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ScriptsМилена BulgarianSerbianMacedonianRussian
PronouncedPron.myee-LE-na Polish
mee-LE-na Italian

Meaning & History

Feminine form of MILAN. It began to be used in Italy in honour of Milena Vukotić (1847-1923), mother of Helen of Montenegro, the wife of the Italian king Victor Emmanuel III. In Italy it can also be considered a combination of MARIA and ELENA.
VariantsMilana Czech Milana, Milanka, Miljana Serbian Milana, Milanka Croatian Milana Russian
Masculine FormsBogomil, Milan, Milen, Milko Bulgarian Bohumil, Milan, Miloš, Miloslav Czech Milan, Mile, Miloje, Miloš, Mijo, Milenko Serbian Milan, Mile, Miloš, Mijo, Milenko, Miljenko Croatian Milan, Miloš Slovene Bogomil, Milan, Mile, Miloš Macedonian Bogumił, Miłosz Polish Milan Russian
Other Languages & CulturesMylène French Miléna Hungarian Mila Ukrainian
Same SpellingMiléna


actresses, athletes, fashion designers, nobility, queens
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