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The name Azure was given to 18 boys and 23 girls in the US in 2018.
Lady_Skywalker  5/21/2019
I love colour names! In fact, Azzurra (the Italian form) is already on my list.

I was really surprised when I found that the z in Azure is pronounced more like 'Asia' than 'zoom'. This fact is so particular!

I think that Azure is a whimsical, ethereal, modern, bright name! It's fresh but very elegant and refined too!
Felie  4/23/2019
My name is Azure.
I am only one in India with the name Azure.
I feel proud to be the one and only one in India.
azure143  11/27/2018
So nice! Lovely for a girl, weird for a boy.
kayisforkeen  8/14/2018
This name can also be a masculine name.

In the USA, it was given to 20 boys in 2014.
leoBeyene2002  7/16/2018
I personally really love this name for a boy or a girl!
Jadie477  3/25/2018
This a great name, my daughter is Azure, she has big blue eyes and blonde hair. No matter where we go when they hear Azure they know exactly who I'm talking about. She is now 27. The first thing people ask is if her parents are hippies... lol nope, we are not hippies. The name is beautiful just like my daughter! I have always loved her name. She does too now! (She only wanted to change it once (to sue, 3 letters and easy to spell!)
― Anonymous User  1/18/2018
I know a woman named Azure and it suits her. She has brown eyes and hair though, but its still nice. I thinks its better than Azura, and it's better than Asher on a girl.
― Anonymous User  9/8/2017
The name Azure was given to 15 boys and 26 girls in the US in 2016.
Lady_Skywalker  5/16/2017
Azure was given to 35 baby girls and 16 baby boys born in the USA (2015).
lilolaf  1/25/2017
I see Azure as more of a boy's name. It sounds too strong for a girl to me. But, as a male name, I find it quite nice~
EchoSketcher  9/26/2011
It's cute, I'll give it that. But I think it sounds rather incomplete. I much prefer the similar Azula.
Black_X  7/24/2011
I really like this name, but I would never name my daughter this, because it's like naming a kid "Orange" or "Green" or "Purple" or something. At least it's not as bad as naming your kid "Blue". :)
bonjourfrenchfry  7/23/2011
I love this name very much. When I hear this name, a strong woman comes to my mind. A strong, beautiful, blue-eyed woman. This name is so lovely.
xxlovedisxx  5/3/2011
I once saw this movie names "Azur et Asmar" or "The Princes' Quest" in English-speaking countries (the original is "Azur et Asmar" and is a French movie.) I much prefer it as a boy's name when spelled without the "e".
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
Very, very pretty! Perfect if the child has blue eyes.
-Julia-  7/26/2009
I like it pronounced ah-zhur-AY.
CutieCupcake  8/23/2008
I, personally, adore this name! Is it me, or does this name sound French? Anyway, If I have a daughter, I might consider this.
missBridget  8/1/2008
I slightly prefer the sound of Azura, but this is the one that isn't used in the Bible, even if it derives from that name. This is a cool and pretty name, but it sounds quite foreign. I like the meaning behind it, though, as I love the sky, and blue in its many shades is my favorite color. I'm not sure what name this could go with, though.
slight night shiver  5/15/2008
I think this name sounds so unique but not outlandish. It reminds me of a beautiful yet quirky girl who loves art or music. Would name my daughter this if I ever had one.
Lait du Chocolat  4/6/2008
The American Heritage English Dictionary says:
Middle English, from Old French azur, from Medieval Latin azura, from Arabic al-lâzaward, the Azure : al-, the + lâzaward, Azure (from Persian lâjward, lapis lazuli).
[noted -ed]
earthnut  9/8/2007
I love this name. I can picture a little girl or a woman with it, which I think is an important part of naming someone.
golden_eyes  6/26/2007
Simply amazing. :)
Jasmine  3/4/2007
This is a great name for somebody with blue eyes.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2006
Absolutely gorgeous. I love it!
CamilleTheGreat  6/7/2006
Beautiful name!
― Anonymous User  2/9/2006
Alternate spelling: Azhure.
ditchvictory  10/6/2005

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