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Gender Masculine
Scripts ბერა(Georgian)
Other Forms Formsბერი (Beri), ბერო (Bero)

Meaning & History

Derived from the Georgian noun ბერი (beri), which literally means "monk" but can also (figuratively) mean "old man" in at least some cases. Also compare the noun ბერიკაცი (berikatsi) meaning "old man" and the verb დაბერება (dabereba) meaning "to age, to grow old".

However, some scholars theorise that the name might actually originate from an identical or near-identical word that meant "child" or "son" in ancient Georgian.

A notable bearer of this name is the French-born Georgian singer Bera Ivanishvili (b. 1994), who is the son of the former prime minister Bidzina Ivanishvili (b. 1956).
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Gender Masculine
Usage Old Norse

Meaning & History

Proto-Norse variant of Björn.
Added 1/6/2024 by Rainya