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im just a 17 year old girl enjoying life! Jesus has blessed me with wonderful family and friends, and i love Him with all my heart. i hope u will be blessed and learn more about Him.
I am very interested in the etymology of names. Names are awesome, and important! :) I have a love of French names and flower names ,as you can tell by my name list. My style of names is creative and out of the ordinary. But i love the classics such as Charlotte and Grace.
im an aspiring singer/songwriter, pianist, and hairstylist. my fave colors are turquoise and pink. i am italian, german, african-american, and cherokee indian. im VERY talkative, outgoing, and im pretty friendly so feel free to message me! ☺ Fave girl names:Lily Angeline
Charlotte Anneliese
Fave boy names:Zion Connor
Canaan Isaac

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