I feel like this name is very overused, and the -eigh suffix makes me think it's pronounced like AshLAY. If you yell in a crowded place "ASHLEIGH", so many 20-yr old or younger women will go coming to you.
Ashleigh Barty is an Australian professional tennis player. She won two Grand Slams and is currently no. 1 in the WTA rankings.
I dislike Ashley on a girl. But what even is this name! It’s godawful.
I would use Ashley...
It's okay.

In the US it's not really necessary because Ashley is not common for boys there.

But in countries where Ashley was common for boys (England, Australia, New Zealand) Ashleigh can be a good alternative to avoid confusion because it is the strictly feminine version.

I think it looks fine.
I love this name, I think it's beautiful and so feminine. My friend in school was called Ashleigh and she was so pretty, had a bubbly personality, was self-assured and courageous. The kind of girl you look up to and aspire to be like!
So weighrd and tackeigh.
Even worse than Ashley. Plus, no matter how you spell the goddamn name, It’s still going to be one of those names that every other white chick has. There’s way better names out there. Seriously.
It’s not that’s just too complicated. I first came across this name when I was eight and had a friend named Ashleigh and was super confused with the spelling. I would just go with Ashley.
Blehhh! The Leigh looks so ugly. Just use Ashley.
It doesn't look that nice in my opinion. The -leigh part really ruins it.
This is a dumbed-down, low IQ version of the original name.
Too complicated. I hate the "sh" sound next to the --leigh suffix. Over doing it people. Just name your kid Ashley.
Interesting, but I definitely prefer Ashley.
Ashleigh Ball, born March 31st, 1983, is a Canadian voice actress, singer, and musician. Some of her most notable roles include voicing Blythe Baxter from Littlest Pet Shop, Rainbow Dash and Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Plum Pudding from Strawberry Shortcake: Bitty Berry Adventures, Yukari Hirai and Kimiko Nakamura from the Geneon English dub of Shakugan no Shana, Layla Serizawa from Nana, and many others.
Just my opinion: Ashleigh (or Ashley) was a nice name that was destroyed by overuse. After 'Jennifer' fell from popularity, someone chose to be different and named their child Ashleigh, then everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and another craze began.
My name is Ashleigh and people always spell it ASHLEY! I always have to correct my teachers! Ashleigh is actually the real way how to spell it. Americans ruined it by changing it to be spelled like ASHLEY. That is the boy way to spell Ashley. My parents knew this. My classmates always have to ask me how to spell my name or they will spell it wrong. They've learned to spell it right though. I used to love it when any Ashleigh was on TV but now I only get excited when I see an Ashleigh on TV when it is spelled like my name. I love my name because it is unique and I have not met any other Ashleigh spelled like my name. I recommend calling your kid Ashleigh spelled like mine. Ashley spelled like this is kinda getting boring in my opinion. I love my name though.
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this name. It has such a nice ring to it! Perfect for people working in the food industry.
Hate the Leigh at the end of any name. Looks weird.
My daughter's name is Ashleigh. Beautiful, talented and sensitive. She is married to Ashley. He is handsome, even tempered and a go-getter. She kept her maiden name for business reasons. Their children will carry their father's surname.
The name Ashleigh was given to 113 girls born in the US in 2015.
I like Ashley, but Ashleigh is over-complicating it. Just stick with the original spelling and don't alter it or your kid is going to get their name misspelled on EVERYTHING. Forgot to put your name on something, so the teacher (or a classmate) is doing it for you? Well, if your name is Ashleigh, they're likely going to spell it wrong. Unless you spell it for them.
I have a friend that didn't even have any clue how to pronounce "Ashleigh", therefore embarrassing himself but I could see where he was coming from, that "g" makes it feel like it shouldn't really be the same pronunciation as Ashley. (Yes, I am aware of Leigh being an alternate spelling of Lee.)
Ashleigh is trasheigh. She will probably have a baby by the time she's 16.
This is my name. I like it, except for the fact that it is always spelt wrong constantly. I'm the only Ashleigh I've ever met and I'd much rather be an Ashleigh than a Hannah or an Emily (which are nice names, but have been ruined by overuse).
This is honestly one of the ugliest names I have ever seen. "Leigh" seems like it would be pronounced like "lay" in my opinion (like "sleigh"). Ashley is not a very good name, and adding the weird ending makes it worse.
I'm an Ashleigh and Obviously I like the spelling Ashleigh better than Ashley! I know a boy called Ashley, so I think Ashleigh is a girls name and Ashley is a boys name, but some girls spell it like Ashley. I don't like Ashley though.
A nice alternative to Ashley, and more mature than Ashlee.
The name Ashleigh was given to 173 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I absolutely love the name Ashleigh. It is a great spelling and it's not too common.
My name is Ashley, spelled the proper way. This name is way overused, especially when I was born, and all these tacky spellings just cheapen it further. It looks like the parents wanted to make Ashley less childish and spelled it like this to make it seem more "mature". Kids, be forewarned: Misspelling names doesn't make them unique, only more likely to be confused in the future.
To the person who said my middle name is trashy, that is very hurtful! I love the spelling, and always get compliments. I was never a cheerleader or a pop singer. Maybe you should think of other people before making such a rude, disheartening comment.
Looks like it should be pronounced ASH-lay. I don't like Ashley or any Ashley variants, but I think Ashlea is the best.
What a stupid and trashy spelling. Don't these people realize that their daughter might want to be something other than a cheerleader or pop singer?
