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Hello there.
My name is Destinee, (The old French form of Destiny) but I go by Des.
I am just here to learn about different cultures and names, meet new people, and have a good time.
Its my opinion that there are no bad names. There are no misspelled, cheesy, cliche, or horrible names. There are just names and they mean something to somebody and you can your have favorites but remember to treat everyone with respect despite what name is on their birth certificate. I rate names on a 1-30 basis. Below 20 get kicked off my favorites list and exactly 30 get posted here.-Aleksandrina (Russian)
-Aloisia (German)
-Annelise (Danish)
-Arthur (English)
-Björn (Ancient Scandinavian)
-Brielle (English)
-Drustan (Ancient Celtic)
-Evangeline (English)
-Evelyn (German)
-Fallon (Irish)
-Galene (Ancient Greek)
-Isidore (Georgian)
-Isis (Egyptian Mythology
-Jørgen (Norwegian)
-Lyra (Astronomy)
-Miriam (Hebrew)
-Rhiannon (Welsh)
-Roswitha (German)
-Rowan (Irish)

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