Artemis Kokkinara is a member of the Greek children's group "Mazoo and the Zoo". She is usually paired with Tereza Sassou.
In 'No Man's Sky' there is a traveller called Artemis, a lost entity. While Artemis in Greek mythology is associated with the night, which is associated with the sky, there is a hidden connection there. Both related to the sky.
The Greek word artemes means not only safe, but also healthy, strong, bright, shiny.
Beautiful name. I much prefer it on a female, because Artemis was a goddess and I find the name very feminine and its etymology. I would gladly name a son Apollo, though. (Even though it’s my cat's name, lol) I can understand why somebody would name their son Artemis though. I think it would go beautifully with something like Artemis Luna, Artemis Juno, or Artemis Flora. They just ooze feminine strength to me.
I adore the name Artemis for a girl. It sounds so strong, brave, beautiful, courageous and warrior-like. I love it because it's such an empowering name for a girl. Like, if I'm being completely honest, the Disney princesses are cute and all, but frankly, some of them are portrayed as dainty, delicate and weak, especially the ones who barely speak a word throughout the entire movie and are miserable until their “savior” prince or whatever comes and rescues them. It's quite pitiful, honestly. Also, I feel like most of the princesses don't do a very good job in representing tomboys, either, as they always seem to be in uncomfortable dresses, lots of makeup, fragile shoes, and all they can think about is their fantasy prince.
It's different with Artemis, though. She's a strong-willed warrior goddess who was beloved and devotedly worshipped by the Greeks. She doesn't need a prince, she's her own royalty. She's a good representation of women, as well, considering the fact that she's obviously strong and independent, and she's beautiful and sweet at the same time. Tomboys and girly-girls alike can relate to her.
Overall, I think Artemis is a wonderful name graced with immense beauty, power and strength.
I have a bone to pick with Breath J. What do Disney princesses have anything to do with the name Artemis? Besides, even if they were somehow related, the princesses are strong in their own way. And there are many strong Disney princesses (by your definition). There’s Mulan, Rapunzel, Moana, and so many more. Cinderella is also strong in a way. Even though she was abused by her step family, she was nice and kind to everyone. There are many more ways to be stronger than violence and strength. Artemis is a beautiful name for a girl, and has strong and amazing connotations. She was a goddess and protector of women, and I would be more than pleased to have this as my name.
The Art part ruins it.
Artemis is okay. I prefer it on a girl.
I have a classmate in my Astronomy class with this name. I did a double-take. I'm not usually one for Greek Mythology names since they can be overly ambitious, but I guess this one is fine.
Maybe she/he chose Astronomy because of the name, a sweet story.
Sounds so trendy. I would never use it.
Also, clunky.
Personally, I love the symbolism behind this name, but I don't quite like the way it sounds and it sounds too complex of a name for me to enjoy it.
I think this is an awful name for a boy and should be left as a girl name. Artemis was not the most stereotypically feminine goddess but she represented women in a way that was empowering. There are plenty of boys' names from Greek mythology without using girl ones.
Personally, I feel it works good on both girls and boys. No more, no less.
The name Artemis was given to 167 girls and 35 boys in the US in 2018!
While I'm aware Artemis is pronounced AR-te-mis, I think it would be much prettier if pronounced ar-TE-mis, with the accent on the second syllable.
I love this name. I feel Artemis from the Greek myths was strong and smart which are good traits describing her. I feel naming my daughter this because it is really unique and also because I am very interested in Greek Mythology but I just want an atypical name for a beautiful child.
Artemis is a beautiful name and I love it for a girl. I want to say the same for a boy, but it seems too feminine despite the -us suffix. When I looked at the meaning, I didn’t get too triggered, because the meaning isn’t “horrible” not like Abaddon. And the picture of the person, it looked too masculine to be a woman yet too feminine to be a man. But from the way I see it, she’s a girl. So I prefer Artemis as a girl’s name. I can see it a bit unisex, but I still don’t like the name for a boy as much as a girl. I don’t ABSOLUTELY HATE it for a boy, but I still think it’s much more suited for girls.
