Spelling is a bit over the top.
Not my thing. At least spell it Bailey.
Baylee is fun-loving and unafraid. She has a bubbly spirit.
Probably my least favourite girl's name I've seen so far. I know people are going to complain, but let me just explain myself.

1. The name looks ugly. Two vowels at the end on the name just ruins the appearance for me.

2. The name is not timeless. As people before me have said, the name sounds far too childish. I am fairly sure the average age for this name is about 20 or so? And even then that's likely because the name reached peak usage in the mid 1990s.

3. The original name from which this variant comes from is not a good name. I know that doesn't necessarily affect the variant name, but in this case it does.

4. Origin is fairly simple. Originates from "bailiff", which you would expect from "Bailey" (Yes, it does also share connection to a "motte and bailey" castle but that's largely irrelevant to the origin)

5. The name is just a stereotypical "trendy" name you often find with names like Stacy, Cody, Jack, etc.

So yes. Not a very good name. The only "good" quality is the pronunciation, but that is mostly from the original name, Bailey, which has an okay pronunciation.
In the UK, this name can also be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX.
Too childish.
This is a very cute spelling of Bailey! I prefer Bailee though.
Very babyish.
Baylee Jae is an American YouTuber who joined on the mentioned website on September 27, 2011. She has made many art videos and is famous in the art community.
I don't like creative spellings, like Gwenevere and Alicyne, I prefer traditional ones. I don't like Bailey much spelled right, but this spelling makes it worse. Plus, it reminds me of Kaylee.
People need to realize there is nothing wrong with spelling a name a little differently. What's wrong with not being like everyone else? I'm happy my name is spelt like Baylee and not Bailey the popular way, it's is too over used. Plus Baylee is prettier in my opinion. Maybe it's because that's how I spell it but I think Baylee is the most correct way to spell it, like it's literally BAY - LEE.
I like this spelling on a boy but for a girl I like Bailee.
I prefer Baylee instead of Bailey. Bailey is spelled like Bail Bonds. South Texas girl here... I love the view of the Bay so I'd prefer Baylee.. 100 times more, Bay is better than Bail Bonds. I don't care about the correct way of spelling it, I'm still sticking to Baylee as my favorite. Besides, I'm sure a lot of people pronounce it Bay - lee anyway.
Such a tacky and trashy spelling. The name looks best spelled only as Bailey. Any other spellings simply look awful.
The spelling of Bailey is practical. The others need to go ASAP.
It's fine to spell a name differently. "Baylee" is no exception. Saying that the way it is spelled is "low-class" is terrible. Spelling a name uniquely does not signify poverty or uneducation. My best friend is named Baylee and has had quite a bit of trouble with people making fun of or misspelling her name purposely, which comes from people who judge her or her parents by her name. Judging somebody, their intelligence or intellect, and income by what they name their child is superficial and ridiculous. Name your child Baylee if you want to. Nobody can tell you that you are stupid or that you are uneducated just because of your name. If I want to name my child Laikynn instead of Laken, I can. If I like one spelling better than another, I can use that spelling. Baylee's mother named her Baylee because she liked the way it was spelled, not to please judgmental people.
Misspelling a name is low-class, and Bailee is no exception. Are the parents too uneducated to know that it should be spelled Bailey, or are they so unsophisticated and self-centered that they mistakenly think giving their child a misspelled name makes them (or their child) unique or clever? For anyone out there named Bailee, I feel sorry for you because I know it's not your fault.
Not a fan of weird alternative spellings in an attempt to be a little unique. I like Bailey on it's own. Talking of gender, I am British and Bailey is becoming quite a popular name for BOYS! (as is Brooklyn, Riley and so was Ashley a few years ago). Whenever I see 'Baylee' it doesn't flow as well in my head as 'Bailey'. In my head it's more like 'Bay Lee' but that's just me.
My name is Bailey and I don't really like this variation that much. I've had my name spelled like this quite a few times, and I've met a little girl named Bayleigh. I don't really like Baylee and Bayleigh because they look kind of creative. (Not that my name isn't a trendy name.) I do think the first commenter was being awesome with it because she named her kid after his grandfather. (You're coolio, lady!)
Have a granddaughter named Baylee. Her name is spelled with the "ee" because her mother's name is spelled Aimee. I love both names.
Baylee is a nice name for any gender. Baylee on a dog isn't bad, but no offence to parents or anyone with the name or people who like it! I don't think it is that common which is nice. So kids won't be one of 5 other Baylees in their class. But some popular names aren't that bad. Baylee is a great name and it is all right if you don't think so. People have different views.
Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys has a son named Baylee. So don't worry Acesbabydoll!
I only knew one person with this name (this spelling, too, oddly enough) and he was a guy born in the mid-1970s. Sometimes I called him "Bay Leaf." Anyhow, I think it's a dumb name for a person, but it would be okay for a dog.
Another spelling for Baylee is Bayleigh.
I named my 2nd son Baylee, not realizing it's a feminine name. I wanted Lee to be part of his name because that's his grandfathers name. Now I feel bad. I love the name but I hope Baylee has no problems with it when he goes to school.

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