Ashling made the top 100 in Ireland (even though the original, Aisling, was much more popular and a top 10 name for several years as well as a top 20 name for over a decade).

Ashling made the top 100 from 1976-1979, 1983-1988, 1990-1991 and 1993-1995.

Ashling's highest placement in Ireland was #76 in 1990.

Aisling's highest placement was #8 in 1991.
I personally prefer Aisling as it looks more authentic to me. But in regions where people would encounter pronunciation problems Ashling might be a good alternative.
So cute I’m going to swear.
I have always heard it meaning "the protector of the Ash tree" like a fairy that protects Ash trees. It is also the name of the fairy friend in the movie The Secret of Kells.
I prefer this to Aisling; people know how to pronounce this.
I love this name! So cute!
I was just going to say that it looks and sounds like a baby ash tree.
Sounds like a baby tree!

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