This name is so charming and lovely yet sturdy. Such a *cool girl* name.
I think it would be better if pronounced Arth-tha-Mis.
Artemis is a good name for a boy or a girl. There are many girls who have male god names, APOLLINE is the feminine form of Apollo as well I know a girl named Apolla. Besides, so many people get uptight when a girl has a "boy" name like Max or a boy with a feminine name like Francis. I say if it works for you and your child, go for it.
This name sounds more feminine than masculine to me. The meaning isn't very pleasant.
While this is usually a feminine name, this is one of Newt Scamander's (portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films) middle names.
I think Artemis is a beautiful, elegant, and strong name for a girl. Although the nickname “Artie” is considered for boys, I think that it is still a cute nickname for a girl. Artemis will always be feminine to me because of the goddess Artemis. I think Artemis goes well with the middle name Luna: Artemis Luna or vice versa.
The goddess made me think of the name as very feminine. But not in a ladylike or princess way. In a way such as the goddess was. Apollo is also a good male name.
I just named my daughter Artemis because she was such a strong and independent female, and that's what I hope for my child. I have received some negative feedback from people who believe it to be a boys name. That's a shame because it just shows a gap in their education where Greek mythology was overlooked by there school. I love Greek mythology like I love fairytales and folklore of all different nationalities. I believe they enrich our lives and cultures and sometime have some truth to them. They almost always have lessons or values to learn from them. Artemis is a strong name that has certainly showed it fits for unique male characters, Artemis Gordan and Artemis Fowl, in the last century as well. And I'm definitely one to agree "if the shoe fits..."
The name Artemis was given to 104 girls born in the US in 2015.
Beautiful and graceful, a perfect name for the moon goddess. I dislike it for males, however; I find it a bit too funny to have a man share his name with a goddess of maidens and young girls.
Too feminine for a boy. Artemus means "gift of Artemis", and is masculine.
Artemis was a very feminine goddess and the goddess of maidens. She was a not a dainty, delicate, flowery goddess. To me, the name is strong, but strong names are not automatically masculine. Girls can have names that are strong.
I really like Artemis, and the Greek goddess connection keeps making me go back to it. I also love the Artemis Fowl books but I can't understand it being used on a boy. It's not just a girls' name it's a goddess' name, and that does get mentioned in the books too. Two very good, almost identical sounding alternatives (that are actually boys names) are Artemus and Artemas. I really like the 'safe' meaning, although 'butcher' not so much.
If you name a boy Artemis, would you name a girl after a GOD? Artemis was a Goddess not a god. For boys you could use Apollo, the twin brother of Artemis. This is better for girls and much better than Diana, which is overused and boring. There are masculine forms.
Beautiful name! I think good names for siblings would be Luna, Selene, and Artemis if you were into the moon. Art, Arty, or Artie would make great nicknames! When I hear "Artemis" I think of a strong huntress, like with Simone.
I like this name, it's very feminine.
Artemis Crock (later under the name Tigress) is a fictional character who appears as one of the main characters in Young Justice.
●Artemida is Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, and Ukrainian
●Artémi is Modern Greek
●Artemisz is Hungarian
●Artemidė is Lithuanian.
I love this name. Artemis has always been my favorite Olympian but then I also read and enjoyed the Artemis Fowl books and I think the name has an androgynous quality to it that makes it work on both sexes. Were I ever to use it, though, I would give it to a girl because it would be in honor of the goddess.
I think this is such a beautiful unique name. I've never met anyone with this name but I think it would be a great choice for a little girl.
Beautiful yet fun name... I think it would be great with a more girly first or middle name. Like Willow Artemis or Artemis Lilia. Something earthy and girly to go with it and it would be perfect for a little girl and woman. I think of a wild red head with curly hair and a loving yet adventurous personality!
Artemis is also a Persian name, a variant on the name Artemisia. Because present day Turkey was once part of Persia (and vice-versa), it is also considered by some to be a Turkish name.

