Ernestine Bonita Mabo, AO, known as Bonita Mabo (c. 1943 - 2018), was an Australian educator and activist for Aboriginal Australians, Torres Strait Islanders, and Australian South Sea Islanders. She was the wife of the Torres Strait Islander and land rights activist for Indigenous Australians Eddie Mabo. She was an Australian South Sea Islander of Ni-Vanuatu descent whose ancestors were "blackbirded" to work in the sugar cane industry in Queensland.
In my opinion, Bonita is a gorgeous name. It's pretty and feminine, yet not too frilly, it rolls off the tongue softer than velvet, and it has a lovely meaning. Personally, as an American, I don't really care that it's not frequently used in Spanish-speaking countries; that doesn't subtract the beauty from the name. However, it's still a Spanish word, so you can't deny the irresistible Spanish charm it's graced with.
Overall, I think Bonita is a wonderful name.En Español: (Lo siento por mi roto español.)En mi opinión, Bonita es una preciosa nombre. Está Bonita y femenina, aún no demasiado con volantes, esa rollos apagada la lengua mas suave que terciopelo, y esa posee una encantadora significada. Personalmente, como una Americana, yo no verdaderamente cuidada ese no lo es frecuentemente usada en español-discurso los países; ese no sustraer la belleza desde la nombre. Sin embarga, está aún una español palabra, entonces tú hipocresía negar la irresistible español encanta está agraciada con.
General, yo pensar Bonita es una maravillosa nombre.
Dios te bendiga.
Ugly name.
I think that this name is neat.
My great-aunt’s name is Bonita, although she is not Spanish in any way, shape, or form.
Linda, Belle, and Bella (used as names) don't originate from the words meaning "pretty". They just coincide with them. Linda is a name of German origin meaning "flexible, soft, mild", Bella is just a short form of Isabella, and Belle is a short form of Isabelle.
Bonita, on the hand, comes straight from the Spanish word and is not an actual name used in Spanish-speaking countries.
Why? This isn't even an actual Spanish name. It just sounds so tacky and dumb.
Naming your kid Pretty in Spanish sounds very corny and odd. I did meet a girl that had a nickname Bonita and she was rude, but in a funny way. Also, It’s weird when people name their children, or anything, regular words, just in a different language. It can work sometimes, but other names it just sounds weird, especially if you know what the word really means, like Despacito.
I don't see why Bonita is so underused. And why the ratings for it are so dang low.
I can only think of the Bonita fish when I hear this word, so I can never consider this name for a human child. Plus it sounds Spanish whether or not it is actually used as a person's name in countries where they speak Spanish. Since we are not Spanish we would not consider this name anymore than we would consider a German name like Greta or Hilda as we are not German either.
It is linguistically related to BONNIE (which means "pretty" in Scottish). [noted -ed]
This name is beautiful, with the nickname Bonnie. It is true that this Spanish word is not actually used as a name in Spanish speaking countries, in general. However, that doesn't make it a less attractive name, in English speaking countries, where it is an uncommon, but fairly well-known name. I have a much-loved character named Bonita, in my WIP (novel).
Bonita Norris from Wokingham, Berkshire, England, was the youngest British woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 22 from May 2010 until May 2012, when her record was broken by Leanna Shuttleworth, aged 19.
The name Bonita is very beautiful. People say that it's amusing because it means "pretty" in Spanish, but names like Linda, Bella and Belle also have straight meanings as beautiful and pretty in Italian and French but nobody laughs at it and everyone got used to hearing those names. So I think Bonita is just a great, cool, unique and pretty name.
Lol, this is my name and yah, almost all the comments on this name are right. It is not a common name with Spanish speaking people. Infact, I have never heard of any Latin person with this name. Mostly just 'old white ladies\". And they pronounce it "bu-nee-da". Spanish people seem to find it comical that my name is Bonita and some have even refused to call me by my name because it makes them feel odd. The other common misconception behind the meaning of the name is that it means "beautiful" in spanish. This is not the case. The would Bonita means "pretty" in spanish. But it does not mean beautiful. :( not a huge difference I guess, but it is good to know.
This name is dumb. Nobody in Spanish-speaking countries is named this.
I am Spanish and NOBODY bears this name in ANY Spanish-speaking country. It is used as a noun meaning "beautiful" and it usually refers to objects, not to people -except maybe in some South American countries.
Ew. This name sounds tacky and rude to me.
As far as I know, this is not used as a name in Spanish-speaking countries.
The name is corny and tacky, a person named Bonita would have credibility problems, Spanish-speakers would find her name amusing, and it reminds me of that annoying song by Madonna from the 80s, La Isla Bonita.
In Spanish it is generally pronounced BO-NEE-TA.
This is Bonnie Langford's first name.
This name was borne by American actress Bonita Granville.
Bonita is commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries.

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