I like this name for some reason. It's a unique twist on Natalia or Talia. I think Lia would be a nice nickname.
I've always loved it. It definitely sounds powerful and queenly. I'm never having kids but back in the day in moments of weakness and contemplating what I'd name a future child if I had one, I was completely sure I'd name a future daughter Athaliah or Athalia. Now, I'll just have to name a future girl kitty this name, but I'm still waiting for the kitty who will have the personality it takes to bear this beautiful, strong name. Also, Athaliah was pretty bada*s if you ask me. Throughout history, kings and generals and what not have done far more horrible things, and these are real persons in history, and no one bats an eye to name boys those same names borne by such men. If you really love and enjoy this name, don't be inhibited by the "gory history" of a fictional book, and name your little girl this beautiful name. It deserves to be borne again and little girls need a name other than fricking Emma, Harper, or other ultra popular and tedious names.
Athaliah was a powerful woman, not evil at all, but written as such because men of the time were furious a woman was able to reach the throne due to all her male relatives being slaughtered by Jehu's henchmen.
Weird name. How do you say it?
My name is Athalia. (UH-TA-LEE-AH)
I go by Talia because nobody can say 'Athalia' :)
She was more evil then her mother, and her mother was pretty fricken' evil. Don't curse your child with this name.
The first time I saw this name was in the Bible. I've loved it ever since. Athaliah... it flows so smoothly, so pretty :)
Interesting name. I would personally drop the "h", and let it be Athalia. It's simpler.

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