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Gender Feminine
Usage Finnish
Pronounced Pron. AHR-yah

Meaning & History

Variant of IRJA. The Finnish poet Eino Leino used it in his poem Arja and Selinä (1916), though belonging to a male character.

Related Names

VariantsErja, Irja
Other Languages & CulturesEirene, Irene(Ancient Greek) Iryna(Belarusian) Irena, Irina(Bulgarian) Irena, Ena(Croatian) Irena, Irenka(Czech) Irene(Danish) Irene(Dutch) Irene(English) Irène(French) Iria(Galician) Irina, Irine(Georgian) Irene(German) Eirini, Irini(Greek) Eirene, Irene(Greek Mythology) Irén(Hungarian) Eireen(Irish) Irene(Italian) Irēna, Irīna(Latvian) Irena(Lithuanian) Irina(Macedonian) Irene(Norwegian) Irena, Irenka(Polish) Irene, Iria(Portuguese) Irina(Romanian) Irina, Arina, Arisha, Ira, Irinushka(Russian) Irena(Serbian) Irena(Slovak) Irena(Slovene) Irene(Spanish) Irene(Swedish) Iryna(Ukrainian)

Name Days

Finland: September 28
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