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derp.I made another account...oh jeez, I hope that's not against the rules... well, my parents names are Michael "Mike" and Elizabeth "Betsy" hmm...I have 5 half siblings on my dads side named Scott, Katherine, Lisa, Michelle, and Jesse, and one named Shara on my mom's side. I like to draw. :Dboys names:
henry elliott
donovan james "d.j."
alexander sidney "alex" [Sidney for my grandpa, Walter Sidney]girls names:
ellen elizabeth [Ellen for my dad's side, Elizabeth for my mom. fun fact, my paternal grandma is named Betty, so that will soerta honor her too.]
alexandra rose "allie or alex" [Rose for me and my grandma's cousin...I think that makes her my 3rd cousin?]
desiree christina [to honor my stupid name I guess...]PLEASE RATE MY NAMES BTW :DDDD

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