It's fine as a nickname for Barbara, which is really old-fashioned anyway. Barbie is a good way to revamp a tired name.
noisynora  12/23/2020
This is my name and I hate it!
I am 14 years old but I get teased at school and I keep being called “Plastic” whenever people are around me, they sing the Barbie Song.
Please, please, I beg you, don’t name your child this or they will end up getting bullied and teased.
― Anonymous User  10/26/2020
The song Barbie Girl was released in 1997. It was well known then but not a classic that would hold up through the years to retain much popularity. It's at this point 23 years old. It would have made sense that a 14 year old might have encountered teasing then and maybe from other unintellectually immature 14 year olds 15 years later, but I find it strange that a 14 year old today would generally have heard of the song. I have a friend in her mid 30's who goes by Barbie. We teased her somewhat when the song came out but only in fun and don't ever remember her being bullied for it. Sure, maybe she might come across the occasional idiot but who doesn't, otherwise, neither have I heard her mention still being teased.
LeeOrr  11/13/2020
I don’t care for it as a full name but if you name your daughter Barbara and call her Barbie for short that’s fine. That way when she gets older she can be called Barbara if she decides Barbie is too cutesy for an adult.
Ceri12  8/21/2020
Too informal as a given name but as a diminutive of Barbra/Barbara, Barbi/Barbie is fine, and has been in use before the doll was named Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts. The following are a few other famous bearers of the name. It is currently most popular in the Philippines.

Barbara "Barbie" Ambas Forteza is a Filipina commercial model and actress.

Barbara "Barbie" Concina Imperial is a Filipina actress and model best known for her lead role in Araw Gabi.

Barbara "Barbie" Kligman is an American television writer and producer, known for her work on television shows such as Law & Order, CSI:NY and The Vampire Diaries.

Barbara "Barbie" Linhares Ferreira is a Brazillian-American model and actress best known for her role in the HBO series Euphoria.

Yvette Barbra Hontiveros Almalbis-Honasan, better known as Barbie Almalbis, is a Filipina singer-songwriter.
NameBuff  8/9/2020
For those of us who grew up playing with the doll, Barbie, I feel compelled to clarify the assumptions from some of the comments.

Barbie was the inspiration for Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler's creation from the replica of a German doll that ceased production after Mattel bought the copyright.

It may have acquired the image of one but Barbie definitely isn't a stereotype. She was intentionally created as a role model with the idea and possibility that a girl has choices, and could grow up to be whatever it is she wants without conforming to societial stereotypes.

Barbie has brought enjoyment and sparked the imagination of children worldwide, and is a collectors item for both children and adults. She's been represented in the image of girls from different races, nationalities, lifestyles and personalities such as Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Farrah Fawcett and J.k. Rowling, as well as been the muse of various artists.

Barbie is a cultural icon, and has been given honours that are rare in the toy world. In 1974, part of Times Square in New York City was renamed Barbie Boulevard for a week. The Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris at the Louvre held a Barbie exhibit in 2016.
NameBuff  8/3/2020
A good name but not all names should be birth/legal names. Some, like Barbie, work only as, and should only ever be used as an abbreviation or term of endearment.
― Anonymous User  8/2/2020
It’s a good name, however this name is usually only associated with the doll and is sometimes used to describe a stereotypical beautiful person (blonde, blue-eyes, incredibly skinny). I would go with Bobbie instead.
― Anonymous User  7/14/2020
No. Just no!
I don’t even like it as a diminutive of Barbara.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2020
Barbie dolls...Just use Barbara, please.
Anders1234  6/10/2020
Oh god no.
saturnbrat  5/13/2020
Sounds like Barb-ee. Also sounds like barb-me if you put an M in there. Not a good name, this is also the name of a disgusting doll with huge boobs that has permanent high heels and blue eyes.
ZioDoggie  5/5/2020
― Anonymous User  3/15/2020
Don't name a girl this. Someone with the name is going to be teased constantly and will not be taken seriously.
someone-  10/26/2019
I can see it now, but I also never thought of Barbie when I heard the name Barbara, which, contrary to one of the comments, is not at all old-fashioned but a classic and pretty name.

