In Turkey this name is very popular in a bad way. Bilal is one of Erdoğan's (president) sons and he is famous with the corruption rumors based on a leaked phone record. In that record he was kind of gullible and couldn't understand his father. People invented a funny saying after this incident. "To explain like you are telling to Bilal"- people use this to describe explaining very basic like explaining to the most idiot person. That's why this name in Turkey sounds gullible.
I cannot look at this name without thinking of Belial. Not a fan of this one.
Love the meaning. What girl doesn't want to be wet? ;)
Bilal Hassani (b. 1999) is a French singer-songwriter known for representing France at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.
This is also the Turkish form of the name. [noted -ed]
I have a friend named Bilal and I've been calling him BEE-lo, but apparently, he pronounced it as bi-LAWL.
Bilal Powell is an American football player (born 1988 in Lakeland, Florida).
This name is also used in Turkey.
It is a Muslim name. Bilal was an Ethiopian slave who was freed by the Prophet Muhammad and became the first Muezzin (person who calls people to prayer).
Salamtou says "Ethiopian slave" to explain the history below. Instead, it is more accurate to say enslaved Ethiopian. No one is a slave. People have however been enslaved.
I don't really like this name. It doesn't mean something very nice in Portuguese, so I associate it with bad stuff.
Dreamgirl-- You may be pronouncing the name incorrectly.
An African slave who rebelled against his masters in Saudi Arabia at the time when Islam arose. He was the first Muazin (first person who gave the call for prayer).

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