Aysel Ingham (née Özakın) is a Turkish-British novelist and playwright. She has written predominantly in English for over 25 years, although she has also published in three other languages (French, Turkish, and German). Özakin considers herself a universalist writer, whose subject matter and protagonists are increasingly international.
Aysel Manafova (born 1990) is an Azerbaijani model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Azerbaijan in 2012. She represented her country at Miss Universe 2013 on 9 November 2013 in Moscow, Russia.
Aysel Teymurzadeh is an Azerbaijani singer who represented her country in the 2009 Eurovision with Arash with the song "Always". They qualified from the semi final and cracked the Top 10.
So beautiful!
I'm currently reading the book 'My heart & other black holes' by Jasmine Warga and the main character in this book is called Aysel. The pronunciation of the name in this book is 'Uh-zell'.
One of my favorite Turkish and Azeri names. I love the meaning. I'd name my child Aysel. BTW I pronounce it I-sel.
From what I understand, Aysel is normally Romanised as Ayzel for some reason, but Aysel is an accepted alternative. I have no idea why Ayzel is such a common way of Romanising it, since it sounds nothing like such a spelling would suggest. It is pronounced ai-SAYL and is indeed 'moon stream'. However this name refers figuratively to the Milky Way, and this is a more common, if assumed, meaning of the name.
Aysel represented Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year, along with Arash. They came third. :)
From what I've learned about Turkish names, the S is pronounced "sh." So Aysel, I believe, should be pronounced ay-SH-el.
Correction, as in Turkish only the letter 'ª' (an S with a tail below it) is pronounced 'sh'. Therefore Aysel is pronounced 'Eye - sel'.

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