I like Ashley, but this looks immature, almost like it was spelled by a four-year-old.
Not as bad as Ashlee, but I still don’t like it.
I'm sorry but this spelling automatically makes me want to pronounce it as "Ash-lie". I don't like Ashley at all, but Ashlie? Big no no for me. I hate it when people try to make cookie cutter names like Ashley and Emily "unique" by coming up with these idiotic spellings. Ugh.
The IE looks so juvenile. Just stick to Ashley.
This spelling looks too young and cutesy. Enough said.
Ugly spelling.
This is my first name and at first I didn't like it because people would think of Ashley Tisdale or Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Also, people would misspell my name often, but I do like the spelling because it makes my name very unique in my opinion. Also, I'm constantly annoyed by having another girl named Ashley. This year and in fifth grade, there's another girl named Ashley and people can mix us up sometimes. But like I said before, I still like it.
Cute spelling!
It's kind of better than Ashlee or Ashleigh.
It is a very cute name. I like it.

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