I think this spelling of Ashley is one of the best. It happens to be my sister's name and she hates it because people never seem to spell it right. But I always say it's a beautiful name and looks much more elegant than Ashley. I feel as though Ashley is a name preppy annoying girls get and the new variation changes that interpretation. Beautiful.
Never liked having Leigh stuck on to the end of a perfectly normally spelled name. Though I dislike Ashley, due to the sound, I can't stand Ashleigh at all. It looks too long and unnecessary, and for some reason the Leigh at the end makes me feel like it should be pronounced Ash-LEEEE.
I love this name! It's a lot nicer than Ashley, and it seems more girlie. Ashleigh is really pretty!
Ashleigh Griffen is the name of the original main character in the series "Thoroughbred". She falls in love with a horse called Wonder, and ends up owning the horse, getting married to her high-school sweetheart Mike, and having a daughter named Christina. In the later books, the focus switches from adult Ashleigh to her teenage daughter Christina and her friends.
I think Ashleigh is an awesome name and it is the best way to spell it. I wouldn't want it any other way!
Ok my name is ASHLEIGH! Sometimes I would rather be dead than have the name, just kidding. A name is a name dude, you pop out of your mummy and well they give you a name, so why would you make fun of someone's name, they didn't choose to have it. A lot of people don't understand. If you don't like someone's name make fun of the parents for being stupid enough to give their kids a stupid name.
It looks more sophisticated than Ashley, but it's pronounced just the same. Leigh is an old-fashioned, but classier way to spell Lee, but I doubt the -ley in Ashley has anything to do with the name Lee/Leigh. With this spelling, the pronunciation should actually be ''ASH-lee'' instead of the usual ''ASH-li'', that is, with a long ''ee'' sound at the end, but that would sound weird. So, the spelling is a bit pretentious, and it's not really true to the pronunciation, so why bother? This is still just another variant.
I'm not quite sure what slight_night_shiver is talking about, but Ashleigh, Ashlee, and Ashley have always been pronounced as Ash-lee (with a long 'e' sound), not Ash-li.
I love this name! I like it a lot better than the other version of the name, like Ashley or Ashlee. I don't care about "leaving the name how it was in the first place," I just like this way.
Once upon a time, a baby's mother asked the father what her name should be. Suddenly, he threw up his intestines and died, his last word being "Ashleighghfgdhsbutueuea". In honor of her late husband, she named her child Ashleighghfgdhsbutueuea, which was shortened to Ashleigh.
Why others used this ridiculous name, I DON'T KNOW. SOMEONE TELL ME WHY.
Beautiful name, my only princess its called Ashleigh and everyone comments on what a lovely choice of name and spelling! ASHLEIGH I love it!
I MUCH prefer the spelling Ashley. If a name ends in the "lee" sound, I prefer "ley". I'm not a fan of any spelling of any name that ends in "leigh".
I love the spelling of Ashleigh better than Ashley, or Ashlee.
Never really was a fan of this name until I saw this spelling, now I think it's a beautiful name. I want to name my daughter Ashleigh Rae.
I don't think this spelling makes Ashley more feminine. All surnames sound better on boys, IMO.
I prefer the spelling Ashlee as the girl version of the name while the spelling Ashley as the version of the name for boys.
I don't see why everyone hates this name, or at least the spelling. It's my favorite way to spell Ashley. I've had bad experiences with Ashley's and Ashlee's. No offense.
Hate this spelling with a passion. My name is Ashley and I kind of like the original spelling more than this made up long version. The only reason it was probably created was just to make Ashley a feminine name. People, leave names like they are originally, it just looks idiotic like this.
This is my first name, and it drives me crazy. It's better than the Ashley spelling, which to me sounds outright ditzy, but it's obnoxious having every single person you know spell your name wrong, even your relatives. It's also awful when everyone makes a big fuss about it. "A-S-H-L-E-Y" Actually, that's A-S-H-L-E-I-G-H. "A-S-L-E whata?" ASHLEIGH. "Whoah. How do you pronounce that? Isn't that like Ashligg or something? What country are you from? Why would your parents name you something like that? Dadadadada."
OMG this post is the story of my life as an Ashleigh. So true. I like my name and much prefer it over Ashley but people are super quick to write it out the most common way that I end up always having a "y" marked out, then an "ie" marked out to finally bring forth what I'm actually saying "eigh." I have had a handful of "Ashlegg?" from alleged English speaking people and honestly can't hold my laughter in. Leigh is clearly and consistently pronounced as "Lee" throughout the history of the English language. So in that case, I let them call me whatever they want. My grandpa never spelled my name right and my grandmother initially told everyone I was "Ash Leigh Anne," Leigh Anne being my mother's name :) In conclusion, I like my name and people are funny.
I've seen this used on males many times. I don't know what makes it anymore female than the original.
I abominate this name, it is way overused. It's a nice name but it's been ruined by over use. Sad lol.
I prefer this variation over the original Ashley. It looks more feminine, and also looks cool.
Now really, how overdone can one name get?
I personally like this spelling of the name better than any of the others. It sounds more feminine. Also, it looks cool.
I love this name. It was the name of one of my best friends who had lukemia. It will always make me think of a very strong, brave, happy girl.
I like this spelling on a female. Ashley was originally a man's name until people decided they liked Ashley on a girl too. It feels refreshing to meet females that spell their name Ashleigh and/or Ashlee.

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