In Old Persian, "Arta" suggests correctness, rightness, or divine truth. "Miz" is a suffix that suggests to speak, to say. So the name suggests the meaning, "speaker of the truth".

It is unknown whether the historical Persian figure associated with this name had a name which derived directly from the Indo-European roots, from a common root name which the goddess Artemis also was named for, or whether she happened to be named for the Greek goddess Artemis.

According to Wikipedia,

Artemis I of Caria "was an ancient Carian queen of the Achaemenid Persian satrapy province of Caria, mostly known through the writings of Herodotus for taking the side of the Persian king Xerxes during the Greco-Persian wars. Her father was the satrap of Halicarnassus Lygdamis I (Greek: Λύγδαμις Α') [1][2] and her mother was from the island of Crete.[3][4] She took the throne after the death of her husband, as she had a son, named Pisindelis (Greek: Πισίνδηλις), who was still a youth.[5][6]

She was an ally of Xerxes I during the Second Persian invasion of Greece. She fought at the naval Battle of Artemisium[7] and the naval Battle of Salamis at 480 BC as a commander in the Persian navy. She was the only female commander.

Her grandson, Lygdamis II, was the ruler of Halicarnassus when Herodotus left from there.

Herodotus praises her decisiveness and her intelligence and emphasizes her influence on Xerxes."
Artemida (Артемида) is the Russian form of Artemis.
Missy is a great nickname!
Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon, and the patron of young girls/maidens. Not marriage or fertility, that's Hera and Demeter.
Artemis is the birthname of the character Alexandra in the Twitches book series by H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld. In the movies she is played by Tia Mowry.
I love the name Artemis on a girl, you can also get the nickname Missy from it. Though I'm not actually that crazy about the nickname myself.
Originally, Artemis was the goddess and protector of wild plants and woodland creatures, as well as young women (I am not sure about virginity). The "goddess of the hunt" came later. (Or so I have read.)
How can people think Artemis is a boy's name? Artemis was a Greek godDESS who apparently spurned men.
Anyway, I think Artemis is a gorgeous, very ethereal sounding name. I would definitely use it on a girl.
I've never thought this name sounded feminine, at all. In addition, I always associate this name with Artemus Gordon from "Wild Wild West," so for me it will always be masculine. Still can't say that I'd use the name, though.
The name was used in Eoin Colfer's bestselling youth series 'Artemis Fowl'.
It's pretty, but also a little dull in my opinion. I do agree that the Greek goddess was awesome, but it still kind of bores me. Artemisia is much prettier. As for gender, I think Artemis sounds ridiculous on a boy, and I'm not a fan of the Artemis Fowl books. This will always be a girls' name to me.
I really love the name, but since reading and adoring the Artemis Fowl books, I can't see it on a girl. But also, being as it was the name of a goddess, can't see it on a boy. I do prefer it on a boy, but I wouldn't call a son this.
Absolutely gorgeous. But only on a girl seeing as Artemis in Greek Mythology was a woman and a goddess of women, virginity, childbirth and mothers. She was very feminine.
Hera, Zeus' wife, was angry at Zeus and forbade Leto from giving birth on land (presumably the mainland) or sea. Leto found the (possibly floating) island of Delos, which was later grounded (if indeed it was floating; the legends vary). There, Leto gave birth to Artemis. Three days later, Apollo was born with his sister's help. This is only one of many legends of Artemis' birth. Another is that Zeus transformed Leto into a quail so Hera couldn't find her. Artemis was one of the few virgin goddesses and the goddess of the forests, hills, and hunt, odd since she was a woman and hunting was typically a man's domain. When she was young, she sat upon her father's lap and asked for: 1) eternal virginity and to never be bound by marriage, 2) hounds for her hunt, 3) stags for her chariot, 4) nymphs for her hunting companions, 60 from the sea and 20 from land and, 5) a silver bow to match her brother's. All her wishes were granted. My personal favourite myth regarding the goddess is of her and Orion, the hunter. The two were close, but he died and was put among the stars. For more on his deaths, see Orion. Artemis also resided over maidens (unmarried women). Later, she became a goddess of fertility and childbirth and associated with the moon through the Titan Selene. Her animal was the deer and her tree the cypress. Her symbol was the silver bow and arrow. Another of her names is Cynthia.
I love it on a girl, hate it on a boy.
I once met a man called Artemis. He hated the name, so he named himself Art.
Artemus Gordon is the name of James West's clever and sarcastic partner in "The Wild Wild West".
Artemis is one of those names that I like the ending on. Like AN, as I posted on Arianne, mis is very conclusive. Also, I've always liked mythology names, because I like language. Mythology is a part of language, and sometimes science as well (Arachne, for example).
Artemis is the Greek Goddess of animals. She is a shapeshifter and is stunningly beautiful.
I think Artemis is a beautiful name for a girl. If I had twin girls I'd name them Selena and Artemis.
I would just like to say that I love the name. But I think Behind the Name should put it as male and female name because he is a male in a very popular series, Artemis Fowl.
I love this name. I like it better as a boy's name even though it's a female goddess, plus in the Artemis Fowl series the character is a boy and in Sailor Moon.
I think it's good, and it can be used for any sex.

