Better than Ashley by faaaar.
Childish cutsey spelling of super dated overused name!
Such a childish spelling.
Ugly spelling.
My name is Ashlee and I have mixed feelings about the name. 1. Why would you just change one letter at the end of the name to be "unique" 2. I feel judged for my name because most of the Ashley's or Ashlee's on tv are mean girls who don't care about anyone other than themselves. 3. Some people (teachers) think you have to pronounce Ashlee differently than Ashley just because they're spelled slightly different. 4. Ashlee is also a very white name and I am not fully white, so I feel like the name doesn't suit me. Even though I sound like I am completely trashing my name, there are still things I like about my name. 1. Not very many people spell Ashlee like this. 2. It's easy to say so in school your name doesn't get butchered.
Ashlee Simpson is Pete Wentz's ex-wife.
Ashlee Rumfallo is known for starring on the reality show “Dance Moms” with her daughter, Brynn.
My name is Ashlee and I hate it. It’s so basic and everyone judges me based on my name. Ashlee is the bitch who steals your boyfriend. I AM NO BOYFRIEND STEALER. Also, the spelling of Ashlee is terrible. Ashleigh or Ashley both aren’t last names right? Leigh and Ley. But Lee IS! It’s an Asian last name AND I'M ASIAN. I AM LITERALLY AN ASIAN ASHLEE. Okay, I’m done now.
This is my name and I love it. I would not change it for the world. In my opinion Ashlee is a kind, caring and loyal name that identifies to myself and other Ashlee's I've met.
I have a female friend who bears this spelling variant of "Ashley." My friend Ashlee (pronounced: ash-LEE) is far from the stereotypical "prep/preppy" as some may assume based off her name alone. She was, and still is, a pretty genderfluid tomboy with a love for things alternative. She is well-educated and now owns her own business. She came from a modest background & family, and she worked hard to be where she is today. What I'm trying to say is: A person is not their name.
This spelling doesn't work.
Ashlee is a really good name; I use it as an oc's name and everyone likes it. It's so good, I want it as my own name.
The name Ashlee was given to 104 girls born in the US in 2015.
-ee is more often femenine. Like Bailey for boys and Bailee for girls. Ashlee is feminine. Ashley is a male name or last name, while Ashlee is a female name.

An above user called this masculine. My name has Lee in it spelled that way but isn't masculine. In fact Lee is used 30% of the time for females. My name isn't Eileighn or Eileyn because Lee is used for boys. A name or name spelling can be a boy name and girl name. Lee is a great name for females.
I've never liked this name, but this spelling makes it even worse. It looks overly simplistic and sort of preppy.
Actually, Ashlee Simpson was also born Ashley Nicolle. I'm not sure when she changed it, either.
I know an Ashlee, so I think of this name for a kind, caring person. If I didn't know an Ashlee, I might think it was childish.
This is my favorite spelling, it's so cute! I love the name for a girl by the way, regardless of over-popularity.
I hate this spelling because it makes me think of Ashlee Simpson. It also looks extremely babyish and won't age well.
It looks very youthful and cutesy for a grown-up who wants to be taken seriously. All names ending in -lee have that problem to them, even though Lee is a name. It's basically because the ending -ley is not the same as the name Lee.
This is bad and wrong in so many ways! 1. Last name used as first name for boys. 2. Name used for boys switched to name used for girls. 3. Name used in an huge trend. 4. Name spelled in an ugly and tacky way, apparently by someone who doesn't know how to spell. 5. Name used to continue trend by people who want to 'distinguish' their kid from the other zillion Ashleys or think it looks pretty. The names are essentially the same: they have the same meaning and pronunciation. Stupid spellings degrade names.
I hate this name as much as all the other versions of the name Ashley. My name is Ashley and it is annoying when people ruin names by making up other versions just to make it look more feminine. People need to get more hobbies.
I think it's dumb trying to change the spelling of a "perfectly good" name. It doesn't make it more unique or anything, unless you do it because it looks nicer to you. (I dislike the name Ashley)
Frankly I don't like the "ee" ending; it looks uneducated. I'm not terribly fond of the name "Ashley" in the first place, and would somebody please tell me why the "e" is pronounced as "ay" in other languages but "ee" in English? We English speakers are odd.
I prefer this spelling to the overly popular "Ashley". This seems like a nice, refreshing way to spell the name.
I don't particularly like this name. Ashley is a male name in my opinion and Ashlee looks uneducated.
This is my favorite spelling of Ashley.
I prefer the spelling of Ashlye.
Seems to like me a stupid way to modernize a perfectly good name. No offense to anyone who has it, unles you're Ashlee Simpson, in which case, I hate you.
I agree with patchworkgirl -- I love Ashley but don't like the EE endings of names.
This spelling actually makes the name Ashley pretty. But ASHLEE Simpson - DOUBLE EW!
I always think of Ashlee as a girl who is pretty, loyal and a good friend to everybody.
I prefer to spell it this way then Ashley.
Ashlee Simpson (born Ashlee Nicole Simpson on October 3, 1984) appeared in a commercial for Kohl's departments, was in an episode of "Malcolm in the Middle", appeared in the movie "The Hot Chick", and was also the character Cecilia, Simon Camden's girlfriend on the TV show "7th Heaven" from 2002 to 2004, until her singing career began.
Ashlee Simpson (now professionally known as Ashlee Simpson-Wentz after her marriage to Pete Wentz) was actually born Ashley Nicole Simpson. I'm not quite sure why she changed the spelling, but she did. To me, Ashlee seems even more masculine than Ashley. Lee, while occasionally used for girls as a middle name, is more often given as a first name to males (although there are a few exceptions). So the people who use this spelling to make the name seem more "feminine" aren't real geniuses.

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