I'm a very passionate feminist, who growing up, also very much enjoyed playing with Barbie, and believe it's far-fetched some people associate Barbie with giving girls unreal expectations.

Barbie, the doll, isn't a stereotype, nor was she portrayed as one by her manufacturer, and so to those making the irrational associations, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being attractive, intelligent and goal-oriented, which are the characteristics Barbie was associated with before the song emphasised the assumptions.

Regardless, I personally don't like the name Barbie as a given name. As a short form, I think it's fine and reasonably works well at any age. Barbra/Barbara is a beautiful name and if we take a moment to think about it, without any associated needless prejudice, Barbi/Barbie, if so desired, as a short form is actually also quite nice.
NameBuff  9/16/2019
It's a shame this name is globally associated with the doll. It could work as a nickname but I see it more fitting for a dog.
TheNameEvent  7/9/2019
I'M A BARBIE GIRL IN A BARBIE WORLD, okay no, it just reminds me of the doll and the song.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2019
Barbie as a legal name for a girl is too cutesy and frilly and I agree that the girl won’t be taken seriously past age 21. Barbie makes a cute nickname for Barbara though, but Barbara sounds so old-fashioned.
― Anonymous User  1/14/2019
This is Barbie's nickname. Her real name is Barbara.
Curious me  9/21/2018
Very ugly, and not even a good nickname for Barbara. The Barbie doll doesn't have a great reputation, and there's the song "Barbie Girl".
kayisforkeen  8/15/2018
I've never thought of Barbie when I heard the name Barbara.
Luvbug86  3/23/2018
This girl will probably get beaten up. Everyone will think of the doll, and then there's the song 'Barbie Girl' - after all, the song describes Barbie as "a blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world".
Acajou  9/17/2017
I know a girl called Barbara. Mean girls at school always call her Barbie only because she's thin and has big boobs. I feel for her. If I ever have a daughter, I won't call her Barbie because of that.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2016
I don't understand why anyone would name their child this, unless the parents want their kid to be like a Barbie or made fun of, this name shouldn't be used. Seriously, someone named Barbie would be teased endlessly, people could compare to the doll or sing 'Barbie Girl' to her, which isn't nice for the poor kid. Sorry if I have offended anyone but I feel this is a bad name to say the least.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2016
The name Barbie was given to 32 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/17/2016
Given to 23 girls in America in 2014.
cutenose  2/29/2016
Please, whatever you do, DO NOT name your kid after those stupid, airheaded Barbie dolls. I mean, come on, Barbie says that math class is tough and the dolls give girls unrealistic expectations (i.e. sexist ones).
TyrannosaurusRegina  2/16/2016
If you are actually looking to name your child after a doll, perhaps Kelly would be slightly better (and cuter). Or Polly. Plus, there are many other dolls, such as the American Girl Dolls, that have genuinely pretty names.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2015
I love the name Barbie! It's pretty, vintage and cute. And yes, I did play with Barbie dolls when I was little but my opinion of this name is positive regardless. :)
― Anonymous User  10/25/2014
One of my closest friends is a Barbie, she was named Barbara after her grandmother but to identify both of them she has always been Barbie. The only person that ever teased her was her ex husband, and trust me she is from a redneck/hillbilly area. She works for a law firm and only the most narrow minded and insecure women she meets have any trouble taking her seriously.
Cuss10  2/12/2012
I once knew a woman whose real name was Barbie. She was a wonderful person, but every time I seen her I couldn't stop thinking about the doll. I hate that the name has been stigmatized because it really is kind of cute for a little girl or teenager.
GibsonGirl  8/21/2011
I think it's hilarious that people are saying Barbies give little girls unreal expectations about women. I couldn't have cared less that her proportions are unrealistic. I played with Barbies probably every day when I was little. But simply because they were fun. No crazy idea here.
Liesl  11/18/2010
Don't name a girl this, ever. Besides being the name of an annoying doll, it's cutesy, girly, childish, and the woman will have a hard time being taken seriously. It's an awful name.
Black_X  5/10/2010
I wouldn't advise anyone to name their actual daughter Barbie, but for pets it could work. I once met this shetland pony called Barbie - she was so adorable!
starz26  4/9/2010
I would never use the name Barbie simply due to the fact that I do not like the sound of it. The association with the famous Barbie Doll does not bother me at all. I feel that Barbie, with her independence many professions ranging from astronaut to teacher to ballerina, is a feminist icon.
vomiting  1/13/2010
'Barbie' is Australian slang for barbeque.
vomiting  1/13/2010
Sounds boring and cutesy, not to mention everyone immediately thinks of a plastic doll.
bananarama  7/23/2009
This name has no class or prettiness. It's horrible. When I hear the name Barbie I think of stuck up tarts who tease others and are full of themselves. It's a tasteless name. Don't, don't, don't name your kid Barbie. Or Barbra.
1998emma  7/23/2009
Starla Roxanne, I couldn't agree with you more!

