I like the meaning but not the name, because it is associated with Belle from the Disney Princesses.
What a beautiful name. Sadly, every time I hear it, I think of Belle Delphine :(
Belle Delphine *cries*
This would make a cute middle name.
This name is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love it a lot more than the plain Bella, but I still wouldn't use this personally.
It is a lot less common than Bella, and it means BEAUTIFUL! So much better than Bella.
I also LOVE Isabella and Isabelle, I mentioned that because this can be a short form of Isabella and Isabelle as well.
So cute! It ages so well, and it is a nice, soft, sweet feminine name. I love it a lot. A whole lot, I prefer this to Bella, I wish this was my name! A great name any girl would be super LUCKY to have! I love it sooooooooooooooo much! I looooooooooove the meaning beautiful! This is a BEAUTIFUL name!
Better than Bella. Bella just sucks. But Belle sounds more nicer and softer.
This is my name! Even though some people butcher it horribly (I've gotten Mel, Bella, Elle, Vell, Belly and Hell before) I'm proud to have it as a name and I think it's really beautiful.
I like it better than Bella, it’s less common too.
Belle is my dog's name! She came as a stray to my house in 2013. Belle is a Chocolate Lab for those of you wondering her breed. I loved the name Isabella so much I named my dog Belle. She's 8 years old, and currently still lives here. Her sister April who came with her died in spring 2019.

Totally recommend this name as a middle name for a baby girl. This is also a good name for a pet too. I think Bella is a very popular dog name, and Belle would be a very good alternative to Bella.
So beautiful. It would make a very nice middle name. :)
Also a diminutive of OTHER names that end in "bella" such as ARABELLA or ROSABELLA.
I love this name, it’s so pretty!
Belle is a beautiful name that any girl would be lucky to have.
I love the name Belle, so cute!
Belle. Beautiful name and song by the great Al Green!
It's no wonder that Belle means "beautiful" in French - the name just rolls off the tongue. Most girls would enjoy sharing a name with a Disney princess, and I think it works great as a middle name.
I think that Belle sounds too similar to the instrument called "bell". On the other hand, if one wishes to use this, then by all means use it as a name for your child.
I’ve also seen it pronounced bell-lee.
There are people with the actual name Belle on their birth certificate.
I think this name is so beautiful! It’s so simple and cute, it’s way better than Bella, Annabelle, Isabelle, I hate those names but Belle is much more short and easy to spell, and I don’t know if it’s that well-aging, but I have met adults called Belle. When I have a child, which is soon, she will be named Belle.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Belle who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 340th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I like the name as a middle name too, it is beginning to replace Lynn and Marie. My daughter's name is Fairlight Belle.
I love the name Belle as the full name. I'm not wild about names that end in bell such as Annabelle, Lulabell, Jezabell, Isabel.
So beautiful, and I love Belle in Beauty and the Beast. She is smart and loves to read.
No-no. I hate the B sound in any name.
The name Belle was given to 291 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Belle are female.
I love the name Belle because of Beauty and the Beast but I would never use it because it's a Disney Princess name. I would use Annabelle or Isabelle instead. But love it.
The name Belle was given to 248 girls born in the US in 2015.
I simply adore Belle!♡
When I have a daughter, I would love to name her Belle Aurora or Belle Anastasia.♡.
Belle is a classy, elegant name. I love how simple this name is, yet stunning at the same time. ♥
Love this name and am thinking of it for my daughter, although it was my cat's name! :). She was the best cat in the world so it might be ok... and I also love Disney. Belle Nicole has a nice ring to it, although I think Bel is kind of a cool option, too!
This is my daughters middle name Temperance Belle. I named her after my fave Disney princess from Beauty and the Beast. The reason being that I was at Disney when I got pregnant with both my 3 year old son and her (she is 4 months old) and I wanted a Disney name. Belle is beautiful and smart just like the name sounds! I guess Disney really is a magical place ;)
The name Belle was given to 162 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Simple, but elegant. I like this name but would prefer it as a nickname for Isabelle or Mirabelle. Also, Belle was my favorite Disney princess growing up, so that might be why I'm fond of this name.
I adore this name! It's so pure and beautiful! I always imagine someone with the name Belle as strong, beautiful, elegant, intelligent and kind, much like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. If I ever have a daughter I will name her Belle or have it as a middle name.
Love the name Belle. If I am ever blessed with another girl this is what I will be calling her. B from my husband's name Bradley and the ELLE from my name Michelle.
Belle the main protagonist in the Lesley Pearse's novels 'Belle' and 'The Promise' is a strong, compassionate, spunky heroine for our times and despite her circumstances a great role-model. She and Belle from Beauty and the Beast have made the name for me, I love Belle!
Unlike Jolie this is actually used as a nickname in France. I'm French and I know quite a few French girls who go by Belle, but their full name is always Isabelle. Isabelle was super common in France in the 60s - now it's considered dated.

