You know, I used to dislike this name but I've changed my mind. I actually find it to be a very pretty name now. :)
So pretty!
Even though I know it's pronounced BELL-FEE-bee, my mind for some reason leaps to "Bel-o-fobe"- don't ask why.
Very strange and pretentious. It doesn't flow well either.
I find this name really ugly.
It's an awful name .I will leave it at that.
Phoebe was already bad but why did you have to make it worse? It's just really ugly and makes no sense to me.
I think the meaning of this name is pretty, but it doesn't flow very well. Belle is a pretty name on its own, as is Phoebe, but "Belle" with the abrupt, "Phoebe" slapped on makes it sound awkward and somewhat tacky.
What's wrong with just Phoebe? In my opinion Phoebe is a way prettier name that Belphoebe, which is just awful and so ugly.
Aah! This name sounds too formal and is just ugly!
This is quite possibly one of the ugliest names I have ever heard. As a writer I plan to write a silly and satirical story just so I can use this name. Anyone who names their kid this should be slapped. Hard.
I think that the written name is what captivates, not the pronunciation. Spoken, the title consists of two very different, very dominant sounds "Bel," "Phoebe," which do not flow together in the least. A constant combat between them. The fact that it is not a very professional name is evident, as well. Pretentious? Yes. Perhaps even a bit geriatric? Quite. As a general rule, strict literature-created names have no place to leap from their pages and into reality.
Says who? Shakespearean names seem to do pretty well.
This looks rather ugly. Adding "Bel" to a name I already dislike as it is does not make it any better.
This is an amazingly quirky and odd name, but not unlikeable, and it has such lovely meanings (which can be interpreted as "beautiful light" or "beautifully pure" or "beautifully bright"). Wonderful. :)
Belphoebe is one of my favorite names to this day.

I love the meaning as well; I feel like Belphoebe is girlish and feminine, but still has such a strong, powerful feel to it, like she can be her own person and feels like it's got a lot of self-esteem, almost? I love that about it. I just think it beautiful. ^-^
I would pronounce this name "bel-FEE-bee".

"Beautiful Moon" is such a lovely meaning!
A beautiful name with a really nice meaning- "beautiful moon". The 'bel' part counteracts the rather harsh sound of Phoebe.
I roam this site often, but I hadn't come across this name until now. And I think it's fabulous. It is unusual, but contains many sounds also found in more traditional names.

The one thing I'm unsure of is the exact pronunciation.
BELL-FEE-bee, BELL-fa-bee (as I am currently saying it), bell-FEE-bee, or something else?
Absolutely love this name. Belpheobe (nickname: Belle) is one of my favorites. Definitely going to consider naming my daughter this in the future. So unique! =)
This, along with Astrophil, is one of the oddest names I've ever heard.

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