Barbie, if you look past your deep hatred for a toy being unrealistic, is a fine name, that isn't so strange that people would honestly believe you are just naming her after the doll, unless they were totally ignorant. I can easily picture on someone like my aunt, who is a strong smart redhead with a Brooklyn accent.
not_another_Jessica  11/13/2008
I think that Barbie is a nice name that I associate more with a little girl then a doll. I think that in the younger grades, most Barbies wouldn't be bullied. Now come high school, they might gte teased.

Barbie itself, just as a name, is definitely nice. But before naming anyone this, you should make sure to think about any teasing that might happen.
Sarah the Confused  9/30/2008
This name makes me think of the toy so I would never name my kid this.
number1212  9/12/2008
Save yourself and your kid a lot of pain and pick something else than a horrible sounding name like BARBIE, which is, to make it even worse, related to a plastic blonde doll.
Kazuya  8/26/2008
Let's face it: this name doesn't exactly make the bearer appear smart. The name has no maturity, class, or dignity to it, seeing as it immediately brings the Barbie doll to mind. Besides, it's just a nickname, and thus it sounds rather infantile as a proper name. Someone with this name will be bullied in school and not taken seriously in the job market.
slight night shiver  4/20/2008
I know a woman named Barbie and she is definitely not like the plastic doll. I hate how people always associate her with the Barbie Doll, she's a very sweet lady.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2007
Who in their right mind would name their daughter after a plastic bimbo! No offence if you like the name.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2007
The Barbie doll's full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts.
Another more infamous bearer of this name was Claus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyons, a Nazi war criminal in France.
― Anonymous User  9/17/2006
A pet form of Barbara or not, a girl will be teased to no end if she bears this name. This name will forever be associated with the Barbie doll: a vapid, warped image of a woman and a feminist's worst nightmare. For a woman to have Barbie's body, she would have to be 7'2'' in height, weigh 120 lbs., have a 38-48'' bust, an 18-23'' waist, and 28-34'' hips. She'd have to crawl around on all fours just to support her unnatural proportions if she were a real flesh-and-blood woman, but still Barbies are shaped in this unrealistic form, sending a bad message to little girls.
gaelruadh19  8/17/2006
It really irritates me when people go around crying about what a terrible role model Barbie is. Barbie is a bad role model, yes. Because she is PLASTIC! I think Barbie is rather cute, insofar as a name related to Barbara can be cute. Yeah, she'll be teased about being named the same as the toy. So will her friend Teddy. But millions of little girls (boys too) the world over have played with and enjoyed Barbie, and if you can find me a girl who claims her self-image was warped by the doll, I'll show you a girl who either grew up in a cave doing nothing but playing with Barbie, or else likes to blame others for her own shortcomings.
Starla Roxanne  9/17/2006
Naming your child this doesn't have anything to do with a doll.
amber monkey  7/28/2006
The Barbie doll has been a very popular toy for a long time. I used to love playing with them, they were fun.
― Anonymous User  11/6/2005
Barbie dolls give young girls unreal expectations of themselves. Her legs are out of proportion to the rest of her body, her hair too blonde, her smile too perfectly white, her breasts too pert and big for her frame. It really disgusts me. I would never call any child of mine Barbie.
hana  2/7/2006
I know someone who spells it Barbi.
― Anonymous User  11/6/2005

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