Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

Scottish Gaelic form of Beatrice.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesBeatriu(Catalan) Beatrix, Bea(Dutch) Beatrice, Beatrix, Bea, Bee, Trix, Trixie(English) Béatrice(French) Beatrix(German) Beatrix, Bea(Hungarian) Beatrice, Bice(Italian) Beatrix, Viatrix(Late Roman) Beatrise(Latvian) Beatrycze(Polish) Beatriz, Bia(Portuguese) Beatrice(Romanian) Beatriz(Spanish) Beatrice(Swedish) Betrys(Welsh)

Sources & References

  1. MacFarlane, Malcolm. The School Gaelic Dictionary. Stirling: Eneas Mackay, 1912, page 150.
Entry updated January 21, 2022