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ciara23  11/14/2020
My middle name is Babette. My father always thought it meant baby as I was to be last of their four-child family. However, I think my mother was having a go at him when it was chosen. Her name was Barbara (now deceased), and I like to think she may have picked it as a joke as he had claimed me as "his" child since my older three siblings had a close relationship with my mother and he had been their aloof father figure (his words). I was born in the early '70s, and my parents divorced by the time I was 5. Mum remarried and had a fifth child, and I stayed with my father. I did not initially like my middle name, but in my late teens, I embraced it and began hyphenating it with my first name. That didn't last long though as my middle name was often (and still is) met with awkward laughter.
Tibet  9/6/2020
VERY cute and retro. I dig it.
noisynora  9/2/2020
It reminds me of "babe" and "bye-bye".
Lucipur  8/3/2020
Babette is one of my guilty pleasure names. I think it sounds old-fashioned and elegant, but I wouldn't consider using it for a child.
someone-  3/17/2020
My close friend since kindergarten has this name, and we went to high school with another girl named Babette. I'm the only person who still calls her by her whole name; she introduces herself as Babs. I think of her nickname as sounding harsh and her full name as feminine and euphonious.
pgcotype  7/11/2019
Also used in German-speaking countries. [noted -ed]
Frollein Gladys  5/16/2019
I know somebody with this name who pronounces it as Bay-bet. I would not name my kid this but it is not terrible.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2019
In 2018, 49 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Babette who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 4, 522nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/18/2018
Lol. This name is hilarious.
kayisforkeen  9/16/2018
I loathe this name. Sounds like 'Baboon'.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2017
Hi... my name is Babette! I am in my 40s.. my Creole grandmother named me and I LOVE MY NAME! I have never met anyone personally with this name although people have told me about old school mates or acquaintances with the same name! I only get compliments on my name or a very shocked "wow that's unusual". I only wish it had a more fabulous origin or meaning for it is SO BEAUTIFUL!
babette.babzi  9/26/2017
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Babette are female.
Also Dutch.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2017
Babette is my middle name and I happen to like it and nobody has made fun of me because of it and my mother told me that it is French for baby, but I'm not sure about that. It is a nice name.
Tsukihenshin  5/13/2016
I honestly do like this name. It's decent at the least. And Babs is an adorable nickname, with a similar appeal that Mags/Maggie has as a nickname.

My only concern is that it'd be mispronounced as Babe-ette, which sounds really cheesy and not like a name...

Maybe Miette instead?
― Anonymous User  4/27/2015
Clearly a French name. Also short for the Bernadette. Successful women named Babette are writers, entrepreneurs, actresses and designers.
If you're insecure with the unusual names, then stick with a common name.
Willow owl  3/22/2015
In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Babette is a three hundred year old vampire in the body of a child. She is an assassin in the Dark Brotherhood.
jyetie  11/2/2014
This name reminds me of a female cartoon rabbit. But I also picture this on a character who is beautiful but stupid.
― Anonymous User  5/22/2013
The "B" in Alice B. Toklas stood for Babette. She was the life partner of writer Gertrude Stein.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2009
I think it's a really sweet name!
SkullRose  5/20/2009
Wow, what's brought on all this Babette hatred?! I actually think it's a really pretty and elegant name, but sweet at the same time. It reminds me of Louis de Pointe du Lac's love interest from "Interview With The Vampire" and also of a sweet, intelligent, turn-of-the-century French girl. Babette is a beautiful name!
Sophannagh  1/16/2009
Wow. Jesus, who would name their kid this? It sounds like "baguette" to me.
GunsnRoses8794  11/21/2008
This is. An odd name. But you have to admit, it's not NEARLY as odd as a million other names. For soem reason it sounds like "bobbin" to me.
Olivia_4evah  4/27/2008
This sounds like a ditzy name from the 1950s.
slight night shiver  4/20/2008
Babette is the name given to the flirty featherduster character in the stage production of Beauty and the Beast. Her name isn't mentioned in the Disney movie the play was based on.
Lady Seashell  2/19/2008
That is the ugliest name I've ever seen. Please, don't name your poor child Babette or else they will be made fun of and people would always say what an ugly name. If that were my name I would go to court and ask if my name can be changed.
80226_hottie  8/10/2007
It´s French, a short form of Barbara and Elisabeth. It means "foreigner". Name Day: 4th December.
Janika  7/16/2007
Lorelai's neighbor on the Gilmore Girls is named Babette.
Evil  7/14/2007
Babette´s pet forms: Babs, Betty, Babsi, Betka.
Maggie_Simpson  6/4/2007
This name always remind me of somebody's fancy French poodle with pink bows in her hair and painted toenails. The kind of dog who is carried around and cooed over by a little old rich lady, but whose bark could wake the dead and who wets the floor whenever she gets excited.
Starla Roxanne  9/17/2006
I always thought this name was French.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2006
In Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire" the protagonist Louis becomes infatuated with a mortal woman named Babette. She believes him to be an angel at first, unaware of who or what he is; later on she spurns him as demonic and attempts to set fire to him.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2006

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