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LocationEarth, the green & blue planet!

My favorite names are ALWAYS changing lol! Feel free to leave a message! Oh yeah, and I love Alvin and the chipmunks as you can tell from my profile pic!FAVE NAMES!:Linnea Nicole
Arianna Grace
Alana Marie
Nylea Lynné
Maleah Grace
Chelsea Rae Lynn
Amora Leanne
Michaela (Caela) Grace
Makensis (Kensis) Grace
Janessa Kate
Isaac Matthew
Isaiah Michael
Zion James
Aiden Matthew
Miles Joseph
Aaron Michael2 Dogs:
Angel: shiba inu
Chase: shiba inu3 Cats:
Gizmo (Giz): russian blue
Bailey: balinese
Nala: SiameseI really want a girl puppy, and I would name her Cassie!

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