Why do people always have to misspell names like this? There's nothing wrong with the way Aubrey looks. Just go with Aubrey.
I have a little girl called Aubree. We got a few funny looks to start with but can’t please everyone! :-) she goes by “Bree” or “B” a lot of the time.
Hate! Why not just Aubrey? Or even better, Audrey?
I love this spelling as well as the classic spelling too. It’s weird to see people call it trendy to me, when every rather rare name like Aubree/ Aubrey was considered trendy at sometime in history. This name has never been very common. The name peaked for boys with the traditional spelling in the early 1900s and was still only at 5% popularity then. It is a very nice name in my opinion but will probably always seem “trendy” to some because it’s not as common as Lisa, Christine or Audrey. Audrey is an extremely common name and has been a while but I don’t think there is much of a difference in the sound of Audrey and Aubree- Same sound one different letter. I’m sure people thought “Lauren” was trendy and masculine when it started gaining popularity once Lauren Bacall was famous and made that her stage name.
The perfect name for a teen mom under 20! It has the infantile -ee ending, the whiney sound ("Aubreeee!"), and it offers the even more trashy and trendy nickname Bree. Oh, and even better, it also won't fit right past the age of eight! Perfect!
I really like the name Aubrey for a girl, although I definitely prefer Audrey. I think Aubree is really weird looking and the double E ending is getting WAY too popular. My sister loves this name but I still like Audrey better. It’s alright but Aubrey is the better spelling, in my opinion.
This name is so whiny and childish that it's low-key offensive.
Too childish to age properly.
Ew, more trendy than using Emerson for a girl. I feel bad for every little girl named Aubree.
I think this is a pretty name, and I like this spelling. Could be a young girl but a grown woman as well.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Aubree who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 089th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Aubree is my name and I love it. My parents chose to use this spelling for me to match my middle name, Renee. I was named Aubree after the song 'Aubrey' by Bread. I have never once been made fun of for my name or have met a male (young or old) with my same name. I like my name because it is unique and I have only met a few people with my same name. I am biased because it is my name, but I do really like this name and think that it is a feminine name.
This spelling looks tacky and infantile.
This name is adorable, and natural sounding! Beautiful name choice.
LOVE this name! For some reason, I can't seem to put my finger on, this is by far my favorite spelling of the name. It's a lot more unique than the regular spelling and I would definitely consider this name. I LOVEEEEEEE it!
I don't care much for this name, if at all. I don't know why, but this spelling is my least favorite. I like\prefer Aubrey & Aubrie. "Aubree" with this spelling I wish was off of the charts \:
Aubrey and Aubree have been around since the middle ages in Europe for both sexes. Mostly for males in the US until 1972 when a group named Bread released a song titled Aubrey about a girl. Then it became a pop girl's name. My father was named Aubrey in 1913, my brother in 1938, my son and grandson are Aubrey, I have a daughter-in-law named Aubrey, and my new grand daughter is Aubree, which is the female French form of Aubrey. Regardless of the spelling, the pronunciation is the same and I find it to be a strong, romantic name... but I'm biased of course.
Regardless if you view this name as masculine or feminine, AuDrey will always be better.

And to anyone assuming that the name 'Aubrey' including all spellings is a recent trend on a girl, I knew of a woman born in the 70's named Aubrey.
I think Aubree is a very pretty name. But very popular so I would personally never use it.
Trashy, babyish spelling of yet another MALE name that's been co-opted for girls. The whiny spelling makes me want to pronounce it Au-BREEEEEEEEEE. I wonder if it got a boost in popularity because the hideous Chelsea of MTV's Teen Mom 2 used it on her daughter.
Woahhhh trendy much?! Look at the jump this made in 2011! That's disgusting. And now its at #60 for 2012. Faan-tastic. Look, people, no matter how you spell it, Aubrey is a masculine name. You can't mangle up and trendify spellings to make them feminine. 'Aubree' is hopelessly dated, childish, and heck, the spelling is an eyesore. Come on, if you really like Aubrey so much, just use Audrey! At least that name has history, meaning and elegance!
In the Middle Ages, this name - spelt Aubrée or Aubray - was sometimes given to females as the vernacular form of Albreda.
I do not think that the female name Aubree (Aubrée in French) has something to do with the male name Alberic, that is Aubry in French (like Henric > Henry, Amalric > Amaury, Theodoric > Thierry), because it is a FEMALE name. In all the recorded documents, the French name Aubrée is translated into Latin as Albereda, female Germanic name.

Aubrey shares the same etymology.
I think the name Aubree has a very nice sound. It's a great name for a little girl and a grown woman.

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