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Bay 1
Gender Masculine
Scripts Бай(Russian)
Other Forms FormsVariant transcriptions: Bai, Baii, Baj

Meaning & History

Derived from the archaic Russian verb баять (bayat) meaning "to speak, to tell", which is ultimately derived from Church Slavonic bajati meaning "to speak, to talk, to tell, to narrate".
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Bay 2
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Pronounced Pron. BAY(Middle English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsBaye, Beaga, Beage

Meaning & History

From the Middle English personal name Baye, from Old English Beaga (masculine) or Beage (feminine).

A diminutive of Baylee, or any name containing the element or sound -bay-.

May also be given in reference to the English word "bay," from the Middle English baye, from the Old English beġ 'berry', as in beġbēam 'berry-tree'.
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