Heck, I kinda think the idea of 'girl names' and 'boy names' is kinda stupid. There are so many good names that people 'can't use' because they're 'the wrong sex'.
I like the name Artemis for a boy or a girl. It really is an awesome name.
I love this name although it makes me think of a guy. Simply because Sailor Moon has been burned into my brain since a very young age. Either way it makes me think a very strong, beautiful and intelligent person.
In the Bible, the book of Titus mentions a person named Artemis. I prefer to think of the name as a Biblical one, rather than that of a Greek goddess, because I adore the name and do not wish to connect it with ridiculous myths of gods and goddesses.
If people have no problem with boys being named after Greek godesses (which I had no clue of until thirty seconds ago), why do you have such a belligerent attitude when it comes to girls like me being called Madison? Then again, if there was a female book character called Madison that you knew of, you'd probably have no problem.
I like this name but I wouldn't use it for a child. I think it's odd for a boy, though---it's a Greek godDESS, after all.
When I say Artemis, it makes me think: "hard to miss", it's really annoying because I love the name.
I like this name a lot; good sound, good meaning, good nickname. I like this name equally for girls and boys; that it is a goddess' name definitely makes it more feminine, but there have been a few male characters (Artemis Fowl and Artemis from Sailor Moon) that had this name that it suited really well.
Artemis? A boy!? Artemis was a Greek Goddess and protector of women! And yet you have people complaining that young girls are taking on male names such as Madison! Talk about controversy. Artemis is a lot better than Diana, in my personal opinion.
I love the name Artemis. It is in the series Artemis Fowl, although there, Artemis Fowl is a boy. I personally prefer Artemis as a boy's name, but I would still whole-heartedly name my daughter Artemis. If I was old enough to have a daughter, that is. Artemis sounds great, and I love that name.
It can also be used a male name, one example includes: Artemis, the white cat on Sailor Moon who is male.
The goddess Artemis has been mentioned in the bible I think two or three times.
Artemis Fowl, a teenage criminal mastermind, is the anti-hero of Eoin Colfer's popular Artemis Fowl series. This Artemis is a boy, though.
She is known by several names: Munychia; Artemis of Ephesus; Diana [Roman]; Artume [Etruscan], Mythology Cynthia [from her birthplace on Mt. Cyntus], and Phoebe. She is the goddess of the chase, the hunt, the night, fruitfulness, childbirth, woodland wilderness, dance/play, the bull, fertility, the virgin moon, healing, chastity, virginity, war, mothers, foster mothers, and health. She is the mistress of wild beasts and war.
Places of worship: Amazon,
Asia Minor [principal deity], Brauron, Ephesus, Greece [not heavily worshipped in mainland], Palestine, Sparta, and Rome.
Miscellaneous information: all beasts thought sacred; symbols bow and arrow; torch; eternal virginity. Effigy appears with multiple breasts, but later found to represent the testes of a bull. Had fanatical temple worship. At puberty, girls were initiated into the cult of Artemis; married just after. They laid all the trimmings of virginity [toys, dolls, hair] on the altar. Assisted her mother in the delivery of her twin Apollo. Ephesus Asian Center of worship now one of the 7 wonders of the world. Found references to her in Acts 19:23-40 and Acts 19:28 of the Holy Bible.
Correction: Artemis, though certainly beautiful enough to attract several gods, was the goddess of virginity, and childbirth, not mothers. She was also the patroness of young women and children.
She, as the goddess of the hunt, was not very feminine. She was wild and independent, and was not interested in men. She acted in a way most people would refer to as tomboyish. She wore short skirts to free her legs for movement.
Also a moon goddess, although the ruler of the night itself was Nyx, not Artemis. The Artemis mentioned in the Bible was in fact this Artemis. One of the Apostles was endangered because he tried to convert her worshipers and they were outraged. She was in no way Biblical. Calling myths "ridiculous" is foolish as it is part of one of the richest cultures in the history of mankind and a most fascinating subject.

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