This is my name and I love it! My dad wanted to name his child after HIS dad (Aubrey) since nobody else would. My mom agreed that they would use this name for their first child. I was born and turned out to be a girl! They didn’t want anyone to mistake me for a boy, so they changed the spelling to be more feminine. I’ve only met two other people with my name (one online and one irl)! The only downside to this name is that everyone calls me Audrey.
Terrible spelling.
Aubrey is a better spelling. Aubrie can join the ranks of Kellie, Cindie, Haylie, Kimberlie, Baylie.
It doesn't look as terrible as Aubree but I still think that Aubrey is by far the best spelling.
Very cutesy. Prefer Aubrey, or even better, Audrey.
Quite cute.
As if Aubrey wasn’t already bad enough...
Too youthful and trendy.
The name Aubrie is the best name in the world.
I am guessing that your name is Aubrie! But yes my mother's name is Aubrie and it is beautiful!

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