So saying that it is not used as a name in France is incorrect, it is used as a nickname just not as a full name.
I like this name. Not as a nickname but just as a straight up first name for a girl! My cousin's middle name is Belle and we nickname her "Bells"! I think it is cute and also can be adult.
This is NOT a name is France. It is ONLY a word.
French name? No. French Word? Yes!
Be careful. In the UK, "bell" can be slang for penis, though "bell-end" is more common, as well as more offensive. I used to know a girl called Isabel who, when her name was said, an immature boy would snicker and say, "Who's a bell?"
Holly Willoughby's newborn baby girl is named Belle.
It is so beautiful as a middle name especially with 3-syllable names like Matilda.
Sorry but I think this name is really tacky. Nobody in France is named this.
I like this name. Belle is a beautiful name.
Belle- means beautiful
Bell- means a bell that rings
I think it makes a very cute middle name!
I like this name way better than Bella. It sounds prettier, and it doesn't have the bad Twilight association that Bella does.
The red-haired madam with a heart of gold in "Gone With the Wind" was named Belle Watling.
Belle is one of the prettiest names you can ever hear.
Belle was the name of Scrooge's one-time fiancee in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I have always loved this name, mostly because Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie as a kid and still ranks in my top five. I even got called Belle for a while in kindergarten as I loved to read and liked to wear a blue ribbon in my brown hair :).
I love the movie Beauty and the Beast, and I think the character of Belle is exactly what I would want a girl to be: Smart, but sweet. No-nonsense, yet still fun and quirky.
As crazy as this sounds, I've always wanted to name a girl "Charlobelle". I'm pretty sure it's not a real name and that I just made it up, but I think it sounds really sweet.
Belle reminds me of Belle the Disney princess in Beauty and the Beast, and being the only decent Disney Princess in my eyes, this name has a positive meaning to me. I prefer Belle as a nickname for Amabelle, but not the overused Isabelle or Isabella.
In the 1946 French version of Beauty and the Beast, the main character was called Belle. I'm not sure if that was her name or a nickname (as the French for "beauty"), but she was portrayed beautifully by the actress Josette Day.
This is the pseudonym of the high class London-based call girl Belle de Jour, she published two books with Orion Books of her experiences as a working girl, maintains a blog, and in 2007 ITV created a television show based on her memoirs staring Billi Piper as Belle (which was followed by a second season, and a third on the way).

The real life Belle de Jour remains in secret, however she has said that her name was inspired by the 1928 novel Belle de jour by Joseph Kessel.
I LOVE this name! It's so pretty! I would use it on it's own, with the French meaning of "beautiful". I may use it as a short form of Isabelle.
Belle Starr was actually not a famous outlaw of the old west. She was a normal woman with bad morals that eventually gained severe mental problems (probably from her years on the streets of Dallas as a prostitute). Because of her mental problems, she screamed into the streets that she was "the leader of an outlaw band". She was eventually shot in the back of the head (probably by her grown son who was also mentally deranged).
Alton B. Meyers, a down-on-his-luck writer, read her obituary and decided to write an article to sell to the papers about "the death of the outlaw queen" to make some money, and she became famous just for that.

I got my information from the book That's not in my American Histroy Book, by Thomas Ayres. If you are interested, the ISBN Number is 1-58979-107-7.
"BELLE" can be used as a middle name. As for a first name, it is very common and you wouldn't like people to call you "Belle! Belle!" right? So it's best to place it for a middle name or third.
Just a gorgeous name, not considering the meaning. I go by Belle considering it's a cross between my name "Brooke Jonelle". It is classy and sophisticated, and very scarcely used.
I love this name, it's simple, sweet and princessy all at the same time. It's just a gorgeous name, I love the meaning as well.
It can also be short for anything that ends in Belle, such as Isabelle or Annabelle.
Oooh. What a pretty name.
Love this name! It was my great grandmother's middle name only I think she spelled it Bell. When I think of this name I think of Beauty and the Beast. Belle does mean beautiful right? So if you have an ugly child, maybe the name will make up for it! LOL! JK! I want my child's middle name to be Isabella and I think Bell is a beautiful (no puns intended) nickname!
The TV programme Home and Away has a character called Belle.
I love this name! I even named my cat Belle lol. Every time I think of this name, I think of the sweet and smart Belle on Beauty and the Beast. Sure she's just a fictional character, but I wouldn't mind being named after such a great Disney Princess lol.
Absolutely lovely name! Belle just sounds so graceful and lovely. Definitely one of my favorite female names.
I like the name Bell, no E on the end.
Possibly it's derived from Bel, Celtic God of the sun and fire.
I like the name and the meaning, but I would never use it. The girl would be teased, and could be called cow Belle.
As strange as this may seem, I actually prefer Belle without the second e (as in Bell). It's much nicer and I would consider using this as a middle name on any future daughters.
I think it's very pretty; and it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, which was my favourite movie as a child.
Belle can also be a short form of Isabelle or Annabelle.
Belle and Sebastian is a Scottish band. The band's name is taken from Belle et Sébastien, a children's book by French writer Cécile Aubry about a boy (Sébastien) and his dog (Belle). The book was made into a French live action tv series in 1965.
Belle Black from Days of our Lives.
The heroine in Disney's version of "The Beauty and the Beast" is called Belle.

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