Um... It's long and complicated, but beautiful once you know how to pronounce it. ♥.
Beautiful name. I would put it as a middle name however to prevent pronunciation issues.
I probably wouldn't name my kid this, but some might want to.
... What?
This name seems lovely to me! I don't understand why it seems hideous to others; my first impression of it was a pretty, feminine French name, before I read the description. I love it and its meaning.
It’s hard to believe this name is feminine.
Hideous spelling and pronunciation.
It's not feminine or flattering in the least.
Just because you can't spell or pronounce a name does not make it hideous.
I like Welsh names, they have nice meanings and look good. Unfortunately they are in many cases hard to pronounce :(
At first, I thought how disgusting this name was, thinking it meant bloody wedding or something, but now I know how to pronounce it, it's one of the most lovely names I have heard of!
Blodeuwedd is a character in the 'Mabinogion' (Welsh cycle of mythology). She was a woman made of flowers, beautiful but unfaithful. She took part in a plot to kill her husband Llew/Lleu and was turned into an owl as punishment.
Said "Blo-day-weth" (O is short, TH is strong [as in 'bathe']).
Wow. I really didn't like it. But since you provided the pronunciation I've grown to it. Thank you!

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