Christina Rose's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
ADELAIDE  f  Just a wonderful and elegant name with great meaning. 
ALEXANDRA  f  It's just really pretty [: 
ANDREW  m  I just think it's a cool name, with many royal namesakes but can still be down to earth and fun. 
AVERY  m  BOY BOY BOY. Avery is wayy to masculine for girl. 
CAMILLE  f  I don't really like this for a guy. XP It's a lovely girls name though. 
DÉSIRÉE  f  I really like this name, but the stripper connotations might be too much. 
DONOVAN  m  This name is just the sexiest ever. 
ELIAS  m  I've recently fallen in love with this name. It's so cute but can be good for a older guy also. 
ELLEN (1)  f  Family name. So many people on my dad's side have this as a middle name. I think it is just a lovely classic. 
ELLIOTT  m  It's a cute name and it's also the name of the boy in ET! (: 
FINLEY  m  Same thing with Avery. Completely boy's name. 
GARRETT  m  I've always liked this name, but I don't think I can use it because it's the name of my retarded ex. 
GRACE  f  It's pretty. It was the middle name for my old favorite name combo. I hate the name Charlotte now though. 
HENRY  m  Same thing with Andrew. It's royal but not too prententious, like Reginald or Maximilian is. 
ISAAC  m  I didn't like this name but now I think it's great. [: 
KATHERINE  f  Love this name. It's the name of my half sister and she is very beautiful and nice. 
KATHLEEN  f  I like this name because it is a bit vintage. It's the only "leen" name that I like, really. 
MADELINE  f  I love this name because it reminds me of me color blue, lol. 
MIRANDA  f  I like it because it has a nice sound to it and it's not as dated as Amanda, which is nice too. 
OLIVIA  f  Love this gorgeous name. I also love olives. :P But it might be too popular, hopefully it isn't in 15 years. 
QUENTIN  m  Cool name, like Quinn but without the gender confusion. 
QUINN  m & f  I like it for both but I think it will age better on a guy. 
REBECCA  f  It's a sweet name and all the ones I've met were very nice and pretty. 
ROBERT  m  Grandpa's middle name, so I like it. 
ROSE  f  A bit bland, but it's still a beautiful timeless classic. It's also a family name, and my middle name. 
WILLIAM  m  I like this for the nickname Will. I also think I have some people on my dad's side with this name.