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Gender Masculine
Usage Czech, Slovak
Pronounced Pron. BO-hoo-mil(Czech)

Meaning & History

Czech and Slovak form of BOGUMIŁ.

Related Names

DiminutivesMilan, Miloš(Czech) Milan, Miloš(Slovak)
Feminine FormBohumila(Czech)
Other Languages & CulturesBogomil, Milan, Milen(Bulgarian) Mijo, Milan, Milenko, Miljenko, Miloš(Croatian) Milán(Hungarian) Bogomil, Milan, Miloš(Macedonian) Bogumił, Miłosz(Polish) Milan(Russian) Mijo, Milan, Milenko, Miloš(Serbian) Lan, Milan, Miloš(Slovene)


Name Days

Czech Republic: October 3
Slovakia: March 3
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