Pretty, and I love this just as much as Ariel and Ariella for a girl!
A bit lank in my opinion.
The PROOF of the name being ENGLISH can also be SEEN in THIS Wikipedia page.

This includes bearers that are ACTUALLY born in the USA and other ENGLISH-speaking countries. Mostly in the USA though.
It's alright, but I don't love it. I prefer this over Ariel on a girl.
Also of ENGLISH usage as a feminine variant of ARIEL.
Absolutely beautiful! The meaning of this name, spelling, and the phonetics make it exquisite.
This name sounds ugly.
The laundry detergent I use is called Ariel. Not exactly something you want to be named after.
My name is Arielle and I love it and I do prefer the extra "le" at the end.
Usually, el is masculine and elle is feminine. Except for Rachel and Yael, which are feminine. Anyways, I love the name Arielle, since it looks more feminine then Ariel. And it's very elegant and gentle.
My unborn niece's name is going to be Arielle Marina :) She is due May 25. I think this is a gorgeous name and I love the pronunciation Are-Ree-El instead of the Little Mermaid pronunciation. The meaning is also stellar. I love how it means lioness of God because it sounds like a delicate name but with a powerful meaning.
When my oldest daughter was born in the early eighties, I was torn between two different first names: Avalena (a combination of Avalon and Elena and pronounced Av-ah-lee-nah), and Airielle (pronounced Air-ee-el) with my middle name Lynn being passed onto her. When pressured by the hospital personnel, I ended up giving both names to my beautiful blue-eyed, black-haired baby girl. Her given name is Avalena Airielle Lynn LastName and most people think it's beautiful. Because both my daughters have unique names, they aren't your average young women, but buck the system of what most people think of how a woman is.
This is my name in real life, and I honestly love it. My middle name is Mackenzie, which makes it complete. "Arielle Mackenzie (last name)"
It makes sense to the last name, nothing ugly.

Anyways, I love the meaning of the name mostly. "God of the lions"
In general, the name is lovely for a daughter - like my parents preferred.

Mine is pronounced "Ari-Elle" instead of "air-ee-el"
I honestly just don't like Ariel (air-ee-el).
I like this spelling better than Ariel and I wouldn't pronounce it like the Little Mermaid.
I much prefer this spelling of the name, since it emphasized the pronunciation ar-ee-EL, rather than AIR-ee-uhl (Ariel). It looks and sounds more elegant.
This is the feminine form of the name. The name is Arielle for females and Ariel for males. Disney did it wrong in The Little Mermaid, Shakespeare did it right in the Tempest.
Arielle Kebbel (born 1985 in Winter Park, Florida) is a beautiful, young, talented American actress.
Ariel is a pretty name, but this looks overdone. I normally like French versions of names, but this is the exception. I much prefer the original.
So lovely! This name is terrific. French names are beautiful! Well the ones I have heard! :) I love this name Arielle! Ariel was always and always will be my most fav Disney princess! Besides.. I love red hair!
I like Arielle better than Ariel as a feminine name. Mermaid connotations aside, Ariel seems much more masculine to me. I don't find Arielle "frilly" at all. Ariella would be frilly; this name is nice.
I like this spelling because it looks more feminine than Ariel, and Ariella/Ariela is too elaborated.
I love this name! I would pronounce it different then Ariel the princess though. I like it better pronounced Ah ree el=)
My close friend has this name, though it's pronounced "RELL." I don't know if this is an actual pronunciation, but I think it's much prettier than "air-ee-EL" or "AIR-ee-ell".
It's such a pretty, feminine name!
Arielle or Ariel, either one is just beautiful! (: Love it!
I really like this name. It ages well (meaning it works for a little girl, a grandma, and every age in between), and there's potential for plenty of nicknames; Elle, Ella, Ellie, and Ari are a few that come to mind, but the name still isn't one that people feel the need to shorten immediately (such as Benjamin or Katelyn), so the girl can go by her full name if she wants to. It's also a nice alternative to the more trendy Ariella. A friend of mine is named Arielle (she goes by Ari), and while she loves her name, she gets The Little Mermaid spelling and pronunciation a lot. I wouldn't let this alone deter parents from naming their child this, though, as it is a lovely name.
Too frilly for me. I much prefer Ariel. The teenage daughter in the tv series Medium is named Ariel - the name sounds very pretty and feminine. The extra 'le' on the end just looks 'affected.'
This is my second name and I wish it was my first. I pronounce it ARI- and then -ELLE like Elle McPherson (although don't get that connotation). I love it to bits. And by the way Ariel on the Little Mermaid is pronounced air-re-el. It's not as nice. And nothing like Arielle.
I prefer Arielle over Ariella. Arielle with 'e' on the end just looks so much prettier. Maybe it's not the most beautiful name in the world, but it's in my top-20 names for girls.
It's a very lovely name!
Little Mermaid, anyone? (Even though it was spelled Ariel)
I prefer this over Ariel. This spelling makes it more feminine. My only problem with this name is the pronunciation. You may find that you get that a lot.
Lovely but I definitely prefer the simpler Ariel.
My daughter's name is R'ielle as well as mine and I love the meaning which is Lioness of God!
This could also be pronounced like Ariel, but I like "ah-ree-AL" better. Arielle is the name of the main character in Disney´s "The Little Mermaid", at least in the German version of the movie, in the American one she´s Ariel. I think Arielle is more feminine than Ariel even though I like both names.

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