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The name Aston was given to 178 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/18/2016
Aston is 100% male, I have a young rabbit named Aston and another named Bentley and I've seen many people have young boys named Aston. The name is beautiful.
Aspen010203  5/2/2016
Sir Aston Cockayne, 17th century English writer and Royalist.

Aston Merrygold, from British boy band JLS.
AustraLiana  4/11/2015
Since the Middle Ages, the name Aston has also been used as a contraction of Athelstan and similar names - another source of the surname. [noted -ed]
AustraLiana  4/11/2015
Asten sounds very pretty. When I first heard it I thought it would belong to boy and not a girl. But now I think it would actually fit a girl better. :) It would be very unique.
Gio123  8/7/2013
Aston Martin car manufacturer.
GibsonGirl  1/20/2012
Certainly not a feminine name! It's not overused so I like it. It sounds kind of modern too. So many male names are so old and dated. It's a nice departure from Ashton too, much thanks to Ashton Kutcher for ruining that name.
GibsonGirl  1/20/2012
Definitely reminds me of Aston Villa, the football team.
quintus  9/25/2011
Aston for a girl?! No way! this name is way too masculine!
starz26  1/24/2010
This name sounds a bit elitist and snobby, while Ashton doesn't. Must be the car. I would never use this name for females. The name sounds even more masculine than the definitely masculine Ashton. It would sound weird on any girls and women, even the tomboys and androgynous women. I hate it when people think this name is too close to 'ass'. It's not ''AAAS-ton'', it's ''AS-ton''!
slight night shiver  5/15/2008
A good middle name for Aston would be Martin. Just like the car. Which, admittedly, is a FINE ride!
Starla Roxanne  9/17/2006
I think of Aston as a middle name more then a first. But I love the name. It's on my list to use when I have kids.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2006

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