The dragon who runs the alchemy cauldron on the pet sim Flight Rising is named Baldwin.
Also used in Poland ( The Polish pronunciation is BALD-veen.
Old fashioned, but not really a bad name, a resurgence would be welcomed.
It sounds extremely old fashioned, and it has bald in it.
Like what kayisforkeen said, it has bald in it.
It is very disappointing and saddening to see the many ignorant, irreverent, spoiled brats of my generation denigrating great names, such as this one.
Better as a memorable surname than a modern given name. I can't picture a little boy named Baldwin.

I like the Medieval English diminutive Bodkin, which happens to be my grandmother's maiden name.
Baldwin was the son of King Stephen of England and his wife Matilda.
This name is like every old man who's every hobbled through the park times ten, maybe eleven. To be honest, it's an old-fashioned name, and stuffier than the inside of a plastic bag. But that doesn't stop it from being charming. Call the kid "Bald Eagle", "Naked Mole Rat", whatever. Its lack of popularity doesn't stifle its almost nerdy appeal. Baldwin is kind of homely. But you can't deny that it's kind of cool, like mom's abominable apple pie, except it's just ugly instead of boasting coleslaw as an ingredient. I actually like it.
This is a Polish variant, too.
Five kings of Jerusalem bore this name. The first Baldwin was also the first king of Jerusalem during the first Crusade. Baldwin II was the third king, and Baldwin III was the uncle of Baldwin IV, the Leper King who ruled Jerusalem from 1174 to 1185. Baldwin V, a child, succeeded him, but he died shortly before Jerusalem fell.
All I can think of is the Baldwin brothers, all of who are actors, as far as I know. One of them, I think it was Billy, is a born again Christian and an utter wacko. So I've read, and that makes me dislike the name, as well as the fact that I've read that Alec has been quite an abusive husband. Besides, this is a horrible first name anyway!
John Baldwin is a rather famous bearer of this name. He played bass, as well as a few other instruments on occasion, for a rather famous 70's band called Led Zeppelin. He is better known by his stage name of John Paul Jones.

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