one. Mine is "Arianna Catherine". :)
Gorgeous! I prefer this spelling over Ariana.

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